This interview was made in Ipswich in March 2005.
Anne has met
Stan Buckles (main tattooist, secondary piercer).

How did you begin?When?Why did you get started with body piercing?
Been tattooing for 11years and piercing for 8years. I am a self taught tattooist but I got trained for piercing by Pegasus in Bury St Edmunds (no longer training).

Where have you worked?
I have always been in Ipswich and now in a second shop always been in charge.

What is your favorite piercing to perform?
I tend to only do facial and torso piercings. Nick does all piercings.

Who are some of your favorite piercers and why?
I do not have a favourite piercer but admire anyone who is willing to work with ethics and responsability.

In England also, piercing has known a big "boom"(as everywhere). What annoy you about this "industrialization" of the job??
There are too many shops trading with little or no training , and using innapropriate tools and jewellery. We have a situation in this country at the moment involving hair and beauty trade trying to regulate the tattoo and piercing studios.
There are already objections to how they are doing this. The laws as they stand now are very limited. All studios need to be registered with local health authories (including basic sterilization, cross contamination prevention, education on blood bourne viruses etc...). Most professional piercers will always strive to further their knowledge. Both myself, Nick and Sharon (who does all the sterelizing) have been on seminars and training courses organized by the local H.A and the A.P.I , courses including first aid and jewellery, anatomy and various others.

What do you see as being the major trends and the major issues in the next few years?
As far as trends go, we only do long established piercings. We do not do surface or similar due to high rejection rates. We are not against them but prefer experienced piercees whose we know how to heal and look after them.

Something to add?
The boundaries will always be taken further but the responsible studios will stay and become as acceptable as other high street shops!

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