The Exploited Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 25th of June 2005.
Manu & O.S. have met Watty the singer.

How the tour going?
Well we're not gigging, we just flew over for one show. Tomorrow we go back to Scotland. Last week we did a festival in Belgium and two weeks ago we did a festival in Estonia, they were really good. Before that we did Portugal and Russia.

Was it the first time you played in Estonia?
Yeah. It was really good.

And how are your relations with the other bands of this festival?
Well some of the bands I know and they're ok, like Harley from the Cro-mags is a good guy. Also one of the guys from Napalm Death. Some of the other bands are total shit. Last night Megadeth closed the backstage area and none of the other bands could go backstage, they're total wankers, they're Megashit, merde! But the other bands are ok, Murphy's Law are a good band. I'm glad to be here, I'm having a good time. Some of the big bands think they are better than other bands…it's their egos, that's all.

Its been seven years between 'Beat the Bastards' and 'Fuck the system'. Why the wait?
Because I don't do records for money, I do it for the music. So for 'Fuck the system' we wrote over 60 songs. I won't do anything unless it is 100% the best it can be for the band and that's why it took so long. Our record company totally fucked us up over our last record, 'Fuck the system', they're total assholes. To me the music is most important, we have a lot of young kids and metal kids come to our shows, with older punk bands, you only get punks in the audience cause they don't do any music that's good, their old stuff is good but the new stuff is shit. But our new stuff is as good as our old stuff. To me that is important.

Are you planning to release a new album?
Well for 'Fuck the system' we had 70 songs, then we chose 11 or 12 songs which were good tunes and good ideas and we needed more time to work on them, the others though were shit haha! Next year we'll start practicing writing songs for a new album, but at the moment we'll just do gigs. We'll go to America in September for 5 weeks, that will be fun.

And after 20 years of music, what is the meaning for you of playing punk in 2005?
We've been going on a long time and some of the times in the past I felt like quitting. The Exploited are now quite popular but in the past it wasn't like that at all, you had to believe in the music and in the Exploited, we were too extreme and extreme in our views. Now its quite strange to see young kids at our shows, what we believe in is real life and I see young kids and think they are too young to understand what punk really means. To me punk is a way of life, how I am here is how I am back home, when I play on stage I am not different, to me punk is being individual, being your own person and do what you want to do. I hate politics and politicians are total shitheads.

Music is a big part of your life…
It is the only part of my life

And what about other important parts?
Watching porn! Hahahaaa. Well another part of my life is watching my son play football for his school team, he's only 10. So that's it…watching my son play football and watching porn.

What do you think about the European scene?
Well to me punk is about concerts and people who have the same beliefs and same attitudes. To me it is all the same.

Bands you like at European Scene?
Best bands I've seen and really like is a band called SPK from Russia, and also another called Terror from America, these are the two best bands I have seen for a long time. I've seen lot of other bands but these are the ones I really liked.

What would you say to the younger generations?
To stand up for themselves in life and be their own person. No matter what they wanna do in life, if they want to do it and someone thinks its shit, just do it anyway. Everyone has the right to be their own person.

Any last words?

Last words? I'll have that drink! Hahaha. I've had a good time with you !

We would like to thanks Watty for this interview.

Interview Manu & OS
Translation Kostas

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