Sick Of It All Interview 2004
This interview was made in Lyon 11-07-04 as the band are in Resistance Tour. Pierre and OS have met Armand and Craig (Drummer and Bass Player).
About this Resistance Tour, how were the first dates ?

A: First dates has been great. We played in Geneva and I think it was the biggest croud we ever played there, something like 1 000 people. And last night in spain there were almost 1200 people. So those two shows have really been good so far.
So far so good.

You were Friday in Geneva, Saturday in Spain and now Thursday in france. Isn't to long to drive such distances in so little time ?

A: Oh yes ! But at least for now on, the drives are gonna be way shorter. These first drives have been crazy. We get to the clubs so late, today we were lucky to make one song for the sound-check, because on the other dates, there were no time to do anything. So everything gonna be shorter, so the days are gonna be more confortable.

How's the relation ship with the other band ?

C: Cool !Everybody is cool ! 7 Seconds, they're all friend of mine for 20 years ago, so. We share the bus with them, cause everybody knows each other. It's great.

Can you tell us a little bit about your last album "Outakes for Outcast" ?

A: It's a compilation of songs that were recorded for either tribute album or other compilations. We just figured we put all of them on one disc so that our fans don't have to go and look for some records that for some are really difficult to get,
they're all here including an old remix by House of Pain.

How did you meet House of Pain ?

A: It was all through Tobby. Tobby from H2O used to be our roady. Somehow he met those guys and he stayed in touch with them and bugged the hell out of them for month and month. He called them all the time. But they actually came to like him. And Tobby got them involved with sick of It All. That's how we hoocked up with those guys. But even going back, they made a video for "Shamrocks and Shenanigans", we were all there for that video shoot, we didn't come out on the video but around that time we were hanging out with them a lot. And on one of there tour they used "Just Look Around" for there intro. And also we did a tour with Limp Bizkit during a Warped Tour which was there first tour ever, so we knew DJ Leathel at that time.

How do you explain the longevity of Sick Of It All ?

C: Never try to fit whatever is going on. We never try to follow the trend, we just did our own thing. It kind of made us people like us. Maybe not everybody. The stupid people don't like us (big lough) but the people that actually appreciate this type of music stuck with us.
A: As long as you don't try to jump on the trends, I think that people recognize that about us. We never were a trend jumper, therefore we actually mean what we say and we actually are who we are on stage. It's not like some built up image or any kind of bullshit. It's the real thing. It's not like we have explosion on stage or wear make-up or anything like that, we're not rockstars, there's no reason for that.
And I think that's why people appreciate what we do.

That makes your fans very loyal ?

A: I think that, I think we earned their respect.
C: The respect of the common man we earned.

You've been travelling all around the world. How has the hardcore seen evolved in all the country that you've visited ?

C: It evolves for a while in certain spotes, and then it falls appart in some place else. It's sort of evolution. It moves depending of what's going on where. In America it comes good and bad, in Europe, it comes good not better, in Japan it goes hugh then it dissapears.
A: Usaually the best time to play in certain type of country, is when people are just getting into it. And all they are taking from is the positive. Once it kind of establishes itself, all the sudden there's all this different clicks and people start fighting each other. People think they're cooler than other people. And the whole hardcore scene falls appart. And you have to wait for a few years to built back up again.
C: Once you get a taste of humanity, all the things that happens in the real world,
it turns down, people are actually shit, so it turns to shit. People don't understand. People are assholes you know. Human race are animals. (Craig start acting like
the Godfather)

What's your feeling about the presidential elections ?

C: Georges Bush is a horrible personn. American politics are a joke. And America
is a sad place that is gonna go down.

A: The problem is that the republicans control the media. And the american people for some reason look at Georges Bush and see a figure of strengh. They see a man of God. These are two things that I do not see when I look at him. I see a week mind of fool, who calls himself a christian but has no problem killing people. He's hypocrit.

C: He says he's a brave and strong men but when there was a war in Vietnam,
I don't think war is good but, if he's such a tough guy how come that his father got him out of military service ? And he's supposed to be tough, but he's really week. He's a drug addict, but somehow the republicans own the media. In 1984 Ronald Regan did away with something that made it illegal to own multiple media outlets.
In America you weren't allowed to own a bunch of tv and radio station, because it was illegal to monopolize free speech, free representation of the news. Ronald Reagan got rid of that so now the republican can buy up all the media outlet.
So you don't see true news, you see political news from the wright wing.
So now people are brain-washed because they watch tv, Fox news, Channel 1,
Time Warner own Channel 1 which is New york news. The CEO used to be Collin Powel. His son runes the FCC Federal Communication Central. So it's all inhouse for the republicans. They trick you and it's really like it's a dictatorship, except
it's a dictatorship with a smile.

A: I think that the reason why the election went to Bush is because of the christian wright. The wright wong conservative christian element of the us population that's what gave him the edge in the poles. Because it wasn't by that big of a marging.
It was about a 3 or 4 million vote marging. I think that if the christians hadn't just immediately backed Bush just because they think that for some reason he holds higher morals. That's how he won the election, by having that conservative christian wright on his side. In all the more educated, the enlightened parts of the country, like the north-est, and the biggest city in california, all the major cities, they all voted democrate. They voted for Kerry. That tells you that the more educated people, that don't look religion or anything like that to play in how their country politics should run, those are the people who voted democrate. There was a hugh chunk of the country that wanted to see Bush out. America is very devided.
The people that don't like Bush, they hate Bush, they're willing to put anybody else
but him.

