Strung Out Tattoos Interview
This interview was made in Paris the 5th of Mai 2005.
Laureline has met Chris the Bass player.

How did you come to tattoo?

I was probably 19 years old and I got the one on my leg. After that I finished my leg. I get tattoo for a while! Jason done my tattoo on my arm, I have a bunch of Strung Out tattoo.

Among all your tattoos, which one do you prefer and why?
I prefer my "Marge and Homer" right now! I love Marge over Homer …

Which one is the last one? This one !!

Which one hurts the most?
My Homer one!!!!

Do you have an idea for your next one?
The others family members of the Simpson.

Is there a tattooist's works that impress a lot?
There is a guy named Captain Dave in Studio City in California, Dave-O in Newcastle in Australia.

Would you like him to tattoo you?
Of course! And I would like to be tattooed by Randy Adam, he tattooed guys from Pantera and millions of people. I would like to him to ink a Dimebag Darrel tattoo! But I want to get it in Texas and I want to get it by him!

What do you think about the new rise of tattoo? Do you consider it as a fashion or a new breath for the body culture?
Yeah tattoo is trendy now, the entire professional basket ball player have tattoos, all the musicians and many people! But we will see if they are still happy with their tattoos in few years! But tattoo is still very personal; they have to have a signification!

Do you have a message for kids who would like to be tattooed?

Think about it ink

We would like to thanks Wiebke (Fat Records) and Chris for this interview.

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