No Use For A Name Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 22d of October as the band were in Europe Tour 2003. Tataye and I have met the guitarist Dave.

Can you talk about this new tour ?
You were in Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, how was it going so far ?

The tour has been going really really good. Actually it's the best tour in Europe
that the band had to be honest with you. And it's really cool. And we did a month in Canada before we started in Europe. So we started on the West coast, California, then all the way up to Vancouver and all across Canada. And we left from Boston, we had 8 days in Germany and then the other country, it's been great.
We're really excited about it, but there's only a couple of weeks left.

Is Lyon your first date in France ?

Yeah, it's the first date of this tour in France. We're gonna do 4 total shows in France.

It's the second time you play in this place, what's your impression about the last time ?

Oh it was great. I don't know if you remember that Rory passed out, he was exhausted so he through up everywhere. That was awsome. No last time we were here, we had a great time. It was one of the better shows that we had in France.
It left us a very strong impression of doing shows in France.

So you must be pretty confident about tonight ?

Well yeah. There is supposed to be 600 people tonight. So that's good I think !
I can't complain.

How is the relationship with the other bands ?

It's been really good with Big Wig and Irish Car Bomb. We've done shows with
Big Wig before, and because they've never been to Europe before. And we thought, they do really well in Canada, we had them with us there, so it's a good oportunity for us to play with them here and you know vice versa. And about Irish Car Bomb, our stage guy Shannon is in the band. He's done stage for us for 7 or 8 years so that's his band, they are from Florida and they got a deal, they are working on
there album. It's good, it's a cool package !

Do you have a funny story about this tour ?

All the good stuff I can't tell about it, you know ! But it's good, we've been drinking a lot. Last night everybody kind of beat everybody up and start rollin around all over the place and fight. You know just typicall grown men acting like children.

Are you planing on working on a new album soon ?

Well, probably not too soon. Tony has been writing some songs, but we're gonna take a little bit of a break. Cause you know, since last we were here, we've only taken 3 months of. We've been going none stop since we've been here last. So
we need to take a little bit of a time of. And we're gonna work on the DVD that
we always talk about. We've always talked about doing it but it's not done yet, so
we're gonna work on that and try to have that out before summer time. But I'm sure we'll work on new material before the Wrap Tour, we wanna do the Wrap Tour next year. So as far as new record anytime soon, not too soon but we're workin' on it.

What's your feeling about making a new album ?

We're excited about it. It's hard to think about it right now because when this
tour'll be over we would have done like 250 shows on Hard Rock Bottom so it's hard to think about doing another one right away. But we want to capitalize on the fact that the record have been very successful for us. We've had the bigger shows we've ever had and the best sells. But we don't want to let it too long, cause that's not right. But we'll take a little break.

You've been doing music for 15 years, you made about 10 records. You have nothing else to prove in the music business. What drives you to keep on doing this ?

We still feel that we have our best stuff ahead of us. You know what I mean ?
We enjoy doing it, it's still fun, and we enjoy being around each other. And the only thing that matter to us when we're on tour is playing good shows. You wait around all day, you kind of sit around all day and the only thing you're can't wait to do is come on stage and have a nice show, meet people and try to do the best that you can. We still feel that way so we still have a lot to prove to ourselves and to the people that listen to No Use For A Name. We wanna show that we'll always grow and that we'll always do the best that we can.

What do you think about the emergence of punk rock music with bands like Good Charlotte…

I think what they do is really good and has no effect on us what so ever. You know in US you have so much fast food. You have all these places with different cheeseburgers and they call it something different. And I think that's what punk rock is in the US. Somebody gets a Good Charlotte, somebody else get also a
Good Charlotte but they call it something else you kow. It's sad because there is too much of that in the US. That's what I like about Europe, a lot better than the
US is the fact that people come to shows, recognize good music, and it doesn't matter what you look like, nobody gives a shit if you're dating somebody else, you know what I mean it's not Hollywood. The punk rock scene is very Hollywood in
the US. It's like people start getting tattoos, change their image, and then they
had other people write their songs. And at that point, what's the difference between them and the Backstreet boys, there's not a lot.
But Good Charlotte, they're a band that has been playing around for years. They've been playing for a long time, they deserve what they get. Blink 182 that's great. It helps us. They talk about us, and we talk about them. We have nothing
bad to say about them. They make a lot of money and that's good but we're totally containt doing what we do, and the band had so much success that when they'll go away we'll style be here. You know what I mean because we're not gonna play that game of being somebody we're not. And unfortunatly sometimes people on that situation will. But I would never ever say something bad because they are successful. They are playing music, they're having a good time. Hey who doesn't want to be successful ? But we don't have to deal with it, that's not our thing. Nothing bad to say about it but we will have nothing to do with it at all. Cause that's not what we do. We made our following by doing shows and making the best records that we can and that's it. And not selling ourselves to people that would want us to make things that we don't wanna do.

Do you think that people could discover your music by listening to those kinds of bands ?

Yeah, that's what you hope for, for sure. That the only thing I think is important. When you have these bands like the record company will put them together because they all look cut and they're young and then they write them pop punk songs and call them a punk rock band, the only thing that you can hope for out of
all that shit is that somebody in the long line mentions band like Minor Threat and Bad Religion, NOFX you know like they are the descents and where it all came from that way it all takes care of itself. It doesn't matter to have a bunch of people doing stuff like that. But when you have people that just make as a business and like a product you just takes away from it. That's unfortunat. So I have mixed feelings about it what you wanna do ? But as long as it doesn't affect us it doesn't matter. We are always gonna do what we wanna do and we are very lucky for that. We are very lucky that we have people supporting us for so long and we don't have to try to get ridiculous haircuts and change our image and wright really bad songs.

Do you know that Placebo plays tonight in Lyon to ?

Oh no, I didn't know that. They are good, I like them. Is it far from here ?
It doesn't seems it'll affect us so much, but that's cool. They are so many bands
on tour, there is nothing you can do about it ?

What kind of music do you listen to, aside from punk rock ?

I listen to a lot of different stuff. I like a lot of blues and rock music like Muse which I got the new record, it's great. Just anything, it's hard to listen to punk rock when you're on tour. It's kind of the last think you wanna here at the end of the night when you lay down.

Do you take influences in other types of music to make your own ?

Yeah, for sure. It's one of the better quality of this band. We all listen to so many different things and we all just take that and try to add to our music.

Do you have something to say to the young generation ?

Just keep supporting the bands that you feel are great. Go out and see shows and back people up. And thank you for supporting No Use For A Name for so long.

Any last word to conclued ?

If you are not at the show tonight, you suck cause you're gonna miss a really good show (big lough)

Interview Tataye & O.S.
Translation Tataye

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