Pennywise Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Laureline has met Jim le chanteur.

What can you tell me about this new tour ?
We started in Berlin and a couple place in Germany, a festival near Paris last night, Furia, and we went yesterday in London, it was cool.

You play tonight here at the Fury Fest, how does it feel to play with HxC and metal band? Do you think that the contact with the audience will be different ?
I think it's both aggressive and energic music you know, whatever it's punk rock, hardcore or metal, I think people are here to listen to fast and loud music in a such festival.

What can you tell me about your new album ?
We don't have some different songs, we just try to keep our style, similar of just what it is, fast and loud, we probably try to make some other things for this album about what's going on in the world, it's a really typical Pennywise album.

From which of your album "The Fuse" is more close?
I think it's more similar to an album like "Full Circle", it's a pretty fast album even if there's some slow it.

Will you play some new songs tonight ?
Yeah, we probably play a song called "The Competition Song" it's about how the different cultures of the world are link together, this is a very good song from the new album, a very typical one.

And some all songs?
We'll play a lot lot of old songs, a lot of new songs, we try to mix a lot in our live sets and give what the audience wants to ear.

You are one of the most listenned punk band, after more than a decade of being Pennywise what is your view of being in it and of punk rock in general ?
Well I think there's so much different kind of punk, there's the 70s, the 80s and the 90s kind, I think we're more close from skate punk genre and we're just trying to get along
the punk rock scene. We really love to play and I think we will continue play the more we can !

What can you tell me about your political implication of being in a punk band ?
You know, we are very against of what it's going on in our country, the Bush administration is very terrible for America and for the world so we try to tell everyone our opinion through our music, the way we see the world.

And a musical sens for Punk Rock ?
Hum well, musically there a lot of different kind, there's old school punk rock, new schoold punk rock, I think we're both in the middle, we just play the music we think it's important, the best music we're able to play and our fans want to listen to !

Do you still continue to make benefit show for the Surf Rider Foundation ?
Yes ! They're doing a lot of work for proctecting our ocean, and I'm really invold in it, and sometimes we play with some other band for benefits concerts to raise money for SRF. I think it's important to find a cause that you feel strong about it, and I feel it because I am a surfer.

And do you give them some money through the CD you sell ?
We did on some record but with this album which is very cheap we don't. But everytime, for each album we try something different.

What do you think about downloading music ?
Oh ! I think to fine in one sens that to promote your band etc, but in another sens it's bad for the band, you know it's like you worked all the sunday to earn enough money and you get nothing ! But in the same time, people can pick music for free so it's not surprising that it's happening.

Are you hurt by it ?
Financially like all the band but we're never play for the money so it's just harder now to have enough money to go on tour and do the things we like, we probably have to find real job (laugh) !!

Do you earn enough money to live with Pennywise?
Yeah, not since a long time but now we do !!

You said that you are against the Bush policy, so how did you react when he was reelected ?
I was very surprised and very sad and very angry, the last time they didn't count the correct vote and I think they did the same thing this time, and I think in our country there's a lot of people who don't like the Bush administration but it's crazy that he's been reelected !

And will you write some songs about it ?
I think all our music is inspired by all politics, in our new album there's two songs which are about what's going on, it's natural to includ politcs in our music, this is Pennywise !

What is your favorite Pennywise songs ?
Right now it's a song which is in our new album, it's a song called "The Competiton Song" just because it's a song about our culture, about what's going on in our country, there's a really good message and it's very fast.

With whom would you like to play, dead or alive band ?
I'd really like to play with Black Flag, they are one of my favorite band since a long time, and the Beach Boys (laugh).

Would you like to say something to the young generation?
Never give up, I think you're gonna stay true to your belief and try to make everything that it's possible !


What is your favorite word ? Fuck
What is your least favorite word ? Tour bus
What is your favorite curse word ? Fuck
What turns you on creatively ? oh that's a good one fast music !
Spiritually ? My family
Emotionnaly ? My wife and kids
What turns you off? George W. Bush
What is you favorite place on earth ? in my backyard
What is the one you hate? Tour bus
What sound do you love? Distorted guitar
And the one you hate? Hum Pop music
Who were your heroes when you were a kid ? probably surfers like Mike Richards and musicians like the guys of Black Flag.
Who influenced you the most during your life ? An American surfer Ralph Immerson.
What profession other that your own would you like to attempt ? I'd like to be a rider some day !
And the one you wouldn't like to do ? tour bus driver !
If heaven exist, what would you like hear from God when you arrive at the pearly gate? You made it !

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