Terror Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 25th of June 2005.
Laureline and Manu have met Nick (Drums).

During the European tour, you are going to play many concerts and festivals, are there any you are particularly looking forward to?
Um most likely looking forward to Metal force, furyfest and Grasspop, they are the best . Last year we played for big crowds, many people saw us and this year we're coming back to play again the big festivals and people actually know us.

What are you relationships like with other hardcore bands, Sick Of it All, Madball, Merauder, Murphy's Law...?
All these other bands took us under their wings in the past couple of years, they took us out on tour. We met them and they helped us out, we're friends with them. They respect our band and it means a lot to us to be with them.

You have a new release called "Lowest Of The Low" which is a re-edition of your first record. On it there are some bonus tracks like some which are live in Japan. Was this yours or the label's choice?
Well it was the label's idea and we thought it was a pretty good idea. A lot of people used to come up to us and ask us if there was another record out apart from " One With The Underdogs ". No one had really heard of "Lowest Of The Low". They could not find it. So it was a good idea. I worked out good

What about a new record?
We're writing many songs and we'll continue writing till the end of the year. We have tones of stuff. We will probably record in January or February. The record will be out on RoadRunner in Europe, hopefully early next summer.

After 1 year of playing your latest record live, what are your feeling about it? Would you change anything?
I think as a band we worked really hard on this record in the last couple of years. We put a lot of work into it. Maybe I would change the recording, a better recording would be good. But we're really happy with the songwriting.

On this album there is lots of guests, Freddy Cricien, Jamey Jasta, Lord Ezec...why did you choose to play with these guys?
Well as you can tell Madball was one of our biggest influences, so having them on the record was a dream come true. Jamey and Isaac, they just came by the studio to record some vocals. They were like, "lets throw some shit on there, lets fucking go". Then we had our friend Corey who is in a band called Internal Affairs from LA. We wanted him to sing on the record, his band represents real hardcore from LA and we wanted to get him a little exposure.

Is it hard to play with Terror and then with all the side-projects like First Blood, , Slugfest, Carry On, Sworn Vengeance, Despair et Buried Alive??
Well Terror is the first priority all the other stuff is just side projects. When were go back home we play some shows with them but Terror is our priority.

You are one of the new wave of hardcore bands much like: Throwdown, Hatebreed and Born From Pain. What do you think about this new rise of hardcore music?
Well its great all these bands like Hatebreed and Born From Pain keep hardcore alive. Its great to have new bands coming out playing real hardcore. Its great

Do you know new hardcore bands?
We support all our friends from LA: Donny Brok, Internal Affairs, Warriors from South California. A lot of good US bands around are up and coming.

Which bands have influenced you mostly?
For Terror I would say Madball, Hatebreed, Sick of it all, Youth Today, Dag Nasty. For me personally I'd say newer bands like Death Threat and 100 Demons.

Did you see the 100 Demons show today?
No I missed it, I didn't know what time they were playing, I went and they weren't playing then I went again and they had already played so I missed them. I see them a lot in the states, but it sucked no to see them today!

You are replacing 7 Seconds today, what is your feeling about that?
I had no idea up to today this was gonna happen, I don't know what happened with 7 Seconds, but its better for us, we play a later slot on a bigger stage.

What do you think about Bush's politics inside and outside the US?
Normally we're not huge in to politics. There's people in our band that support Bush and others who are anti-Bush. I think its important for everyone to think for themselves. I cannot speak about the whole band though.

You don't talk about politics in the band?
Not really, cause it's a touchy issue. Frank our guitar player supports Bush but the others are against him, so if we talk about it we get into arguments. We all get along though, we don't care if Frank likes Bush, he's my best friend and that's his opinion.

Do you know the European music scene, what do you think about it?
It great some awesome bands like No Turning Back, Born From Pain, Knuckledust, and older bands like True Blue. Um… shit, Kickback are a great French band. All countries have good bands, it's a good scene

What are your plans for the next month?
We have 2 weeks more in Europe then we fly home, we have 1 day off and then we start the Sounds of the Underground Tour.

Yeah with Chimaira?
Yeah, Chimaira, Lamb of God, lots of metal bands like 25-30 bands and then were doing Hellfest, and going to Japan. Then most likely a full US tour at the end of the year, then take a break to record a new record.

Now we have some short questions with one word answers.

Your favourite word? Fuck
Least favourite word? Posie
What turns you on creatively? Madball
And Spiritually? Not big in spirituality…pass…
And Emotionally? Friends and family that passed away
What turns you off? Hardcore bands that think they're rock bands
Your favourite cuss word? Fuck
What sound do you love? Madball
And sounds you hate? Shyhalooo (???)
You favourite place on earth? Australia
And the most hated place?
I don't know, I don't wanna say. Don't wanna this anybody .. pass..
The person who has influenced you the most? My father
Who were your heroes?
Bill Stevenson from The Descendents and Dave Grohl from Nirvana
What profession would you like to do if you weren't doing this?
Recording engineer
And what profession would you not want? Playing drums forever!
If heaven exists what would you want god to say to you at the pearly gates? What's up?

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