C: And the people who like Bush are blind. They're folls who have been tricked.
But they don't know that. They don't know anything about the politics behind him.
A: oh no, they do know but all they are doing by backing Bush is supporting the idea of the rich getting richer. That's basically what Bush is all about. The rich getting richer. And all these people that don't earn enough money to feed their family think they should vote Bush because Saddam Hussein was team doubled Al-Qaida and was gonna bomb us. They really thought that.

C: That's what people think in america, stupid people.
A: So many people actually thought that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaida were one thing.

C: People in america hate the french that's a big thing. They don't even call it french-fries anymore, they call it freedom-fries. People hate the french because you guys didn't wanted to back america in a war that was about money. That was about stealing oil because all Bush people are in the oil industrie. It was for those guy to get rich, we know that. But people in America are like "fuck da french", what are they fuckin' retard ? You guys didn't want to back something that's a lie.

A: You know what it is, a lot of americans don't ever think about the world politics outside of their own living-room. They don't think about the world, they don't think about how small the world is now. The world is so small now, but the people in america think there's just all about america. And that's the problem.

C: You know what, you say "oh things are great over in Europe" and in america they all day no, america is the best, there's no place better than in america. But they've only been in america, they haven't been anywhere. They don't know about the fuckin' world. They will tell you that only america has freedom. That's a lie.
I come here and there's freedom, you can do what you want here. You can do what you want all over Europe. But they pretend like Europe is lock-down. But it's not. But in america that's what they tell you. That's what people that have never left america think.

Most of the people in America don't travel outside their own country right ?

C: That's right, they think that america has great freedom, but they don't know it.

A: And even if some of them do travel, most of the time they will stay in Holliday Ins, in Hiltons, you know they are not gonna want to leave that american environnement that exist in all those tourist destinations. They are not gonna go
to some local french hotel to really experience french culture. They are gonna be in places where they can turn on CNN, they site in their little american hotel room and maybe go outside and see the Eiffel Tower or something like that. You know what
I mean, they don't really leave american culture ever, even when they travel.

C: In america they say you are anti-american, you're a communist or whatever, they make up some bullshit words meanwhile it's somebody that has never left the state of texas or someone that has never been outside the state of louisiana or whatever, would tell me that. I've been all over the world a hundred million times, I see the way people are. I know that, but they're the one that are settings the rules. There's a
lot of bullshit.

People where very devided between Bush and Kerry, do you think that now the elections are over, they're gonna be able to reunite together again ?

C: I think with the amont of time that goes by, the tv, every day are brainwashing people. So they're gonna further away from fighting against it. They're just getting pulled in.

A: You know what it is. There's a hugh sence of dissapointment right now. All the people who voted Kerry or anybody but Bush, cause you know, that was the attitude : anybody but Bush, evrybody is dissapointed and not only with the next 4 years but also in there fellow americans. They're thinking this is the country that I live in, this is the country that I represent and this is the man who's the figurehead of this country for another 4 years, and even after what would happen. So there's a hugh sence of dissapointment for half of the country.

C: And whith the patriot act what ultimatly is that if you go against the republican way, it's not like you believe in this version of america, it is that you're a potential terrorist, you're subversive to the government. They can use it against the people that think like that. And ultimatly it leads to full control. You can't even raly against what's they're doing, because then they can investigate you and you could be pull underneath like you're a terrorist. That's what the patriot act is, to stop people from rising up when they do things that are so fucked up that people wanna riot in the streets. They will say that it is civilian uprising by some radical groups, but it's just some people that don't wanna see their country go bomb other country so that a
few people in texas can make tons of money. It's a skamp to keep freedom down.
Patriot act is to stop american freedom. It turns america into a dictatorship
whithout ever really saying it's a dictatorship.

A: But they just said "new World Order" which is pretty scary.

C: New world order is gonna be a lock-down dictatorship.

Your lyrics have always been influenced by what happens in the world. Will your next album deal with this situation ?

A: We can't really say because we haven't started the writing yet. But I think it will be a little bit. I already have a couple of ideas. I guess I'll be touching on that quite
a bit. We'll see.

Do you have anything to say to the young kids especially here in Europe ?

A: Appreciate those who are true. Look pass the image of bands. Look at who they really are. Try to see what's good and what's bad about every band, because the major labels are showing a fake image. And another thing is that the major labels are trying to ruin the underground scene. Don't let it happened.

C: Don't try to prove anything. Don't try to be a tough guy, because if you're
a tough guy that means you're really weak.


Only Craig answered those questions, Armand was whatching him loughing the whole time.

What's your favorite word ? Why
What's your least favorite word ? No
What turns you one, creativelly, spiritually and emotionally ? Small blond girls
very beautifull and well fed.
What turns you off ? European bus drivers that smells like cigarettes and wear really short shorts.
What's your favorite curse word ? Fuck your mother.
What sound or noise do you love ? A snear drum really loud all the time so that
my head just rings constantly.
What sound or noise do you hate ? Snoaring.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt ?
Professionnel boxer.
What profession other than your own would you not like to attempt ?
Professionnel boxer !
If heaven exist what would you like God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates ? We got a beautifull short blond girl that's well fed waiting for you on
the other side. And nobody snoars up here.

Interview Tataye and O.S.
Translation Tataye

Copyright Hammerock - Spiritribe 1999