Necro Interview

Londres, UK the 11th of january 2007
O.S & Manu asked a few questions to Necro about his projects, his records compagny and his life.

How are you Necro?
Im chilling, handling biz

How was the show in London ? Which memories will you keep of the show ?
It went very well, I made the front of the newspaper, the promoters came back stage with champagne, happy we sold it out, we booked the next show right on the spot at the Astoria, did 10k in merch, I fucked a hot london bitch, caught brains for an hour, didn’t catch anything, Id say it was a big success.

While visiting our site, you’ll see that Freddy is someone we really love. Why did you choose to invite him on your shows? What do you think of his new Project with Dj Stress? Are you a big Madball fan?
Freddy is a cool cat, Im real good friends with Lord Ezec, and I know Jorge from Merauder for years, so the DMS crew has always showed me love, so my crew, PLR and DMS are real tight, and so when my new management team brought up including Freddy on some shows it was a no brainer, I was down, he is doing his thing with the hiphop music and I wish him the best, and I defintely feel Madball, they’re real rugged brutal shit. One of my crew members, Carbone, has the Madball face tatted on his leg, so we got diehards in the crew, I respect the whole hardcore mentality because Im a hardcore dude, and I always been about loyalty, respect, friendship and integrity, although very few humans really practice these values, and I have always been first a metal head, death metal and thrash, but real recognizes real, so I click with hardcore cats, especially the legends, we all New York street cats.

I heard that you came to music with metal stuff, what was the fact that made you go to the hip hop side of it?
There was nobody with our mentality in 90/91 – sure there was brutal rappers like the geto boys, g rap, ect. but we had the metal influence, like the whole metal culture, there was no rugged white boys out and honestly there hasn’t been since, atleast that have blown up, so its still missing, which is why I sell out 1000 cap clubs in major cities, and I grew up in the projects of brooklyn, so metal head or not I was getting into beef everyday, I mean fucking drama everyday, it never let up, if u didn’t have beef with someone in your building, it was someone in another building, just a lot of tension, but i love it, it made me who I am, Brooklyn in general made me ill, but the combo of the projects, brooklyn, metal, hiphop, gave me a crazy combination.

But you’re still a big metal fan as we can see your guests on your records... Which metal and hardcore band were the most important for you ?
Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Sepultura, Death, Obituary, Anthrax, Destruction, Kreator, Pestilence, Carcass, too many to name....

It seems that you also check into metal your inspiration for the artwork of your records like the one for « The Pre-Fix For Death » as the atmosphere is a lot similar as the cover made for Megadeth’s « Peace Sells... But How’s Buying ? », both made by Edward J.Repka.
Is the fact to ask him to do the cover was really linked with Megadeth?
Yeah, of course, but not only Megadeth, but death covers, Nuclear Assault and Possessed, Ed did all of those covers too and all those albums are favorites of mine, so it was the whole movement, the whole aura, to be the first rapper to fuck with Ed Repka is defintely sick shit man, for the legacy.

In France and Europe, a lot of people define your music as Rap-Hardcore but people who say that don’t really know the common links both styles have. For us, hardcore comes from hip hop because of the flow on the vocals, for the impact of the vocals, for the lyrics, what do you think about that?
I don’t know, I describe my shit as hardcore hiphop when Im just rapping over beats, to take that further I invented the term death rap to describe my style when I rap violent since I feel I do it in a way like noone on earth, and when I do hiphop and metal together I came up with the never before used term, metal hiphop, in the end its all Necro shit, regardless of me rapping porn rhymes or thug shit, its my personality, Im an original, this is one thing Necro is above all else

You’re both more and more popular with your brother Ill Bill. To make stuff together is of course a way to show a mutual respect, but do you think it’s also kind of adversity/confrontation?
I don’t know, I just do my thing, no matter who I work with, I take my craft very serious, and I go out of my way to be unique in a brutal fashion, always thinking when I drop shit, Bill is my brother so ofcourse we work together occasionally but we both do different shit.

Do you think it’s the same with your guest like Jamey Jasta, Lord Ezec, Away...?
Nothing is the same, all those collabos were different and all those artists were different from each other.

You originally create Psycho Logical to release your own stuff because nobody wanted to. Do the things change? Do you have some good offers now from big labels?
If I wanted to get a million dollar major label deal now I could, but they would own and control everything and d be signing a contract that gives them way more rights than I would have myself, that’s why anyone gets signed with a million dollars on majors, then it’s a dice roll with ya life, wether you blow up through their system or not, and most likely you will have to change ya shit and make radio songs strickly, for me this path is not creative enough and I like to control my shit, I wouldn’t risk losing what I built to get a major label to blow me up, Id rather own my own masters and get distribution deals like I have, Im in business 7 years now, and going strong, pretty soon I will be a multi millionaire and then even richer as time goes on and it will have been on my terms doing shit my way, I think in the end that is better, if I am wrong then I am wrong, but I go with my heart.

To create your own label is also linked with the fact that you were a victim of racizm as you’re a white guy. Does things evolved or is it still the same shit nowadays?
Nothing has changed in hiphop, only I have changed, I now don’t give a fuck if anyone in the so called hiphop world likes me, back then maybe 10 years ago I would try to impress people, even though I knew I was ill I was still in that world where I felt I needed the help of certain people and would constantly get hated on, now I am in a position where I have my own fanbase, I can pack L.A with 1,000 kids, my fans, where Mobb Deep couldn’t pack half of that and they’re on g unit, that’s how shit has come full circle, you cant stop fans from loving me, and as long as I give my fans what they want and need I am good, and things will grow and snowball huge from here, the racism hasn’t changed, I just got stronger and more immune to it, it doesn’t make or break me that people in major label hiphop world act like I don’t exist, my merch sales, and ticket sales are that of a major label artist, now my cd sales will soon match them, and that’s when I have so much power I make all the decisions, its all a sacrifice, I have put in 7 years running my label, and 10 years before that, Im in this game since 1990, fuck anyone that don’t got respect, I would get violent on any of them in the street easily.

