Stigma Interview
This interview was made in Clisson, France, the 24th of June 2006.
Pierre & O.S have met Vinnie Stigma (Vocals/Guitar) & Mike Gallo (Bass).

So, you’re going to release an album called, “Stigma”. I’ve heard it’s almost done. Can you tell us about it?

Vinnie : Yes. We’re going to drop the record in a couple of weeks. It’ll be done about a month from now.

Mike : Yeah exactly, It’ll be ready in a month.

Vinnie : And it’s being mixed and mastered. Mike’s the bass player, he plays in the band. Me and Mike, it’s our band, you know. Jamey produced it, with Phil Govanno. It’s really something different, different than what I thought it was going to be. Its more rock ‘n’ roll, kinda.

Mike: It’s hard rock. Motörhead, like hard street, we got a country song on it, a couple of acoustic songs. It’s fun.

Vinnie : It’s different, but it’s good different.

Are you singing on it?

Vinnie : Singing and playing guitar.

Mike : A lot of anthems, a lot of singing along. Good straight up hard rock ‘n’ roll. Lot’s of different influences, punk and hardcore influences.

Vinnie : Good music. You’re gonna be surprised. You mark my words, you’re gonna be surprised.

Do you know if it’s going to be available in Europe?

Vinnie : I ain’t sure, I imagine.

Mike : We just don’t know who’s going to release it yet.

Are you going to tour?

Vinnie : Yeah, we’re going to do a tour sure. I might as well. I’ve gotta get the act together. I’m not gonna tour till I’m ready.

A tour with Roger and the Disasters maybe?

Vinnie : Yeah, we were thinking of that, why not. Maybe at the end we’ll do an Agnostic Front song.

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