Most Precious Blood Interview
This interview was made in Nantes the 28d of June as the band participated at the FuryFest Festival. Vincent (No brain No Headache RIP) and I have met the guitars players Justin and Rachel, Rob (Singer) et Matt (Bass).
Rachel (R), Justin (J)

Can you introduce yourselves ?

J: Hi I'm Justin, I play guitar fort Most Precious Blood.
R: I'm Rachel, I play guitar too.

A few word about this tour with Madball ?

J: We have been on tour with Madball for a week now. It's the first time Most Precious Blood is in Europe, Indecision was here a couple time, but it's the first time for us, it's going really well. This is our only show in France. But we'll come back soon.

R: We'll have a record coming out so for that tour we'll come back in here.

The album to come is called "Our Lady of Annihilation", what can you say
about it ?

J: As soon as we get home, we're gonna record it. It's gonna be I guess a pretty dark record like we've all been through a lot over the past years with personnel stuff and whatever. We're looking forward to record it. And as soon as it's done, we're gonna be back on tour.

Are you still gonna record this album with Renthal who did "Nothing in Vain" ?

R: No, we're doing the new one at Atomic Studio.
J: Renthal is like building a new studio right now and it's not finished yet so we're gonna do this one at a different studio
R: It's where "Hope Conspiraty" did they're last album. Sick of it all also were there, a lot of bands are going there.

"Nothing in Vain" was a very hard and dark album. Lyrics were about suicide. Will "Our Lady of Annihilation" follow this way too ? cause the tittle does not seems really optimistic !

J: Yeah, "Our Lady of Annihilation" kind of relates to what's going on with the war and evreything too, where people are killing in the name of religion. Which is kind of killing in the name of someone who doesn't exist. It also relates about the changes events that are going on in our lives for the past few years. Just kind of further beliving that there's no God and anything like that you know, "Our Lady of Annihilation" like it's mercyless, it's like hell is hearth and we're here all by ourselves and that's it.

About "Nothing in Vain" what represents for you the cover of the album ?

J: Well, with the lyrics and stuff we thought that was kind of the pics we were looking for. Art work is really important because it's the first thing you see and it should have some sort of conections with the lyrics and the whole mood of the band. It's not just here to look cool.
R: And also because people can download music so easely now, you have to make a cool cover that people wanna buy the cd too and not just have the songs.

Do you still work with Justin Borucki ?

J: Yeah, he's like a big photographer now. He does all this crazy shots. He work now for the magazine "Revolver", he's like art director or whatever now. We've been friends with him for a long time, we've always asked him to do our covers and he always said yes. It's cool every album he does it's the same kind of style.

Rachel, before playing in Most Precious Blood, you work in a morgue as a legiste I think ?

R: I'm like an "interne", I help with autopsis.

Is this the reason why the concept of the album is so dark, and dealing with death and everything ?

R: No ! I mean, I don't have that improve with lyrics. That's just something I wanted to do for a long time. Musically maybe it comes to it a little bit. I want to be a medical examinator one day. I just find it very interesting that's all.

Why did Tom, who also was in Indecision, quite the band ? And how did you
came to replace him with Rob ?

J: It's pretty much the same reason why we kicked him out of Indecision was why we did it with Most precious Blood. I don't know. The main thing is touring and stuff, people getting allong on tour is very important. The band just stay together. And stuff with him and people in the band just got bad. It's for the best you know. To keep the band going, we just move on and get someone else.

He wasn't envolved enough ?

J: Yeah exactly. When Most Precious Blood first started, it wasn't gonna be like a full time band, with touring and stuff, so things are different when you're not on tour all the time. Now it's different and you need to have a certain quemestry to do it.

What was your reaction when you saw the twin towers fall ? An important thing
to remind is that one of the cover of Indecision deals about it.

J: Just like a prophety. I was crazy you know, I saw that with my own eyes. It's just kind of a sign of the time. I think it's just kind of made everyone reallize that we're not invinsible. Before that happened people thought that the United State was like this invinsible thing. Before that happened, I never would have imagined that you could fly a plane into Manhattan. I don't know what I though would happened if you did it, but I just assumed that was no way that could happened. And they just came in and did it. And you know it sets ups a lot of change of events, we have friends over there that are fighting in war. It's definatly a crazy time for New-York. Those events made a lot people polarise and felt one way or another like some say "Oh we disearve this" and it also made a lot of other people like patriotics and shit "USA all the way" those same people that before Spetember 11 would have never said that are now flying flags and shit you know.

What was the changes in the everyday life from the people of New York after those events ?

J: A month or two afterwards everyone was so nice and everything was cool but a couple month latter it's back to normal. There's no difference, which is crazy you know because the amount of people that died that day, 1 in 10 people probably lost someone in there so it's crazy.
Sean the drummer and Rob vocalist then arrived and join the interview.

I saw an interview of Indecision where Arthie was amazed to see so many demonstration against mondialisation during the G8 meeting in Atlanta, why
such a reaction ?

J: Because in the US that stuff doesn't happened. I mean like violent protest like people going in the street, shoing their discontent in America that just rarely happened. It exist but not like in Europe where like if some law get passed or something people in Europe will let know how they feel about. But in New York or America people just like suck it up and get back on the train and go back to work. People are pissed of about a lot of shit but no one really does anything about it, they just accept it, and there's a really small minority that actually go out and set shit on fire. And those people are labelled fanatics or stuff like that.

R: There is protest but not like in Europe. There was a lot of protest in Seattle for the world trade organisation. That was the closes to anything that happened here in Europe.

J: Even that was crazy for the American people, to see how many people where protesting. It's just rare, it doesn't happened that much. Generally 95% of people are pissed of about something but they just don't do anything about it. It's just kind of selfishness, I guess it's like self-preservation in a way. People are like "yeah it sucks but I gotta go to work today" or "it doesn't really affect me so why should I care about it?"

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