Anti-Flag Interview Tattoos
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Laureline and Manu have met Chris #2 (Bass player).


How did you come to tattoo ?

I just came into it has i came into the scene, I saw people who were getting tattoo and so I wanted to have some. I was fifteen and I've got this stars on my hand, it's a friend who tattooed me

Among all your tattoos which one do you prefer and why ?

Oh the one on the back of my neck, it's a pretty cool one

Which one is your last one?

I think it's probably the one on the back of my neck !

Which one hurts the most ?

The one on the back of my neck again !! laugh

Do you have an idea for the next one?

Yeah, i've got to finish my arm, I've been touring so much so I didn't have the time to finish it

Is there a tattoo artist that impresses you much ?

Marcus snady he's from Pittsburgh, I like its work

Do you see any corrolation between music and tattoo ?

I definitevely so I think yes, but you don't need tattoos to be consider as a punk musician

What do you think about the rise of tattoo, is it a fashion or a new breath for the body culture?

Well I think it became fashionnable, trendy, there are some who are for the scene and some others for tattoos and the movment of it

Do you have a message for kids who would like to be tattooed?

Make sure is what you really want and not something you wanna have on the moment, it's really difficult to find what you really want to have on your body forever and to be afraid of the guy who will tattooed you

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