Ill Nino-Interview-2003
This interview was made in London the 3rd of November as the band participated at the Road Rage Tour . Ben has met Dave Chavarri.

Can you speak to me about this new Road Rage tour?
You were in: France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. How was it?

It was great. Every show in UK has been sold out and 95% of the whole tour has been sold out, which I'm very happy to say. It's been a great experience for us. This is our 4th time here and we're happy to be here again.

How are the relationships with the other bands Chimaira and Spineshank?

Oh, very good. We've been touring with those bands for a long time: Spineshank a couple of times and Chimaira a bunch of time in US. This is good to tour with them and being here in Europe.

Do you prefer to play in big Festival like "Road Rage" with labelmates or in classical tour?

I like both. I like big big festivals with a lot of people, energy in the air … But little place are cool too: we're face to face; you see the kids react and their reactions are really clear.

Your new record "Confession" is out since 1 months. How do you feel nowadays about it?

I love the record, I'm proud of it and of the band. We sold 60 000 pieces in America and were number 36 in the billboard charts. It's a good accomplishment for us to be in the top 40 of the billboard. It's a very honest record!

This record is produced by Bob Marlette. What did he bring to your sound?

Bob Marlette was just a great mediator in the bands, and a good musician too.
He's now part of the Ill Nino family! He pushed all of us to our limits and in the direction of being sure of ourselves. He was always saying "don't pay attention to the press, to what people say, just do your own thing".

You've also co-produced it, as "Revolution / Revolucion". Why didn't have completely produce it?

I just wanted to have someone else to sit down next to me and say "You know, I see this differently. Let me try to make it sound this way or this way and we will see". He is a person I respect so much and his point of view was enriching.

The cover represents praying hands. Can you explain me it meaning and is it especially a catholic representation or a world-wide one?

No, it's not about religion. The fingers are crossed, which means Fake. In America, for me, people fake praying. They use religion to lie and hypocritical and not themselves. That just means: "If you do something, be true".

Do you feel you have accomplished everything you have wanted with "Confessions"?

Not yet. It's only out since 30 days. I'll see in one year at the end of the tour. Musically, without a doubt, yeah. Sales, not yet!

You have 2 new members in you row: Ahrue and Danny. What did they bring to the CD, and what do they bring now to live shows?

Ahrue is bringing happiness and new breath in the band. We are friend since many years. He's an amazing player and play guitar since a long time. Danny is just an amazing percussionist.

Christian's lyrics seem more personal. What have been his influences for "Confession"?

His vocals are our lives, we speak through him. We discuss the themes. He writes the most part of the lyrics and after we discuss how we could express it more personally.

The drums parts are more tribal. Did you compose in tandem with Danny or did he only add his parts?

No. When Danny came in the band, my drums parts were already recorded. But he is an amazing musician. I let him do his job, and he did it perfectly.

You have toured 2 years for the "Revolution / Revolucion" album. What did you learn of it?

We learnt to live with many people and kill each other!

Before starting Ill Nino, you've played with Pro-Pain and Soulfly. What do you feel different between all those bands experience?

I learnt from all my bands' experiences. Soulfly, it was just cool to play with Max, it was an honour. I learnt from him how to behave when you are in front of thousands of kids and as a person. From Pro-Pain, I definitively learnt a lot about the business. I do all the business for Ill Nino and I was used to do it partly for Pro-Pain.

Do you have a message for the young generations?

If you want to do something, do it!


How did you come to tattoo?
One day, I went with one of my friend to a tattoo shop. I didn't go to get tattooed but my friend yes and I left the shop with one!

Which is your first one?
A tribal dragon. Is not already finished, I added many things to it.

Among all your tattoos, which one do you prefer and Why?
I don't have really preferences, I love all of them!

Which is the last one?
The face of Drowning Pool's singer. I've done it after he died because he's a person I loved and had so much respect for.

Is there a tattooist's work that impresses you very much? Who is he? Would you like him to tattoo you?
Yeah, a lot of tattooist: Shu, Evil Dave who kicks ass.

For you, what's the importance of tattoo in the rock's spirit?
It's a way of life, a way of expression, and a way to have artwork you love
forever in you.

What do you think about the new rise of tattoo?
I think that this is cool, that people realise tattoo are not for persons
who are in jail!!


Interview and Translation Ben

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