Caliban Tattoo Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 11th of October 2004.
Manu and I have met the guitar player Mark Görtz.
How did you came to tattoo ?

Oh years ago. Maybe 8 or 9 years. In my home town, not really much people were tattooed. And I saw some tattoo magazines and I thought that was pretty cool.
So I started get tattooed when I was 17 years old. At that age you need to have
a permit from your mother. It was pretty hard for me to get it. But I did so. Then
I had some friends who were tattooed so I get more and more.

Why did you get your first tattoo ?

That's a hard question. I don't know. No particular reason. I just liked it. I don't wanted to have a so big tattoo at first.
Among all your tattoos which one do you prefer ?

I have 2 that I prefer. One on my back, it's sort of a straight edge tattoo, XXX, and this one, it's my biggest one and my favorite. It's also the last one I got.

Do you have any idea for the next one ?

Yes, do you know HR Giger. I wanna get a Giga tattoo, it's an alien, like a demon holding the cross with Jesus. It's also a black and white one, not a colored one.

Is there a tattoo artist which work impresses you very much ?

I gess I'll say Paul Booth. He's one of the best one.

Would you lmike him to do a work on you ?

Yes, definatly. But I think he is very, very expensive.

For you, what is the importance of tattoo in the music spirit ?

For me, music and tattoo doesn't have to do so much together. My tattoos are
not a reason from the music. It's just separated.

What do you think of the new rise of tattoo ? Do you consider it as a fashion ?

Yeah. Definatly, I mean, so many young girls and women and boys do stupid very little things like dolphins or stuff like that. I think it's not the meaning of tattoo. Also the make-up artists doing tattoo in germany, place where you can get your ear pierced and a small tattoo, they said that it's going away in 2 years, but that's definatly not true. It's stupid for me.

Do you have a message for the kids who want to be tattooed ?

Think about it before you want to do it. And do the right thing. Don't do something you maybe won't like in 5 years. Think about it a lot before you have band name or something. Because I know a guy who have band name and now he hates this band so it's maybe not the best idea.

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Interview by Manu & Ben
Translation by Tataye

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