Walls Of Jericho Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 11-07-04 as the band are in Resistance Tour
Manu and Ben have met Candace and Mike (Singer and Guitar Player).
About this new european tour, how is going so far ? You were in Switzerland and in Spain, how was it ?

Actually, we missed the show in Geneva, because our plane had some problems and they cancelled our flight. So yesterday in Spain, it was actually our first show, but it was good. I was kind of weard because it wasn't such a big place, we had to unpack, and try to have every stuff fit on stage. But everybody had a great time. Today will be great because the stage is hugh, yesterday the stage was almost as big as this room so it was kind of hard.

How's the relationship with the other bands ?

Yeah. We already knew 7 Seconds from earlier, and we knew some of Sick Of It All guys and Unearth so it was easy. The Bones are the only ones we don't really know but they are awsome. So the fun is here.

You made a tour in october in the US, is there a big difference between playing in the US and in Europe ?

It depends. I mean, obviously a tour like this is a big difference for us. But I would say in a normal tour, if we were doing our own tour over here I don't think there'll be much difference at all. I think lot's of things are a little more organized here, as far as the connection between the bands and the people booking the shows. It seems to be a little bit better. But back home, it seems that there is less trouble when you're at the show.

And what about the relation with the fans ? Any difference ?

Yeah, I would say that people here a more receptive. They are so many bands that are touring in the US that people really don't care too much. Even if they really like you, they don't care. You know they'll hang out a little bit and then go home.

About your new album "All Hail The Dead" what represent the cover ?

It's the idea of people whorshiping a robot, or a technology thing. And just being slaved to technology basically. The idea of that technology is overruning the humanity, it's taking out all the parts of humanity. You know for that record we had many different themes, that's just one of them. The actual tittle itself and tittle song covers a lot more personnel issues, social issues. Just like the way people interact with each other, people desires and goals and how it gets twisted as you go. Like you'll take the human away from the personn trying to get more money or a better status or whatever. And you'll take all your originals goals as you're growing up and you push them aside and you just go after stupid things that no one really cares about. That's almost what it's about.

According to you, what changed the most in this new album, compare to the previous ones ?

Mostly, I would say that we didn't really care this time what people would think about it. We just wrote songs that we like to play. It's kind of a different approche for us. Not that we have just wrote songs to please people, but before we were more carrefull about what people would thought of what we do. But this time we didn't really care, we had a good time makin' it. That was it pretty much.

After having toured to represent this album, what do you think of it ? Would you change anything if you could ?

I think it always happen after you play the songs a while, you view things differently. We definitly played a lot of stuff on the record too fast. We would slowed it down if we had to record it again. I seems like when we play the songs, it feels right but when we listen to them something goes wrong. So, I wished we had more time to actually play the songs live and worked them a little bit better before recording them. But I think that's a pretty common thing for everybody because you can't really play your songs too much live before it comes out.

So maybe you'll work differently for the next record ?

We've already decided that for the next record we'll take more time from when we start recording until the record comes out. We don't wanna start recording until the songs have been written and we had the time to play them and mess with them. That apposed to what's usually done, as soon as you've done writing you record it. And we'll do also the other way. When the album's being recorded, we'll take more time and advertise for it more properly. Maybe do a tour before the album comes out, not having our album out and have to try to catch up things.

It seems that more and more girls are started to get into metal, like Otep, Most Precious Blood for instance, what do you think of it ? And why are there more girls now than in the past ?

I think it's great. I didn't happens before because nobody did it before. Once a couple of people did it, it's ok. So now it's not a big deal. Anybody who plays an instrument in a band or sings in a band it's seems like it's not a big deal anymore. The best thing you could do is not to get an extra exposure because you have a girl in your band. You just kind of have to let it speak for itselve.

Do you think that bands were scared to have girls among them before ?

I don't know if they were scared, I think that before girls didn't try out. They wouldn't really persue the issue too much. Vocaly that was the first thing they did, but when they came with a guitar in their hand ready to play maybe they thought they wouldn't be taken seriously years ago. So it was slow, it has to happen naturaly, it can't be a forced issue. But I think it's done enough now. There's not really anything to talk about.

