Interview Senses Fail
This interview was made the 8th of February 2005, Mike Gilitia the bassist player has answer to our questions.

A few person knows your band in France, even in Europe, can you explain us
who is Senses Fail and what is your story and your music ?

Senses Fail is a 5 piece band that has been together for a bit over 3 years. We're probably a combination of a little bit of hardcore..whatever you wanna call it.

You are going to be on tour on " the taste of chaos " all over the USA with really experienced bands such as Killswith engage, The Used and My Chemical Romance... What are your feelings about this tour ?

It's awesome. There are a bunch of bands that we're friends with on the tour. My Chemical Romance and the Used both started around the same time as us and it's cool to see the bands grow. My Chem and us played our first club shows together too. It's just gonna be great.

What do you think about "emo hard core" bands such as 36 Crazyfist, Glassjaw, Thursday or The used ? Do you think you are part of this scene ?

I think most people have classifications for genres..or else it'd be hard for people to identify what a band sounds like. Although i guess those bands are all closer to the same get all kinds of bands being called emo which really doesn't define a line.....but i guess it defines the scene that we're all from. I think we're along the same lines as those bands...could be classified as the same genre.

Can you tell us which bands in your youthness gave you the desire to make this music ?

I guess i'd have to say Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Metallica, Pantera, and Green Day all played pretty big roles in wanting to play music.

If your dreams could become reality, with which bands would you like to tour ?

Jimmy Eat World and Green Day would be amazing.

In your biography, you seems very concerned by Daoism philosophy or Boudism, does it influence your music or lyrics ?

It definitely influenced a lot of our lyrics on Let it Enfold you...Buddy was really into that stuff at the time.

Have you got any idea about what would look like your next record ?

We've been writing a lot of songs lately..and it's starting to come together a bit........i think it may be a bit more epic sounding.

Can you tell us more about Steve Evetts who has already work with Sepultura, Snapcase or Hatebreed ? Was it easy to work with him ? Are you satisfied by
this experience ?

Steve is great. We couldn't have been happier to work with him since he did all of our favorite bands we looked up to. He sets a great mood for recording.

The world of rock and metal music is sad since Dimebag Darrel's death in December, do you feel concerned by this sad new ? Are you scarred by the fact that someone can climb on stage and kill a musican for the "love" of music ?

I'm not too worried for other bands......and yes it sux that he was killed because he's one of the most innovative metal guitar players i think i've ever seen. He had something different about his writing. I think there are crazy people everywhere in this was unfortunate that it happened..but it's a freak accident like anything else.

What's your feeling about the presidential elections ? What do you think about Bush's politics inside and outside the US ?

No matter who is the president...i won't like's plain and simple. They're all politicians..they all want money power and all lie to make the country feel better. Until everyone in this world can understand that everyone has different beliefs and can accept people for the way they are...war will never end and that's sad.

What are your projects after "the taste of chaos" tour ? Will you come to Europe and France ?

I believe we're looking into coming back over there....we're gonna shoot for Warped Tour as well.

Any message for your french fans ?

Thanks for hanging in there...we'll be back soon!

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