Motörhead Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Lemmy (the singer) has answer our few questions

What can you say about this new tour "30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR "? You were in Sweden, England, Holland, Germany, How it is ?
It's great, it's bigger and louder than ever.

On this tour there are more than 50 shows, which is your secret to do this for 30 years ?
We have fun, it's rock'n'roll, it includes passion and character.

"Inferno" is more heavy than the others, sometime it's sound like the album "Kill' em All" of Metallica? Why this choice ?
No choice, it is what it is......

About the song "Whorehouse Blues", it's like a UFO (space ship) on this album, is it a tribute to the roots of your music, the blues? In the lyrics it's same you explain us all your 30 years of career ?
We wrote this song as an acoustic song and decided to put it in this version on the album. The lyrics are not much different than our other songs - let's give it a shot..... and by the way, it's not my career - it's my life!

What can you say about "The 2-CD BOMBER: Deluxe Edition" ?
Can't say anything about it.

Revival rock, loud stoner, is now the new fashion, which is your glance on that, you who make heavy rock for 30 years ?
Nothing new in rock music, all done before.

You received a Grammy for Best Metal Performance beating off Slipknot and Cradle Of Filth, what do you feel about that ?
We are happy to be honoured by the record industry.

In all your discography which album is the most important for you ?
Can't really say this, they are all important to us.

After this 30 years of music what sense could you give in playing rock in 2005? Musical sens ? Social sens ? Economique Sens? Political implication ?
Follow your heart, don't take it to seriously, follow the music and make the bets out of it.

Do you have something to say at the young generation ?
Enjoy your life !

We Would like to thanks Ute, Lemmy and Motörhead for this interview.

Interview O.S.
Translation Kostas

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