Terror Interview
This interview was made in Friedrichshafen (Germany) the 14th of January 2006.
Manu and Laureline have met Scott Vogel, the singer.

So first, how is this new European tour ?
This tour has been amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Some guys in Terror also play in First Blood. First Blood has released a split record with Blacklisted. You also sing on Donnybrook's record... so this tour seems to be a big friends' tour...
Oh yeah it is! Actually our bass player who sings for First Blood quit Terror, and the two people in Terror are not in First Blood anymore. He just wants to go with that band and he can't really be involved, Terror is gone some much. Yeah this is kind of an amazing tour for us because we unfortunately toured with bands we didn't really like musically, or personally but sometimes you got to do it to see your band grow. So this is just great bands and great people, so I'm enjoying it! I can't even sleep at night I stay up all night and I'm the first one up in the morning all the time, I wanna chill!

We met Nick at the Fury Fest last summer, you really impressed the French audience that day. What's your felling about this show actually?
Well it was amazing because I got to see Madball after we played, which was great. And H2O played too right?

Shows like that are kind of hard because the stage is so big, the barricades and how many people were there? 5000?

Yes, something like that!
Well that's a different world for me but I remember after that set it was a kind of mind-blowing, and to get all those people getting crazy that's kind of cool, so it was great, but also weird you know. Shows like this are awesome but it's also fun to do it in a different way, you know what I mean? But I'm glad if people enjoy us or if we impressed or whatever. (Laugh)

Do you have anything funny or strange to tell us which happened since the beginning of the tour ?
Our drummer Nick is very straight-edge but he loves partying! He loves it when I'm drunk. Our guitarist Franck isn't here because he couldn't get his passport and he's a drunk too. And the singer of Donnybrook, his brother Dre, is always one of the people I always get drunk with. So I've imagine that this tour is gonna be the end of my life, drunk everyday! (Laugh) Last night was a crazy party night but besides that this tour's been pretty calm so I'm very happy. So I don't know if that's what you were looking for but that's what came into my head! Aside from people not remembering the shows. I don't remember last night's show at all. I heard it very well though! Good morning!!! (laugh)

We read on your website that Carl left the band. You already talked a bit about it, but could you tell us more about that?
Yeah, he sings on First Blood and Terror was so busy we couldn't do it at all, another aspect I think. Everyone besides him are pretty loud, and obnoxious, he's just very different than us, he's calm and quiet and I think he just had enough of our shit. He just came to us and told us that he wasn't happy and it's not fun having someone around us not happy you know. We had the same line-up for 2 or 3 years, it's kind of incredible so.

Do you have a new bass player actually?
We don't have one yet! Well for the record. A friend of mine who's name is Buske who's from the band The Promise or Ragmen, he's just playing with us on this tour.

Martin from Donnybrook : And from Another Victim?

Oh yeah Another Victim that's right I was forget that!

Martin from Donnybrook : Santa Sangre.

So yes, he's just playing with us on this tour. Our line-up is kind of fucked up right now. He's just filling in and Franck can't be here so everything's been going really smooth but when I got here I was a little nervous

A new record will be released soon, what can you say about it actually?
We're gonna record February 10th, probably out in June or stuff like that. I'm really excited, the new songs are coming together wonderfully and I can't wait to put out the new record. Don't expect any change, it's gonna be Terror, there's gonna be the same stuff but... Our old guitarist Todd wrote old stuff and our drummer Nick is writing all the stuff now. It's very similar but it's got a different attitude, it's got a different flow too, it's got more of a Leeway influence, I've heard a lot of it but there's still a lot of Madball and stuff like that.

About the lyrics, "One With The Underdogs" touched some very serious subjects like addictions, being an outcast..., is the new one will be on the same way?
Yeah, I always write about what's on my mind. I was very happy with the lyrics on "One With The Underdogs", I think the one from "The Lowest Of The Low" were more generic but those on "One With The Underdogs" are more deeper I guess not like deep poetry but I was thinking harder when I wrote them. I don't know, I just write what comes out and if people can feel and understand that then that is the ultimate goal all the way. Also I want is to put it so the music flows. We'll see what happens!

As medias, we have an idea of Trustkill's & Roadrunner's job for "One With The Underdogs". In your point of view, what's your feeling?
Hum to be honest with you, I can only keep up what goes on in the United-States but I don't really know what's your opinion, did Roadrunner did good job? I don't know!

Hum it could have been better !
It's just basically that people can't find the record and they now its out that's all the label can do for you. It's kind of hard being on Roadrunner but kind of cool too so I don't know, whatever... I hope they'll push the next record harder, I mean even they push as hard as they could hopefully they'll push the next one harder. For me, I don't have the drive to pay attention to it, if its out its out so that people can get it, its all I know.

With " One With The Underdogs ", Terror get recognition, the album get good response, the band is really support by older hardcore bands like Madball or Agnostic Front. This new album seems to be one of most awaited hardcore record of this new year, are you aware of it?
He doesn't push so much pressure on me!? (Laugh)
I mean, you know... it matter's who you talk to, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that have something negative to say like why they don't break already or something like that. For me, get asked by Agnostic Front and actually sing on an Agnostic Front record is like unbelievable to me. If you were told me that 10 years ago that would happened i would say "No Way!". So, I'm glad people want the new record and I can't wait put it out, I'm so sick playing the same songs over & over again. To get recognition by people that... well the first ever thing I got from hardcore was a cassette with Warzone "Don't Forget The Struggle" and "Victim Of Pain" (Agnostic Front), it was just a copy.
And I consider that record changed my life, it made me who I was if you're looking that way. So to get recognition by them it's like the all to me! Well travelling is the ultimate to me and making friends but that's the best compliment anyway to give us. I saw Matt Henderson from Agnostic Front who's for me the best hardcore guitarist ever in my opinion... And I saw him in L.A like a month ago and he came up to me and said "I heard your band and you guys are doing it right" that meant a lot to us.

