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Interview Tattoos - Jamey
This interview was made in Sélestat the 15th of june 2006.
Laureline, O.S and Manu have met Jamey Jasta one of the 2 singers.

What was your first tatoo?
My daughter's name.

Which one is your most recent?
It's on my leg but I don't want to show you. I was drunk. (Laughs)

Which one is your favroite?
Probobly my daugher's name. I was never really into tatoos. I thaught when I had to get one it would be important.

Is there a tatoo artist that really impresses you?
Well Chris Garber did Sean’s back and it was amazing like he's the best in the world.

Which one hurt the most?
I don't know. None of mine hurt really cause there not in bad places. Sean said that when he got his stomach done, he'd never been in so much pain in all his life. (Laughs)

Do you see any corellation between the music and the tatoo art culture?
Yeah! People who just wanna capture a moment in thier life on their skin to remember. It's like, similar to music, that reminds you of a certain time in you're life.

Do you have a message for kids who would like to be tatooed?
Just don't get them when you're drunk. (Laughs)

Interview Laureline, O.S & Manu
Translation Nick Kryla/Manu