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This interview was made in Nantes the 3rd of march 2005.
Alexis has met The drummer Brann Dailor.

How did you get into tattoos?

Well, my first tattoo I got at 15 the John Travolta one, I thought it was funny. I was in the metal and hardcore in New York and everyone had tattoos and I hanged out it tattoo shops, so I got one and kept getting more and eventually moved in with my tattoo artists.

Among all your tattoos which is your favourite and why?

This one here, the one that comes up my throat it is my sister's name, she died when I was 15 she was 14 so its memorial tattoo, it's the most important one to me.

Which is your last?

This one, a heavy metal tattoo, a skull and medieval helmet and wings I thought it was funny and but it looks badass.

Do you have ideas for the next one?

Um, yeah I mean I have ideas but I don't have time to get tattoos. I was thinking of getting one over here. I was thinking of getting a Queen Elizabeth one. Like a woman in a Queen Elizabeth pose with an a big Elizabethan collar but with a big ant-head, I don't know why, its just an image I got in my head.

Is there a tattoo artist that impresses you?

Yeah Philip Leu he lives in Switzerland, everything by him is pretty amazing.

And do yuu have a message for kids who wanna get tattooed?

Don't get anything that's trendy, get something that's timeless something that means something to you. Don't pick anything off the wall.

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