We also heard about a DVD what will be on it ?
We're kinda doing it last minute. I hope it'll come out good. We're gonna film our show in London on this tour so that's gonna be one of the all things. We'll play 1 or 2 new songs at that show, it'll also has like interviews, stuff, and also hanging out behind the scene, and then I'll try to put the world out, Terror went to Brazil, Japan, Australia and New-Zealand... to me that's amazing, so I would like to get some footage from shows all over the world, because that's something I want to keep first. So stuff like that, basic DVD, crap...

Recently I bought the American version of the new Most Precious Blood record which also feature a Peta DVD. What can you say about this structure?
I don't really know that much about it. (Laugh)
That's kind of Carl's thing, but...

Yes he's on it!

Yes... I believe in animal right but I'm not like someone who should be a spokesman for them.
I think people should at least think not eating meat and you know weight their options. Obviously people should do what makes them happy, the choice is there, at least they should consider it.

Hardcore seems to be a sort of trend, a lot of bands try to " surf on the wave " and get reformed like Killing Time, Merauder, Subzero, All Out War, Trial...
Yeah everybody!

What do you think about all that?
Humm... in my opinion, when a band is over, it's over, because bands usually ends for a reason and a lot of bands that get back together embarrass themselves cause they can't capture the magic they had. I've seen bands get back together to play benefits and money to an important cause, I think that's cool. It really lame like just cause you're not in a band doesn't mean you cant support hc and go to shows. You know I see a lot of bands getting back together full of people. We travel a lot if Terror played a city 5 times the past year and we haven't seen these people at our shows, you know I'm not saying everyone should support my band. We come through cities with all kinds of different packages so if I don't see these people at the shows I don't know why they think they have the right to speak to hardcore kids. If you're not a hardcore kid, and it makes me sad that many hardcore kids are blinded by these people's past and glory and wanna hear them and see them. I would rather people support bands now and buy demos rather than worry about what it used to be. I would have to talk to these people and see why they're doing it. A lot is for lame reasons and it kinda pisses me off.

A lot of band are appreciated by their image. Terror seems to be the opposite of that. Obvously people like Terror for the music but also for the fact that the band don't have a particular image. You see what I mean? Only a pure hardcore band which get pleasure playing this music...
I think people appreciate Terror and I hope they do, because we are normal kids. If I'm home after a three month tour and there's a hardcore show going on I wanna be there, I don't have to make myself be there, I wanna be there cause I'm a hardcore kid. Cause it's the only place I ever felt really comfortable and wanted to be a part of it. So I think people should appreciate us because we're just hardcore kids, we don't have an image or an ego or an attitude. I get kinda bummed out because many bands get recognised by the way they look and in my opinion that really has no place in this scene, and to me that's going against what the scene means. So I hope people appreciate us by what you're saying, we don't have an image, we don't need an image we're just hardcore kids that really care and fight to keep the scene at least traditional hardcore and alive, not old school hardcore.

Which band would you advise us while being fans of Terror, Blacklisted, Donnybrook, 100 Demons... ?
There's a lot of bands out there like Hatebreed, Madball, that have done a lot for Terror and we really respect. But on newer bands, Will to live from Texas is a band people should check out. if you like bands like Warzone there's a band from Virginia called Iron Boots. Do you like Warzone?

Do you have already heard the band Iron Boots?

This band is fucking insane! They sound exactly like Warzone, that's crazy!
What bands? I think Death Before Dishonour is not that new but I think it's a really good band... and hum... I'm sorry I can't think of any right now. (Laugh)

Pivot's Questionnaire

Your favourite word? No

Least favourite word?
Dipset, it's a rap crew from Harlem and 2 people in my band all they do all day is listen to and think that it's an amazing thing and they're not! I'm so sick of hearing them! (Laugh)

What turns you on creatively?
Getting angry, something that just pissed me off... that makes me write lyrics, bad thing happened in the world and stuff like that.

And Spiritually?
I guess all the bad shit I've done in my life. One of the lyrical themes on this new record is kind of me thinking about all the bad shit I've been doing to myself and the people I should the best to and the worst to and try to find a way to rid myself of all the shit inside of me.

And Emotionally? Music and vicodin.

What turns you off? Cigarette smoke!

Your favourite curse word? "Fuck", I like' em all!

What sound do you love?
Our guitarist Franck would say a beer can open! (Laugh). I don't know! Pass!

And sounds you hate? Dipset! (Laugh)

Your favourite place on earth? Besides my couch, Australia!

And the most hated place? Our piece of shit red van.

The person who has influenced you the most? Amy Hong.

Who were your heroes? Sports people.

What profession would you like to do if you weren't doing this?
Dog Walker Oh! Back to sound I hate the most! My dog barking!! (Laugh)

And what profession would you not want to do?
Lifting heavy things, a weight lifter! Construction work and mean hard labour.

If heaven exists what would you want god to say to you at the pearly gates?
I would want him to tell me that "if you don't wise up in 2006 you are not getting in here" so you better thank yourself for a moment of clarity. Too bad I'm not gonna change myself, I'm going to hell ! (Laugh)

A big thanks to the Juz Molke Team and also to Scott for his time!

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