Walls Of Jericho Interview
This interview was made in La mans the 24th of juin 2005.
Laureline and Manu have met Candace (Singer).
What can you say about this tour in Europe?
Mmm well we started about 2 weeks ago and we have 4 weeks to go. It is pretty much a headlining tour, no other bands are supporting and we're not supporting others. We're playing with local bands and then heading up for Fests like Furyfest and others. We're having a good time and its going pretty well

Its your 2nd time at Furyfest, any differences with the previous one?
Well none yet that we know of cause we haven't played yet, but we have a better slot now, it's a better time than the last…that's about it haha. I'm sure its gonna be the same, it was amazing last year.

How did you get into hardcore music?
Well I was listening to punk rock and ska when I was younger, also some grindcore through friends and some took me to an actual hardcore show and that's pretty much how I came into it. Just people that seemed like Misfits and Outcasts and rough but they were quite accepting to people I enjoyed this and I embraced it.

Which band gave you a desire for playing?
Mmm I have to say that one of the first hardcore bands that I experienced live as well as buying one of the first hardcore cds, like Earth Mover, a local band playing often like every two weeks in Detroit. They were well known there. They were inspiring to people and everybody knew everyone and the shows were fun and it was a band that made me love being into hardcore.

How did you choose Dustin?
Dustin's amazing and a great drummer and we get along, we've known him since we were 17 and he's a good drummer and good person. He was in another band, 'Premonitions of War', then he left and we split with Alexi, so he was looking for a band and we for a drummer so it worked out.

When Alexi left was it hard for the band?
Actually we don't discuss that, it was a mutual separation so that's it.

What about the lyrics of "A Day and a thousand years"?
So "Why father" it is exactly the same way, we redid that too. It is on the EP and also on "The Bound Feed The Gagged". Those two songs are songs we continue to play now. We know that people that listen to the new cd now don't know anything else from us before. In the EP we barely sell our selves, so we put those songs on the CD cause we want to continue to play them.

You wrote some lyrics when you were 20. If you had to rewrite them today, do you think you would write things with the same ideas and subjects?
Not at all. Actually all of our first "The Bound Feed The Gagged" I wrote when I was 18, when I was in high school. Then, I didn't write anything before 'All hail the dead' came out it was a huge gap of over 5 years. So I definitely wrote stuff completely different, I wrote the same way, like overwriting a kind of a poetic way. This cd 'All hail' was straight up, about life in general, dealing with real shit, no hiding, but now I'm ok with what I do…I gotta be.

Have you started writing songs for a new album?
Yeah we were just home for about a month before this tour, writing songs for the new record. We'll continue writing in four weeks and do a tour and try to get a CD out soon actually.

What do you think about the new rise of hardcore music?
I don't think its at all bad actually. Actually its very interesting that its happening. Bands that deserve recognition actually get recognition. It's a very positive thing.

What do you think of the straightedge scene?
Well to me there's no difference - well obviously there are differences between straightedge and non-straightedge- but in the scene they are just as much as part of the scene. It is a very powerful and positive movement and its amazing that people are straightedge and they let the world know why they are straightedge. It's a wonderful thing, its just as much as part of the scene as every thing else, not much of a difference. I'm not straightedge, there's a few people in the band who are, Mike Aaron and Chris, I respect them and what they do, just like they respect me.

There are more and more girls in the hardcore scene…what do you think of this?
I don't see no reason why they shouldn't be in the hardcore scene, the fact that there's more coming makes sense to me. This is not a male dominated scene, hardcore is about opening your eyes about what is going on around you and accepting everything and taking everything in and realizing changes are happening. So women coming more into the scene is an amazing thing, its stuff that should've probably always have been there, it shouldn't be just happening now. But it is and I think it wonderful

How did you meet Sarah Russet?
Shoot, that's a really long time ago when we started touring in the US in Seattle. I met her and a couple of the other girls Carrie and everybody from there, it was probably 99. We knew them and they wanted to perform in the band.

Why did you ask her to do that song?
That song is pretty much all about trying to change things yourself. Actually there's 5, no…1,2,3 4 girls in that song and 5 including me. My best friend Stephanie, my good friend Katie, my good friend Danielle, Sarah and me. It didn't have just to do with her it had to do with girls being positive, girls having a wonderful role in my life, its all about friends.

What was it like growing up in Detroit?
I moved around a whole lot I didn't grow up directly in Detroit. I was born in Alaska, lived there for 5 years, moved to Berkley, moved to Royal Oak, Farringdon, I lived everywhere.

How is the hardcore scene in Detroit?
Its good its doing really well right now, there are good local bands: 'Let it die', 'Tyrant', nothing else come to mind...oh 'Hate incorporated'. A whole bunch of bands are doing things, its pretty amazing. There's a good mix of scenes, there's hardcore, punk, rock, coffeecatz a bunch of different bands playing in Detroit. Detroit's always good for music.

Is there a question you'd like to be asked?
Hmmm, well lets see…I have no idea haha.

Is there a question you don't want to be asked anymore?
Oh yes stop asking me what its like to be a girl in the hardcore scene, I'm a girl every day dammit and I love being a girl. I guess that's one thing, people always ask and they try to say that I'm tough, "she's awesome" cause its tough and bla bla bla. Its not about being tough but about who you are and about being secure, I mean everybody's tough to their own you know, in their own way. I don't wanna be tough all the time I'm all about being a girl, all about wearing pink, wearing lipstick its about being you.

Pivot's Questionnary

Your favorite Word?
Probably fuck...let me be honest.

Least favourite word?
Blue. It's the word blue and also the color and I hate both of them…weird I know.

What turns you on creatively?
Actually just passion, being passionate getting excited about something.

What turns you on spiritually?
I don't have something spiritually that gets me going. Actually can be something that clicks in my brain and gets me excited. Anything… someone getting riled up, something having a wonderful image, a wonderful sound. Lots of things get me going.

What turns you on emotionally?
Affection, people being respectful and sweet to each other. I hate getting messed with. People who walk into a room and make fun of people so they can feel better. I like straight forward people who are nice to everybody and respectful to people.
What turns you off? Cockiness. People being tight asses totally turns me off.
Fave curse word? (Laugh) I'm gonna switch, its gonna be fuck so me fave word is gonna be, "babypop". So there, I switched it!
What noise do you like? I actually love an old blues singer, just to hear.
What noise do you hate? Waaaaa. (Laugh)
What's you favorite place on earth?
I have one, erm…my couch is one of my favorite places ever. (Laugh)
Worst place on earth? Squats I hate squats, I hate dirty beds, having to sleep in a squat is my least favorite place to be.
What person influenced you the most? I would say my family whether its positive or negative. So definitely my family has influenced me in who I am today.
Who were you heroes when you were a kid? " Rainbow bright". That's as far as I got to ever having heroes. I never had heroes when I was a little girl it was never like me.
What profession other than your own would you like to do? I'd like to do Social work, there's a lot a lot of things that I'd like to dip into. I'm like one of those people. If there's something I like, I'm going to do it. The other day I saw a figure 8 race with old jock cars…I thought I'd totally like to do that ...so I might attempt it at one point.
What other profession would you not do? Fast food, any type of waitressing, I absolutely hate it, I don't wanna deal with people at all when it come to that stuff.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Rock'n'roll hoochycoo...
Final words? I'll eat your brains.

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