Millencolin Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 11th of November 2005.
Laureline and O.S. have met Mathias the guitar player.

What can you tell me about this new tour ?
The new tour ? Oh it's a cool tour, with a lot of good bands, The Unseen, Randy and Flogging Molly, this our second show in France today, we were in Paris yesterday and tomorrow we're going to Spain, it's a cool tour with 18 shows !

You toured in Australia last few months, so how was it for a Swedish band to play there ?
Hey, it takes a long time to get there cos' you have to fly for a long time but otherwise, Australia is like England but it's warm, cos' we were there in summer time, it was the sixth tour we had there, so it was really fun.

On this tour you play with Randy, are you glad to play with them ?
Yeah ! Actually we know them for ten years so of course, oh yeah they are cool guys.

Last summer you played at the Fury Fest, how was your show ?
Oh it was fun and we played to another festival in France, the day before called Furia, but the Fury Fest was fun, it was a lot of metal, it was a fun, I mean we had a good time. It's always nice to play at festivals cos' it's always different to play our own shows and it's always fun to do those in the summer time.

How does it feel to play with metal and hardcore both on the same stage?
It's cool, I mean, oh so it depends we played the Ozzfest five years ago it was kind of weird cos' we were on the main stage and we were the only punk band, the rest was metal, but I don't care, it was a good show for us and it doesn't matter if we play with a jazz band or a metal band, it's always fun to play !

"Kingwood" is out since a few months now, so how did your audience accept it ?
Oh it's been great I mean, people like it and I'm really proud of it. It's always hard to me to know what I didn't do in good, but with the peer to peer, bands have problem to sell albums and that's a problem I guess, if people wanna get music I think they have to pay for it, you know, that's the fact.

So you are happy with this album?
Yep, definitively this album has a lot of songs about twenty and we had to choose twelve of them and so I think we really had to choose the songs we love the best

And if you can change one thing on this album ?
It's too hard I mean, when you have a new album you think is the best one you ever made of course, it would be sad if it wasn't, so now I maybe change a couple of songs but I'm really happy with this album !

And what are the influences for the lyrics?
I only wrote one lyric here, wrote the rest, everything, Nikola usely writes about things that happen to him you know, like his life and I think he writes good lyrics

You came back to Sweden to record this album so how was the recording with Chips Kisby ?
Yeah he's a really cool guy I mean as he's swedish, I really loved to work with this guy, he recorded a lot of Swedish bands, we really had a good time with him so !!

I've got at video clip of "Story Of My Life" and the one of "Ray", between these two songs what could you say about your evolution through your music and through the way to make a video ?

I mean..."Ray" is all animated you know, and have you seen the new one "Shut you out" ?

No !

It's a kind of animated but for the band it's the best to do animated cos' you don't have to be in all the part of the video, it's all green screen and you only use it for a day and you're in the same location for the all time so and I mean those video have ten years between them and so they are very different of course, "Story Of My Life" is very funny you know, and I guess nowadays for "Ray" we wanna do video like that I guess.

Oh I've got a stupid question, why is there so much animal around your music ?
Oh I don't know, you have to ask Nikola, he's an animal lover, I don't know if it's fun cos' it's right, we love animals, it just happen I guess (laugh)

You said you were influenced by NOFX and Bad Religion, now you are consider as a band as good as them, so what do you think about that ?
Oh that's great, we don't really think about stuff like that I think it's really cool if other band are influenced by us and that's a really interessed thing, and for us those bands are heroes and now we know them, they are really nice people.

And when you recorded "Pennybridge Pioneers" with Brett Gurewitz, how did you react when he said ok ?
Oh it was really fun, we though about splitting the band, it was a bad time but we had a lot of songs and we asked him to know if he could record our album and it was great to go to Los Angeles and did it with him and now he's a good friend of us, but he's really cool.

After ten years of being Millencolin what is your opinion about punk rock in general ?
That's a tough question, for me punk rock is just a thing I do and like, for me punk rock is not important as being a punk, you know, I like music a lot, I listen to a lot of music from The Beattles to punk rock, I mean The Beattles are punk in a way to me, but I mean everything is good in punk rock

And if you could change one thing in your whole carreer, what could it be ?
That's a tough question ... maybe I'd like to make the first couple of years easier for us, not really the years but we tour a lot and probably too much that we wanted to do, but I don't really wanna change it, there's nothing I'd like to change

What is the best thing that being in a punk rock band bring to you ?
I can say a lot of freedom I mean this my work, my job you know, being musician and that's really nice cos' you can be on tour have a good time and then go home and be on vacation for a long time, it's a very free job you know, that's great, I mean, I'm the boss of yourself, you decided everything on your own !

Do you have time to visit the country you passed when you're on tour ?
Yesterday, we did some tourist in Paris, we saw the Mona Lisa, and that's cool cos' I've been touring for so many years and I never had the time to visit countries and I've actually never done something on tour, just hang out on the bus and watch movies but yesterday we went to The Louvre, we went to Notre Dame and it was fun ! I read that book you know "The Da Vinci Code" and I wanted to see the stuff of the book.

And how did you see Millencolin in the future ?
Oh I don't know maybe the same band, we try to make a new album soon, probably in two years or less.

What do you still have to do that you never did ?
Ooh, I don't know !! I've done everything so that I'm happy in my life now !

Oh I've got a question about the animals. Does Nikola has his own farm now ?
Nooo, no, no he doesn't ! (Laugh) Maybe in the future he will do that I guess haha !

And when you were young did you have problems with little chick ? (Laugh)
No, not really (Laugh) you mean our yellow bird, I had some problems I guess but I can't talk about it now !! (Laugh)

And if you have something to say to the young generation ?
Just try to be yourself and have good times, if you are in a band just try to play as much as you can , enjoy it !

Questionary of PIVOT :

What is your favorite word ? slonit
What is your least favorite word ? oh it's a hardest one, maybe I don't know, hum George Bush !
What is your favorite curse word ? Faan, it's swedish !
What turns you on creatively ? The Beattles
Spiritually ? Nothing
Emotionnaly ? Love
What turns you off? Hum war
What is you favorite place on earth ? My hometown Orebro
What is the one you hate? Stockolm
What sound do you love? The guitar of course
And the one you hate? Oh it's a tough question, hum maybe, techno music
Who were your heroes when you were a kid ? Bad Religion
Who influenced you the most during your life ? Greg David
What profession other that your own would you like to attempt ? a car mechanic
And the one you wouldn't like to do ? hum maybe a cleaner
If heaven exist, what would you like hear from God when you arrive at the pearly gate? Welcome !!

Interview Laureline and O.S.
Translation Laureline

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