Sick Of It All
Interview 2005
This blindtest - interview was made at La Mans the 24th of june 2005.
Manu and Benny met Lou the singer.

Band:Between Earth & Sky
Song: Between Earth & Sky
Record: à venir...

Sounds good but I don't know what it is.
It is Between Earth and Sky, it is a new band, by Greg Bennick of Trial.
Sounds really good.

Do you know Trial?

They are doing 2 more shows in Denver and Budapest. They split 6 years ago, but they're doing 2 more shows to close the Trial period. This is a new band by the singer.

Sounds good, very straight up hardcore.

What is your opinion of Trial?
I like Trial a lot.

Band: House of Pain
Song: I'm A Swing
Record: Same As It Ever Was

Ha, this is House of Pain right? What record?
'Same as it Ever Was', the song is, 'I am a swing'.

Do you like hip hop?

I used to listen to hip hop a lot but the new stuff is total bullshit, the new stuff is all about making money and being rich. Some people tried to keep it pure, to make it revolutionary but once money gets talked about everything changes. There's still some good stuff Common's record is really good, the Kony West record is really good. But I don't buy any of the shit. I just listen to it on the radio.

You did a cover on "Outtakes for the outcast"...
Yeah that's an old remix that was done in 1993 with House of Pain for free.

How did you meet?
We just met in New York, we were at one of their shows and they asked to meet us, we went back there talked and hanged out.

Band:The Wages Of Sin
Song: First Born Against
Record: The Product of Deceit and Loneliness

Who's this?
The Wage of Sin, all girl band.
Oh yeah I know them, I've seen them, they have 2 records out. Now I recognise the voice, its good straight metal.

Are they popular?
I think they did their final show ever a few weeks ago. They just quit. They had fun, they came to Europe, they toured the States but I think they broke up now.

Band: Machine Head
Song: Hard Times (Cro-Mags Cover)
Record: Old E.P

Who's this?
It's a cover…
I know this "Hard Times" What band is it? Machine Head?

Yeah It's Machine Head.
Robb's really cool, he's a good guy. He always loved hardcore, but he never felt he had to become hardcore, he played what he loved which is metal…I have a lot of respect for that, its great.

Do you remember playing this song with them in 1995 in Belgium?
Yeah in Grasspop, or Metal Meeting? I don't remember.
It was fun, I always get scared when people ask me to do that cause I might fuck up the words. (Laugh)

Band: Body Count
Song: Freedom Of Speech
Record: Body Count

Ice T.
Not exactly, it is a mix with the spoken words bye Jello Biafra after Bodycount and a sample of Jimi Hendrix, Foxy Lady.

Band: Biohazard
Song: Kings Never Die
Record: Means To An End

Is this new Biohazard? Who else would say 'take it by the balls?' This is a new song right?

Yes, the song is "Kings never die" from the new album, have you heard it?
I heard this online a few weeks ago, but I don't know what the record is like.
They said it is their last album, they're probably going to split. They announced this a few months ago.
I know Danny and some of the other guys that work with John Joseph from the Cro-Mags. They put the band together and I heard some of those songs, fucking great, good shit.

Have you toured with Biohazard?
In 1993, that's it, long time ago.

Band: The Hives
Song: Hate To Say I Told You So
Record: Your New Favorite Band

Oh no…the Hives.

What do u think about the new rock 'n' roll?

I think its silly that they say bands like The Hives, The Strokes are the saviors of rock 'n' roll. You have Social Distortion they are the kings of rock 'n' roll, fuck The Hives, fuck The Strokes. Social Distortion, their last record "Sex, love and rock 'n' roll" is great…more emotion than any emo band, more punk than punk band and more rock 'n' roll than any of these bands. I mean this stuff's good but you cant compare it to Social Distortion, its from the heart…this is just a poppy tune.

