This interview was made in Ipswich in March 2005.
Anne has met
Nick Thorpe , piercer.

How did you begin?When?Why did you get started with body piercing?

I was interested in tattoo since school. I met Stan at a convention in great Yarmouth in 2001. Two weeks later, he offered me an apprenticeship in piercing to lead then in one in tattoo.

Where have you worked?
Only in Freedom Tattooz in Ipswich.

Which piercing do you prefer?
Any facial which suit the customer's face, usually when it is a couple of piercings which are well balanced.

Who are some of your favorite piercers and why?
Anyone who does good and safe work.

Do you consider what you do as an art or a craft?
I would say it is an art form for some piercers (the hardcorers who do a lot of surface piercings and implants), and, I recognize this work as artistic, but I see work as craft in the sense that I want to do technically correct and safe work.

What changes have you seen in the last few years in the business?
Since I have been working, it is becoming increasingly more mainstream and socialy more acceptable.

What type of work is popular with your customer right now?
Really everything, nothing too hardcore.

In England, is there any laws ruling the piercin or tattoo? Or is there any control by hygiene services?
Hygiene is the main concern for the authorities in England. As long as the shop is clean and the work is safe, they are happy. Although London Borough has its own regulations apart from the rest of the country.

What do you like most about piercing?
Just me everyday running of the shop, chatting and getting to know regular customers.

What annoy you about the business?
People who get into the business just for money, and who do not really know what they are doing: the beauty industry.

What do you see as being the major trends and the major issues in the next few years?
We do basic stuff: tongues, navels, eyebrows ect... But there are a lot of young people who want large facial coverage, always asking for surface piercings.

Something to add?
I would like to see more options for training in how to pierce safely. Something involving piercers/tattooist, medical industry and the government. So that someone who gets the opportunity to have an apprenticeship can learn a lot more than would usually be able to, and hopefully weed out the cowboys in the business who do not care what they are doing. Maybe something like the A.P.P in US.

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