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This interview was made the 7th of November 2008.
Laureline has ask some questions to Russ (singer).

So thank you to answer those questions! The last one we had was in 2005 during the Resistance Tour 2005 with Only Crime! Since then, a lot of things happened during your "music" life: the last album of Good Riddance, the break up of it, the new album of Only Crime … Can you tell me more about all of it?

Good Riddance decided to begin work on a new album and, when the songwriting started looking good, we began to get excited about the prospects for the band again. However, once the album was released and we played some shows it was clear that our fan base and impact had eroded to the point that we decided it was a better decision to end the band. I still really like "My Republic" which ended up being our last studio album and our final 3 shows were an amazing time as well.
Only Crime recorded "Virulence" in late summer 2006 and it was released in February 2007. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we have been able to do several tours on it.

You're going to tour in Europe with No Use For A Name (I'll be here in Geneva!), are happy to do it? Can you tell me more about it?

We are VERY excited to have the opportunity to be back in Europe playing shows and we are excited to go with NUFAN since I have known those guys since they took my old band to Europe for our first time in 1995.

What can you tell me about your solo project?

I am slowly putting together demos of original songs which I will then send to several labels and we will see what happens. Right now I have a song on Anchorless Records' "All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash" and will have a song on a Swingin Utters tribute CD.

How was the last show of Good Riddance? What can you tell me about this band, some funny stories, the changes that this band did in your life?

The last show was incredible - a really memorable night for everyone. That band was a huge part of my life and I learned alot during the years we were together touring.

What was the best thing or moment with Good Riddance?

I think that final show in Santa Cruz would have to be up there.

And the worst?

Hahah - no comment.

I know that you are a member of the green party in the USA, how do you think the new president will take the consideration of it? Which change do you expect? (This question was made before the result of the election, answer like you don't know the result! )

Until we have a free press and can have a genuine process of democratic debates and real discussions on the issues between ALL of the parties who are on our ballots I will continue to consider our election process a sham and a lie.

Now, we know that is Barack Obama who's been elected, I know that you're glad that it's him and not Mac Cain, but what are you really waiting from him?

I recently read Barack Obama's book "The Audacity Of Hope" and I was impressed with his vision. I also believe he has a deep dedication to the people of this country and a desire to attempt to restore America's tarnished standing in the world. That being said I didn't vote for him and I don't believe the Democratic Party represents me or my values.

Do you consider its election as a big step for equality?

It's a good step.

What do you think you would do if it was Mac Cain / Palin ?

Nothing different. We get what we deserve without a free press and open elections.

What is the result of the green party? Are more people aware of its existence?

I hope so. We had several victories in cities (school board, supervisors) and a couple of State senators.

You are a good activist for the animal's protection and there are more and more people who become vegetarian or vegan. Can you tell me how you became vegan and why?

I became vegan by first being vegetarian and I became vegetarian because of going to see hardcore bands and listening to bands like Youth Of Today and the Cro Mags singing about animal rights.

In which country did you had the best experience of vegan food?

America or Canada.

And the worst?

Japan! haha there seems to be fish in EVERYTHING!

What's your favorite recipe?

Don't have one - I can't cook very well.

A word to finish?

Thanks to you and to all the people who have supported me in the past and continue to do so!

Thank you for answering my question, see you in Geneva !

Interview Laureline

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