Band: Ignite
Song: Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 Cover)
Record: Resistance Tour DVD II

Seven seconds…oh no...Ignite! I heard they're touring right Germany? They should put a new fucking record…its been too many years since their last record.

Have you toured with them?
Oh yeah! We took them on tour in the States a few years ago on the East coast it was a lot of fun.

This cover is taken from the Resistance Tour DVD of the last 2 years. And what do you think of the song Sunday Bloody Sunday, with such a strong message. Would you like to write something like this with such an impact?
We do write a lot of political songs but people just don't understand them cause we scream. Its cool because the way U2 did it is very commercial and people listen to it and realize what they sing about. In our background we write political songs but since we're so angry we scream so people shy away from it.

Many songs talk about politics on "Life On The Rope"...
Yeah definitely, it has to do with growing up in America, living in America right now, if you say the wrong thing suddenly you're not American, you're the enemy. America was founded on free speech, we can say what the fuck we want. Even Benjamin Franklin and all these other American leaders used to say: "always question your government don't ever accept anything we tell you." But now if you listen to what they say…you're against America.

Band: Pantera
Song: Mouth For War
Record: Vulgar Display of Power

Easy… Pantera.

Your feelings about Dimebag?
When he got shot? It was weird cause we were gonna play that club 2 weeks later with Hatebreed. Hatebreed were more friends with them. I knew Pantera from back when Cowboys From Hell came out. I was friends with Phil back then and he came down and listened to our recording of "We Stand Alone". Then in the next record he has the lyric 'we stand alone', so I used to give him shit about ripping me off. But I never got close to the other guys like Darrell. After a while Pantera got huge and I never spoke to Phil anymore. But when he [Dimebag] was shot it was really fucked up, the guy got into the club and shot him, the guy was crazy. I met his wife when we played Texas, a few weeks after he got shot...I met his wife and his brother and a few people.

Band: Ministry
Song: Just One Fix
Record: Ministry Keianh

Oh yeah. This is Ministry.

Its an old song "Just one fix". Are you influenced at all by the industrial scene?

Not really, I mean I liked it, I was never really into it. I'd go, I've seen Ministry, Skinny Puppy, I've seen them all but I never owned the records and never got into it. My roommate was always into it so I always heard it. Good stuff, walls of noise…I never understood Skinny Puppy though…everyone loved em.

Band: Merauder
Song: Life Is Pain
Record: Masterkiller

What's this?

I recognise it but couldn't remember what it is. What album is it?

I haven't listened to Masterkiller in years, I know this song! What do you think of Merauder coming back? Is it good is it bad? There's so many reunions now in America. Killing Time, Bold is reunited their gonna be a band again for good. What do you guys think of all that shit? I don't like it. Killing Time, we grew together we were best friends for years, I don't wanna see killing time as fat old men cause that's what they are now fat old men that's not good. Bold…they were little kids who didn't do drugs. I know the singer now he's a drunk a drug addict, fucking high all the time. How can you go and be Bold again if you're high all the time? That's not right, that's bullshit. You're just using the name to sell to the kids that come and see you. Its sad. They should use a different name and say formerly Bold cause we do drugs now…that's what they should say.

Band: Slayer
Song: Sick Boy (G.B.H Cover)
Record: Undisputed Attitude

Sounds like Motörhead. Its Sickboy I know that. Is it GBH?
It's a cover.

Who's doin' it?

This is Slayer? Its slayer? Oh that's right they did that album with all the covers, I didn't recognize Tom's voice. I knew it was GBH but I thought, that's not GBH singing this. Its good.

Band: Jan Garbarek
Song: Ramy
Record: Madar

Don't know it.
This is Jan Garbarec a jazz player touring all over the world and playing with musicians from other countries like India, Morocco... He goes to these countries, meets musicians and they make records together.
Its cool!

