Soulfly Interview
This interview was made in Clisson (France) the 23th of june 2006.
Manu and Benny have met Marc Rizzo, the guitar player.

So first, how is this new tour going on?
Great, the tour has been awesome, you know? We’ve been touring this record for a while now man, and it’s been great. Real good shows and everything, sold out concerts, and now all the festivals, so it’s been pretty unbelievable. It’s definitely been unbelievable.

And you were playing with KoRn...
Yeah we did a bunch of shows with KoRn at the beginning of the tour. That was a lot of fun. Those were some big shows that we did so that was definitely cool too.

And then Jonathan Davis had problems?
Yeah he got sick or something I heard. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I know he got ill and they cancelled a couple of the last shows.

They were supposed to play tonight
Oh yeah they were.

So you’re going to headline tonight?
I guess so right? Yeah we go on at 12:30 last, so it’s going to be a late show man.

So you get a chance to play longer?
Yeah, I guess so. I guess we’ll do a longer set than usual. Yeah it should be good right playing everything, which is always good.

Max has changed the lineup of the band many times before. You’ve recorded two records with him, Joe, and Bobby. Do you see any reason this time the band will stay together?
Yeah I don’t see why not? I think we all get along, and we all dig the music we’re playing, so I think it’ll stay.

Have you already worked on a new record?
No we haven’t started anything yet, but we’ll probably start at the end of this tour, start working on some new shit. We’ll see what happens.

With “Dark Ages” you personally bring a lot to the Soulfly sound. Does Max allow you place more place to write?
Yeah, definitely put a lot of input in on “Dark Ages,” and “Prophecy,” but probably “Dark Ages” even more. I’m a big fan of a lot of old Thrash Metal shit, you know what I mean? So I definitely think between myself and Joe, who’s a big fan of Thrash Metal, and Max we’re trying to push the direction of the record towards that.

After being in the band 3 years, what do you think of your career at this point?
Great, I’m happy, I love it, I’m having a good time between Soulfly and my solo stuff, I got a solo record out which is like Flamenco and Shred Metal together. I’m happy man, I love doing Soulfly and doing my solo stuff. It’s a great time for me.

I heard you play a few shows solo.
Yeah I do a lot of shows when I’m home, and even on tour I do a lot of in store appearances. I did one in Toulouse, France I think it was. I go to a music store and I played Flamenco guitar and the heavy stuff off my record. Shred instrumental stuff you know? Its fun, I love that stuff.

And how was the response from the people who went to see you?
It was great. I think people really dig it because you just hang out and it’s a full on shred thing. I just get up there and rip out man, so I think the kids have really been digging it. And I’ve been doing them a lot. I do them in America, out here in Europe, and then when I’m done with this tour I’m going home and doing a little week tour with Alex Skolnick’s new band and Dave Ellefson from Megadeth’s new band, and going out and doing a tour with my band. When I’m not on tour with Soulfly then I do my solo stuff.

You’re always on the road...
Yeah I’m always on tour. It’s never ending. I’m always playing, everyday. That’s my goal, to do a show every day.

I wrote a review of your record on our website, and for me it could be a good Motion Picture Soundtrack for a movie like “City of God.”
Yeah I would love to do stuff like that one day, score movies and stuff. It definitely could because it’s instrumental you know what I’m saying? So it definitely could have that potential of being in movies because it’s all instrumental music. Hopefully in the future I’ll do that. I’d definitely be interested.

When you’re playing your Flamenco stuff it makes me think about the influence of people like John McLaughlin or Paco de Lucia. Were they an influence?
Very big influence. Especially Paco de Lucia, I’m a huge Paco fan, and I like John McLaughlin, I like all that stuff. At the end of the day my favorite type of music is instrumental guitar. I like to hear virtuosos play guitar. My favorite style of music is that, I love it.

Are you going to promote your solo record on tour in France & in Europe?
Yeah, basically when I’m doing those in store appearances I’m promoting my record, and when I go out and do my own tours. I try to promote both Soulfly and my stuff.
I’m working on that man. Soon, very soon I’ll be touring in Europe, and especially France. I’m talking to some booking agents now and getting ready to do that. In the future I definitely want to come out here and tour Europe. I think the kids out here especially would really like it a lot.

So what are your plans in the future with Soulfly and your own band?
Soulfly, we’re going to finish up this festival and then we head home in about a week and a half. And then we’re home for a week, and during that week I’m doing a little tour for my solo stuff. And then we come back over here. One week we’re back here in Europe for 3 more weeks doing all the other festivals that we’re going to do. And then after that I think we’re going to do a U.S. tour. Whenever I’m not touring with Soulfly I’ll be doing my stuff. I’m always busy.

So you’re not going to be in the studio again for a long time?
I’m going to be starting a new solo record. In October I’m going into the studio. By that time we’ll be taking a break from Soulfly for the Holidays, so October I plan on getting back into the studio and doing a second record. And my next record is going to be cool I’m going to have some vocals on it to. I’m really excited about it.

From what you say it doesn’t seem difficult to combine Soulfly and your solo career...
It’s easy. It’s kind of 2 different types of music.
On tour you’ve got a lot of time to write. Like I said when I do those in store clinics and stuff, that’s in the afternoon. I’ll usually do that at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon and play for the people that come to the show. Then at night I play with Soulfly. So it works out good. I got the whole afternoon free so I’ll do a show by myself and then go do a show at night with Soulfly. It’s awesome, 2 shows in one day.

Do you have something to say to your French fans?
Thanks for coming out to all the shows and picking up both records mine, and Soulfly. The shows are always great here in France. I love coming to France for the shows and the food, I like the food a lot. It’s always fun to come here to France. It’s definitely a good time.

Bernard Pivot Survey with Marc Rizzo :

What is you favorite word? Guitar
You’re least favorite word? Planes, I don’t like planes. I don’t like flying.
What turns you on creatively? Good music.
Spiritually? Good music.
Emotionally? Good music
What turns you off? Bad music
What is your favorite curse word? I guess “fuck”.
What is the sound you love? Flamenco guitar
The sound you hate? Out of tune guitar.
What is your favorite place on Earth? Where I live. I like the New York, New Jersey area where I live. That’s my favorite.
And the place you hate? I like everywhere.
I don’t really hate anywhere too much. I like traveling.
Which person’s influenced you the most during your life?
Probably Yngwie Malmsteen. I’m a big fan.
Who were your hero’s when you were a kid? Yngwie Malmsteen, Slayer, Metallica, Paco de Lucia. All of my favorite guitar players, I can go forever.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I don’t know? I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than play guitar. I love playing music, so that’s about it.
And the one you wouldn’t like to do? Probably all my old jobs that I use to do before getting a record deal. I use to drive a truck; I use to work for a construction company. All that stuff. I wouldn’t want to go back there again.
If Heaven exists what would you like God to say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates? I don’t know there’s got to be guitars there. Music I hope so. Hopefully he introduces me to a guitar store where I can just pick up any guitar I want and get it for free. It’s Heaven right?

Interview Manu & Benny
Translation Johnny A. de Anda/Manu


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