Merauder Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Manu & O.S. have met Jorge (Voice), Matt (Guitar), et Gook (Bass)

It's good to see you again. We thaught Merauder has split of definatly. Where's the band actually? Would you talk a bit about the line-up?
Jorge : Well as we all know we were on Century Media in the past and there were problems between the band and the label and there were problems in the band, so things got rough towards the end and we just went our separate ways. So we were just living life, doing what we had to do. But I put the band back together with a new lineup, the other guys are too busy with their other lives and they can't really play at the moment. So I got a new guitar player Anthony Muccini from Brooklyn. Oh shit Anthony was the last guy hahaha, you got good weed here, good shit out here. Matt is on the guitar and of also Gook who was in Sworn Enemy and Goat on the drums. Well we came back cause I've missed playing and I see that everybody is doing now what I did a long time ago and I feel like I started something so I gotta get back into the scene. I have a son now and I want him to see hardcore, I wanna play until he gets big and maybe he becomes the new hardcore generation.

Today is your fourth show. How do you feel about it?
Gook: The show has been great. We just feel fucking exhausted, we played at Pressure Fest, we played Holland, a show also in Berlin with Hatebreed. All the shows have been really great we've been fucking exhausted and tired you know.

What have you done since the release of " Bluetality " ?
Jorge: I messed around a bit with other people I started a side-project called God is I which was cool and different. Sort of East-coast style of tribal metal, but nothing really happened there and everyone went their own way.

Gook: He's done also Rag Men. It was a great record.

Yeah we had an interview two years ago with Riggs and Mitts. Will you do another record?
Jorge : Well yeah eventually we'll do another record, I miss playing with them…but you know it's hard cause I'm busy playing with Merauder, it's cool when everyone can do their thing but also share time.

What about a new album by Merauder?
Jorge : Soon very soon, we're writing right now.

Will you release it on a new label?
Matt : Well we're talking to a few people and there is some interest already, people are waiting till we come up with we'll see what happens.
Jorge : We'll definitely put out something a little sooner maybe an EP, with 100 Demons.
Matt : We're now playing and showing people that we've put the band back together.

Any different feelings between your records?
Jorge : Well in the first record all I did was sing because when I joined Merauder everything was written. The lyrics were written. The band had an LP but they didn't have a singer. In the second record I followed that tradition, it was a little political but in the third record it was more political, hating the police more - I don't know why. Everyone knows I hate them but in this record I focused more on them and wrote two songs about them, '41 shots' and 'Bluetality'. I think if you break it down we all have the same feelings, we're from the same neighborhoods, with the same experiences and the same ideas. Mentally we're all on the same level, a little political and fun, the 'Underground Girl' song was fun, we just wanted to show people that we have a good time and we're not all political.

You are now getting more popular as this music is getting more popular. How do you feel about this?
Gook : I think that when Merauder did this a long time ago it was a lot harder it was more extreme, extreme metal and hardcore. I grew up listening to this and now I'm playing it, and now more bands like Unearth and Killswitch are also doing it and its become popular again and it's a good time for Merauder to come back and play.

How do you feel about influencing the new bands?
Well a lot of people joke around about this and that its and its all bullshit, but it is not. I like to see a band influenced by me. I don't make money from this music so my reward is to see bands following and influenced by my band and keep that style going. It's a great honor for me. Bands like Caliban are covering our tracks and there's a rumor that God Forbid will do a cover in their new record. I don't… that's what we heard don't tell anybody haha!

Do you know other bands like Caliban?
Jorge : Yeah Backfire and Do or Die, Knuckledust, Diecast, Discipline End of days we saw yesterday, Caliban, Kickback, always Kickback. Crouch from Spain, Last Hope from Bulgaria. I think Kickback to me is the Merauder of France, playing hardcore and death metal music. I love the guys Stefan and Pascal from Kickback, this is for them: enculé sale pedale!!!! (Laugh)

Do you remember a French band called l'Esprit du clan, you toured with them a few years ago?
Of course! Chamka!! They're here? A gotta see them! I know they all have hair now, I check their website, and first I thaught it was a different band. Its cool, it's just crazy! Great band!

The guitar in Merauder seems to be influenced a lot by Pantera. What's your feeling about what happened to Dimebag?
Jorge : It's a great great shame what happened to Dimebag, it wasn't an act of revenge like in hip hop, it was just some guy who was fucking crazy, psycho! They had a confrontation with him before. This is just a freak think of nature nothing you can do about it.
Matt : It's a fucking tragedy. Dimebag was an amazing player, individual, very nice out going. It's a shame he had a lot of music left in him!
Jorge : We wish something like this never happens to any band whether we like them or not I don't like that shit.

Do you have any DVD projects?
Jorge : We will never make a DVD.
Gook: It would be too incriminating, (Laugh)
Jorge : we'd all go to jail. (laugh) I don't know, we just wanna do a record. I wanna build a history with these new guys. A DVD should have the history of both old and new Merauder, because the new Merauder is just as good as the old Merauder and we have a lot more to prove. We're here and we're back, no matter who's in the band its always gonna be Merauder.

Yesterday we made an interview with Freddy and Toby. Can you tell us about DMS?
Jorge : I remember back in the days with a few of them. I was never DMS, I was in another crew, Scotty Banks and I were friends. First time I met them we became friends instantly. Very good vibe and energy. My crew broke up and people disappeared. One guy became a Christian! The only family I had were DMS, they were very close to me, it's a brotherhood. It doesn't matter what race you are, its like the 3 musketeers 'all for one and one for all', we have to take care of each other and help each other out. They taught me values, what and who is important, who are your real friends. Wake up motherfucker I'm your friend but I'll kick your fucking ass, that a real friend…that's family.

To resume what are your plans for the next month?
Gook : I'm also in a band called Agents Of Man, a new band on Century Media that I play with, we have a few big shows and a new record called "Count Your Blessings...".
Jorge : I'm gonna hang out with my son. Merauder will come back in Europe in October and then work on the new record. I wanna work on the music more than tour. Wanna play a bit then go home and play music. Maybe a few songs in French! (Laugh)

Any words for the new generation?
Jorge : Yeah a lot, but what it comes down to is live your life the way you want to, but in a good way...not a negative way. Be happy…don't be miserable and don't waste it. Follow your dreams.
Matt : Do your math and learn your history. Its easier to know where to go when you know how things can be, do your fuckin' the math.
Jorge : Kill fascism,
Gook : Don't believe the hype.
Matt : "Tu es belle pour une salope"

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