Sepultura Interview Tattoos
This interview was made in Lyon the 19th of June 2003.
Manu and OS have met Derrick (vocal).

How did you come into tattoos, which is the first one you got and why did you get it?

I liked tattoos because there were many bands that I liked when I was growing up who had tattoos, like Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front. I would got to their shows at 15 and become really good friends with them. One of my best friends is John Joseph he used to sing in Cro-mags and I thought it looked so cool, I was fascinated. Then I had a friend who started getting into tattooing he was very good. So back then we had a skateboarding team we were really bad skaters but we still had a team and we all got the same tattoo. Its right here, it's a weird tribal symbol but we all got it in the same place. The singer in this band Integrity, he has the same tattoo, we were from Cleveland, also the bass player from the band Filter he also has the same tattoo. Its pretty funny now that we're all doing different things, but thinking back to our friend who gave us all the same tattoo. He also played in Integrity at some point.

Which is you favourite tattoo and why?

I don't think there is one that I prefer. I like them all cause its like going through time and history, they remind me of events in my life that are pretty cool. I have now an idea of what I want, its gonna be the same idea for awhile, it's a Maori style from New Zealand, thick black lines and swirls. I think that fits me the best, nothing too detailed. I have a plan to work out and take my time, I'm in no hurry. I see people getting their neck and face in a couple of weeks.

And what about that one?

This one's got to do with the band. I got it when I first got in the band, it's a Japanese symbol, it means against.

People were against that at the beginning, then I got this one, it means unity.

It was like a lot of fans supporting us and a lot of people behind the band and getting new fans sticking for us. Being able to survive; because a lot of bands have a hard time doing that. This band has been together for such along time through all the shit that's happened and nothing ever has been easy, it's pretty remarkable it doesn't happen all the time.

Is there a tattoo artist that has really impressed you? Would you like him to tattoo you?

I really like Phillip Leu, he's pretty amazing, and Tintin is great ! There's so many, a friend of mine Dylan from Long Island, I go to him all the time, there's artists everywhere but these are the ones of the top of my head. I like their work.

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