Unearth Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 11-07-04 as the band are in Resistance Tour. Pierre and i have met Mike (The Drummers).
How is going this resistance Tour so far ?

The tour is going great so far. You know, I'm touring with the bands that have introduce me to hardecore, so even if the first shows were terrible for us, it's still amazing to be on this tour. But because Sick Of It All is probably the biggest hardcore band in Europe, it's the standard by which other shows are judged (lough). But it's cool, because there's Sick Of It All on the tour, we had many kids at the shows, probably a 1000 for each of the two first dates. So the tour is going great,
the bands are great. The Bones are really nice guys. We clicked with them right away when we found out that they liked to play cards. And Walls Of Jericho we've always been on kind of like the same fences musically speaking, so it's cool to finally do a tour together. But everybody is really great.

Before this european tour, you had your first headlining tour in the US, that must have been some kind of experience.

Logistically it was probably one of the worst experience in my life. You know, we didn't take a bus on that tour. So there were the 5 band members and the 5 crew members together in a van. And that could be pretty tough when you're doing drives that are pretty much supposed to be for a bus tour, those really long drives that you have to do during the night to be able to get to the clubs on time for the show. So that was difficult, but aside from from that, overall, it was probably on of the best tour that we've ever done. So you know another great tour where we've been able
to bring out great bands, like Terror and others.

And before that you were part of the Ozzfest, how was it ?

Oh, Ozzfest, yeah. It was a really interesting experience, for me anyway. You know
I said this a lot but it was kind of sensory overload. That's what I've felt. A lot of guys where endulging themselves in the moment. All I can really do is just sit back and observe everything. I just didn't know what to do on the Ozzfest about this. But it was a great tour, it was an imcredible exposure. You know, on the list of things that you have to do for your band, this was worth doing it.

About your new album, "The Oncoming Storm" it was produced by Adam D from Killswitch Engage, how was it to work with him ? What did he bring to Unearth ?

. He's a great friend of ours. He'll always be kind of like the extra member of Unearth. He's a great personn to work with. He's a party guy when he's not working but when he's in a studio he's very focused and diciplined. He also have the ability to extract that out of everybody which is what you want in a producer. But I'm not the really best guy to ask about Adam D There are things with the album that I'm not happy with and I think could have been better.

Can you talk a little about the artwork of this album ?

We went through a lot of different perspective album covers. And we ended up going with that one, we made a few changes to it. Our friend Portland from the band Nora made this cover. I like the colors, the tons and the texture. Overall we're happy with this cover. It represents the right message for the album.

About the lyrics, what are they dealing with ?

Trevor is very intense on putting together provoking lyrics. I think that any respectable musician at some point in time will want to do that. And Travor is really good at doing that, and I encourage it. I wouldn't really encourage him making big balled blank sentences on stage because I think there's a time and place for everything. You know the songs and the lyrics and the music used as a harness
to convaining a certain message. It's the best way to do it and that should be your podium. A lot of the themes are politically charged and other themes are within
the contest of how political adgendas affect personnal agendas. And I think Trevor's really great at it, he's writing great lyrics. It's not that he has been bad at it by the past, he's growing, he's developping and I think again that any respectable musician will do that, will continu to do that.

So you think that what happened during the presidential election would inspired
his lyrics maybe for the next album ?

We all have side projects, things that we do on our own, and I know that on my guitar and my lyrics I've definatly been influenced by this president. And that's
not so much in a positive conotation. But yeah, we even kind of joked about it, Bush being reelected will keep us in business for another 4 years.

What would you say to the kids in Europe that don't already know your music,
what can they expect from seing you on stage ?

They can expect a lot of energy live. We always try to connect with people that way. Because I mean, whether or not you like our music we still want you to have a good time live, and didn't feel insulted by a bunch of guys just stand here and play.
The songs are high felocity and we would be kind of contradictive if we were just standing there playing the songs and have no energy live. High felocity energy for high felocity music just make sence. That's really what you could expect I think.

Have you ever played in France or is it your first time here ?

I was in another band before Unearth that played in France. But this is my first time here with Unearth, and I actually don't know if they have ever played here in France. I know they did a european tour a couple of years ago but I don't know if they came out this far. (during the gig, Trevor, the singer will say that tonight is
their first gig ever in France)

On the website we have a whole section about tattoo, would you be interested in sharing yours if you have some ?

Well, I have one tattoo but I don't really like to showcase it you know. It's not anything obscene or awfull, it's just a personnel thing. I would be like someone grabing my arm to look at my artwork, it's like it's not why it's there, it's there
for me.

Thanks for your time and just before we leave congratulation for the victory of the Boston Red Sox (Boston base-ball team) !

Oh yeahhh ! (big smile) Thank you very much, I can't believe they win. I just can't believe it. That was amazing. Never give up hope !

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