A Wilhelm Scream

This interview was made in Albi the 2nd of August 2014.
Yann has met Nuno Pereira and Mike Supina.


So last part of this interview, we are about to talk about tattoo. What can you say about yours ?

Nuno : Michael has a tattoo of himself. And that's me up there.

Mike : And I want to confront Nuno about the money I stole!

Nuno : This one I made when me and Mike first me at my house. It's Castlevania.

Mike : I have my fiancee..hum..Nuno's lips tattoo. He kissed me there.

Nuno : This one is Ma Raffa's, my favorite pizza place in New Bedford, that's their logo.

Mike : We all have this "Tour" tattoo..somewhere.

Nuno : I've got mine from many many moons ago, maybe ten years.

Mike : For me, it's 5 years, something like that.

Do you want to make new tattoos?

Nuno : I have two buddys in mind who are phenomenal tattoo artists. One of them works in England, he goes by Craven, Craven Inks I believe on Instagram. Anyway, he's a big fan of the band and one of the most amazing tattoo artist I know as a friend. Also, my friend Ronnie, he tattoos in Three Kings In Brooklyn and also just opened up his own shop in Rhode Island but he's booked up for like fuking..ever. Maybe he will make an exception for me if I give him a link of this interview or something. So Ron Wells and Craven from the UK, those are my two top tattoo artists right now. Chanel Ross as well, she's really phenomenal with colors like really well blended colors. She makes tattoos that look can like water colour painting, it's amazing. Her coulour work is out of control. Yeah those three people are phenomenal tattoo artists.

And they sold tattoo me for free. I'll bring a beer and fifty dollars. Ahah

Ok good! We are close to the end. Do yout want to say something more ?

Nuno : Au Revoir Pee-Wee!

Mike : "This is the end of the road. It's so natural. I belong to you, You belong to me"

Nuno : All right, see you later!

Mike : Bye!

Thanks guys!

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