Its traditional and jazz and music. Do you listen to jazz?
Not really, I mean I will listen to it on the radio. But I will listen to more rock music, punk, hardcore. There's so many different aspects of punk and hardcore, so one day I can be listening to Madball in the CD and then Bouncing Souls, and then 100 Demons, it switches you know. It depends on what mood I'm in. I'll be listening to bands like Face To Face, old melodic bands like that.

What are the 5 CDs that you are listening to right now?
Oh that's a hard one man. I can't even think right now. I get stumped on these questions. Social Distortion: 'Sex Love and Rock 'n' Roll', What others??? Em trying to think to what I was listening before I left for the tour. Social Distortion is the last I remember listening to. Also the last Bouncing Souls record, "Anchors Away" I think it was called. I'm waiting for the new Madball to come out. " Outlaw Anthems" by Blood for Blood. That was one of the last things I listened to and Mabdall: Hold It Down, and I'm waiting for new records.

Have you heard any new songs by Madball?
No I haven't heard anything, they re-did "For My Enemies" from the EP…they redid that but it sounded exactly the same.

I did hear two new songs and they sounded very very Madball.
Madball is my favorite hardcore band.

I asked Pete this question when I was in London: "Is it hard to live 24 hours a day with his brother?"
No not at all, I mean we all live together 24 hours a day. Then when we go off tour we don't speak to each other until its time to rehearse...unless there's a show or something to go together and hang out. But I don't wanna see Craig or Amand for a couple of months after being locked in a bus together for 6 months, you know.

Pivot's Questionnary :

What's your favorite word?

Least favourite word?
I don't care. Nothing comes to mind.

What turns you on creatively?
Good bands, good shows and tours. Stuff like that. If I see a good band in New York and its fucking amazing and I'm getting excited then the next day we'll go into the studio and start writing and rehearse.

What turns you on spiritually?
Pleasant things about life. Hanging out on the bus, being idiots, joking around knowing that life is good, things are great.

What turns you on emotionally?
Just things like family.

What turns you off?
Stupidity, annoying people.

You favourite bad word?

Fuck, I say it all the time.

What sound do you love?
The sound of an air conditioner kicking on at summertime. Tattoo guns sometimes they calm me and remind me of being a teenager going to a tattoo parlor watching each other get tattooed.

What sound do you hate?
Squeaking breaks on trucks and trains.

What's you favourite place on earth?
My backyard back home. I got a nice little garden. I released a thousand ladybugs in there. I wanna get a praying mantis next, you know the bug? They're vicious, I love them. I want bugs in my garden to eat the other bugs.

You still live in New York?
I actually moved to New Jersey, its quicker to get to the city than when I lived in Queens. Its like the Queens of New Jersey where I moved.

What place do you hate?


You're scared of airplanes?
I hate flying but I hate airport cause its always hurry up and wait, you wait in line to get your ticket and then they go through your baggage and all that shit, its always a pain in the ass.

Which person influenced you when you were a kid?
Probably my parents mostly. Then like Spiderman shit like that. I tried to climb walls fell down stairs trying to be Spiderman.

Was Spiderman your hero?
When I was a kid I liked Spiderman and Wolfman, I wanted to be Wolfman. I wanted to be bitten by a wolf and turn into one. I thought it would be cool to be turned into half wolf and kill people!

What other profession would you do?
I wish I could be a professional wrestler. Haha. But I'm not built for it.

What other profession would you not do?
Any 9-5 job in an office, I did that for while and hated it.

Do you work now, aside from Sick of it All?

Not now, some of the guys like Craig does boxing and trains people to box and all that. I just hang out and try to take care of my family life, trying to figure out what I wanna do. I still don't know.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
I'm going to the other place? I don't know? I'd be cool to say yeah you're in, instead of saying 'oh no you're going to the other place'.

Thanks Lou for this time spent with you.
Thanks to you, you made me listened to really good sound.

We would like to thanks Nanette (Fat), Lou & Sick Of It All for this interview.

Interview Benny, Manu, Ludo, Laureline & O.S.
Translation Kostas

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