Suicidal Tendencies Interview
This interview was made in Lignon (Switzerland) November 13th as the band participated at the Resistance Tour. Tataye and I have met the Bass player Steve.

It's the first date of this tour, what's your feeling about it ?

I'm very happy, it's pretty cool up here, this area is very beautifull. We also have good weather, you know when we get out of the plane it was raining but now it's better.

After all those years, Suicidal has developed different kinds of music, punk, metal, what type are you gonna play tonight ?

A mixture of that. You lknow, speed and metal. We are gonna play most of the stuch you already heard because we are working on a new project right now. And when it comes out we will be playing some but not tonight.

Have you already recorded that album ?

Yes we did. It will probebly gonna be released early next year.

And about the new Infectious Groove ?

It's almost done now, not totally. It's close to being done, just after this tour we are going to go back in studio to finish it.

Is it difficult to play in two different bands with the same people ?

No it's pretty confortable, it's very easy you know. It's not too much of a big change.

Are you gonna make concerts with both bands ?

I don't know, it's possible, I'm not sure.

Will it be hard to play two sets in a raw ?

Not really. You know I've played music all my life. And it's not a big rhing musically. But I don't know, it depends on the feeling of the leed singer. But you know, it can be done, it's not a problem.

Mike Muir has been in the music world for so long, how is it to play with him ?

It's an honor, I appreciat it very much. It's like I never thougt I would be playing in Suicidal. I've known about him for a long time. It's really cool.

So how did you came to play with them ?

It's not too long of a story. My brother played drums with them before I came in. And some day they got issue with the other bass player whatever, so they were looking for a new bass player and my brother told them about me and says he plays bass like I play drums. So it's kind of like I got pushed in.

So you are from California right ?

Yeah !

What do you think about The Terminator being elected as Governor ?

(Really big lough!)

In France we find it really amazing that an actor became so important in politics, what's your feeling about it ?

It's different you know. Honestly I'm not a big political person as far as the logistic that is behind and everything that goes on. But it's been takin' many different ways, sometimes people see it as a joke, some people see it as it's a plus, but for me it's in between. Sure it's kind of funny to see that Termùinator is our Governor. But to me it's pretty cool cause what happen is that he will see the things on a regular level without looking evrything else and that's the problem with politicians. He will goes more like "This is the problem that's what needs to be fixed" that how I see him doing instead of going behind the seen and doing all you know. He will work with what needs to be fixed.

You are going to play in France really soon, have you ever played in France before?

I don't remember if I did. But I think not. But I'm looking forward to play there.

What do you think about coming to Europe, playing music ?

I think it's great because you guys, I think, appreciated music more than a lot of people in america do. Us is cool also but I love coming over here.

Interview Tataye & O.S.
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