Converge Interview Tattoo

This interview was made in Paris the 25th of Mars 2005.
Alexis has met Nate, the bass player.

How did you get into tattoos?

I believe I was on tour and me and all my friends on tour decided to get tattooed.

Why did you want to get tatoued?

We were all straight-edge and thought it would be fun.

Are there any artists that impress you?

Yeah there's quite a few. Dan Hages, Tom Hooper, Mike Lucier, Jeff Whitehead, Freddy Corben. I really love Dan Hages.

Do you want him to tattoo your next one?

I would love to get Dan Hages tattoo me but I think he retired so I'm out of luck.

Any messages to kids who want to get tattoos?

Wait until you know exactly what you want. Don't start when you're 18, don't start when you're young cause you'll regret the things you do.

Did you regret something?

Not really. I would have done things a little differently but I waited until I was 24 before I started getting tattooed. Well besides from that one.

Interview Alexis
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