Lagwagon Tattoos Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 19th of January 2006.
Laureline & O.S. have met Jesse.

How did you come to tattoo ?

I just wanted something permanent

What is your first tattoo?
The first one is these chinese letters on my leg and it’s the name of my wife

Which one is your last one?
My leg haha, but it’s not finish yet.

Which one hurts the most ?
Probably over my shin !

Do you have an idea for the next one?
Well my wife is pregnant right now so I think I will tattoo the name of my baby in chinese letters on the other leg!

Do you see any corrolation between music and tattoo ?
Hum, well, not really, I guess there’s some but not a big one, I don’t get tattooed cos of the music, some people do that but not me !

What do you think about the rise of tattoo, is it a fashion or a new breath for the body culture?
I don’t know, both maybe ! I don’t care about that !

Do you have a message for kids who would like to be tattooed?
Think of what to do, don’t do it when you are drunk or something, you could regret it!

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