Have you got any ideas for your next record ?
Do you still know how he would sound ?

I don't know. We've talked about it a lot. But we haven't come out with anything yet. We don't know really exactly how we wanna go. It changes from day to day. It can go anywhere at this point. We've just actually been writing stuff individually, we don't have songs yet, I would say it's probably gonna be more heavy than it was before. Maybe some melodic stuff, but that thing has never been what we wanted to do, when we play some parts to make us lough, we play some in a kind of gooffie way, mix those parts with what we usually do, those parts are melodic or something that are out of the ordinary for us. Our regular stuff, always be heavy, fast music.

With which bands would you like to be on tour in the US or in Europe ?

I don't know. I really don't know. But I don't think it matters. Either band that we are friends with. There are tons of bands that we've been on tour with and had a great time. We've been out with Most Precious Blood and they're awsome. Any bands that are similar to us, especially if they are friends. But I would love to tour with bands that I've never heard of, especially if they are doing something different musically to hear something different to get a different feeling, a whole different way of doing things. That's always cool.

What's your feeling about the presidential elections ? What do you think about Bush's politics inside and outside the US ?

It's amazing to see how little we know of what goes on outside the US. Because we hear what they want us to hear pretty much. I definatly don't agree with most of the things that he does. It's weard you know, everybody thinks he should be gone, but I think that people were scared to have someone new. In the states, everyone is afraid of the terrorist situation. Everybody is afraid that eventhough he didn't do a great job, if we get someone knew, it kind of let the door open for terrorist because he's kind of a new guy and people were not really sure how he would handle it. People were afraid that the terrorist would take advantage of that. So I think he got reelected because of that. And that's stupid but that's what it is. I don't think anybody else could have won against Bush for those reasons.

Have you been concerned by what Fat Mick did with his compilation "Rock against Bush" ?

I think what he did was great. There was so many people that worked on pretty much getting Bush out of office. That was a great idea. I remember back then when Ronald Reagan was president and all the harcore and punk bands where making songs saying that he never changed anything. But I don't think that when you come from a musical side, not saying that you shouldn't do it, I don't think you'll get the result that you want. I don't think that all the sudden because you put out a record and you're a band people are gonna listen to you or care of what you think. Because it's still so politically motivated you know. If you're not actually in politic you're some kind of idiot rumble. It's like there's always a lot of movie stars that are saying a bunch of crap, and it doesn't matter who they are or if you believe what they say, they're just idiots. Because people take the time to ask what they think, if they already agree, that's fine, but if you don't agree, those are not the people that are gonna change their mind. So it's awsome what Fat Mick did and what other people did, but it didn't seems they had some of an effect. I think the positive thing in that, is that they got people motivated; The best result they could have had is to get younger people to vote which has always been a problem in our country. So I think that was the smartest thing they could have done. Because young kids listen to that kind of music. But the younger voting problem is still a problem if I'm not mistaken. Most of the younger people didn't vote, and that's a hugh problem. So eventhough it was awsome, it hadn't make any difference.

Do you have something to say to the young generation ?

Not a damned thing ! (big lough) It will be the same thing I was just saying, I'll just be an idiot telling them to do something. I wouldn't listen to myself if I were in their position. So I won't say anything stupid. Even when you're 10 years old, you know what stupid is, don't do it. There you go. Yeah I know it sounds dumb but eh.

Questionnaire of Pivot

What is your favorite word ? Ridiculous, that's the word I use the most !
What's your least favorite word ? I don't have any.
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Food. That's my one word !
What turns you off? Arguing
What is your favorite curse word? Balls, that's not really a curse word, but I say it a lot !
What sound or noise do you love? Birds, there you go !
What sound or noise do you hate? Music ! Because I hear music all day every day.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I actually own a recording studio. Which is also why I hate listening to music all day every day.
I love doing it, wouldn't wanna do anything else.
What profession would you not like to do? I would not wanna word in any factory.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at
the Pearly Gates?
Hello, come in !

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