We also saw some articles on the newspaper because of your provocative reputation (Ginsligton Gazette...). What’s your feeling while seeing that kind of stuff?
I love it! Finally giving me respect for what I do, my shit is disgusting, tasteless I don’t know, girls think my dick is tasty cuz they lick it after every show, probably the daughters of those people mad at me, I love it, and I want more of it, the more they talk about me the richer Ill get off my style, which is true real hiphop uncensored.

Even if provocation creates a lot of criticism, it seems to be also a major fact on your increasing succes. How do you see that ?
Im gonna be huge and I am a success because I got talent, lets not get it twisted with the contraversey, I know what the fuck Im doing, I make insane beats that rival hiphop legends and I spit intricate brutal violent and pornographic wordplay, kids feel the realness from a white kid from Brooklyn that they can relate to, all the rest is just people analizing too much, in the end its gonna be what its gonna be, and Im winning.

You used a sample from the Doors’ « Light My Fire » on a song. As I heard you’re a big Morrison fan. Do you think your admiration comes from his attitude? From his lyrics? From the swing of his music? Or is it from the fearful aspect he could have on you when you were young with sex, drugs and rock'n roll ?
I did an interpolation of his hook on my song, not a sample, but yes I love the Doors and Jim Morrison was unique, he isnt a huge influence on me, but I respect his talent.

Do you see your music as an art, as a life style or as a therapeutic thing ?
All of the above.About your projects,

what about a new Necro album ? A « Sexy Sluts » part II maybe ?haha
Brand new Necro album dropping this summer, will be the most hardcore record of 2007.

You also have various project like Jewish Gangterz with Danny Diablo, and also a 100% metal project with Igor Cavalera... Can you tell us more about all that? And also about other stuff we haven’t heard about maybe?
All that stuff is on the back burner for now, the new Necro album must drop for 2007 and I must tour the entire world like a maniac, a lot of dues need to be paid touring wise for me and its gonna explode me to the top, whenever Im in motherfuckers faces they respect me, I aint some asskissing clown that tries to get respect, in person people feel the realness and once I tour the entire world people will get to meet me and see what its like to talk to a real Brooklyn gangster, and when I say gangster I don’t mean like Al Capone, I mean like not taking no shit, blunt, respectable street motherfucker with pride for his culture and family and art.

Beside the fact that you and Ezec are both jewish, why did you choose such a name? Is there a special meaning behind this name? Was there some Jewish Gangterz in New York years ago ?
Its cuz like I said above, we are gangster, as gangster as anyone in hiphop that is black that claims they’re gangster, except we are white guys and we are jewish, jews started organized crime, dressing in suits, ect. So it fits, we persony those dudes, aint nobody playing us, nobody is sonning us, we don’t get beat up by nobody, we don’t do diss records, we got beef with you we see you in person, we just real men, we love music and we represent our shit, so Jewish Gangsterz fit very well, the hiphop world never seen no motherfucker like me yet or like my crew.

Not sure you’re part of it but what’s up with La Coka Nostra ? When the record will be released?
That is Bill’s thing, you would have to ask him.

Can you tell us more about the links between Capo Regime, La Coka Nostra, le D.M.S crew... ?
Everyone is down with each other, just friends, all street dudes, white kids, jews, italians, irish, ricans, a lot of latin cats, all hood, all real that respresent with different groups of music and clicks out of music, pretty simple.

You also produce porns movies, you never stop... Is it another way to explain your fellings, or is it more a financial stuff?
I like sex, I plan on being big in the sex world because I feel I am the best sex rapper ever, ofcourse there are guys like kool G Rap and Kool Keith, no disrespect to them, or luke or too short, but I got the torch now, my who’s ya daddy track is the illest shit to drop sexually in the new millenium, that’s a fact, I got a million plays on myspace, and Im about to drop a new porn anthem soon, so 2007 will have another porn anthem to rock for the next 2 years.

You never thaught to link porns and music together and invite Evan Seinfield and his wife ?
Evan once told me he was a fan of my music, I was always a fan of Biohazard and Im cool with Billy and Danny, so who knows what might happen in the future...

What’s your plans for Psycho Logical ? Some new releases?
Yes, new Necro album 2007 blown up to its maximum potential, big tours, festivals, the works, new videos, ect. Then after that I don’t know, but you can be sure it will be quality.

You worked with a lot of people, you’ve produced Ill Bill, Sabac, Goretex, Mr Hyde, Q-Unique, and a lot more people would like to work with you. How do you choose the people you work with?
I don’t care to work with a lot of people cuz I still feel I need to be huge, so my energy is focused on Necro, but Im down to work with hiphop legends, I did 2 tracks with U-God from Wutang, if the person is really popping and its someone I like Ill work with them, but for the most part I don’t do collabos, I don’t like to make myself available to motherfuckers who want my name on their shit so they can sell more units, the money aint worth it to water myself down, fuck that, Id rather stay special.

Do you think you have something in common with Jasta who tries to rise up hardcore music and tries to help some newer bands ?
Yeah we have a lot in common, we are similar in a lot of ways, he impressed me with his success and being younger than me by 2 years I think, we are both very hungry and ambitious people.

Will we see you in France soon?
Yes this year, maybe fall...

I know that you like making the promotion of your sites to make people spend money on your stuff... So, go on!
Go to and and buy shit, why? Because I fucking said so, and because if you don’t, you will choke on a lot of shit, good promotion you think my friend? Thanks for the interview!

Interview Manu & O.S.
Translation Manu

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