Madball Interview
This interview was made in Lignon (Switzerland) November 13th as the band participated at the Resistance Tour. Manu and I have met the singer Freddy and Hoya The Bass player. Freddy (F), Hoya (H), Manu (M), Old School (OS)
Can you tell us about this European tour? It's your first show, what is your feeling? Are you happy to be back in Europe?

Freddy: I'm feeling tired right now, we just got off the plane today. So a little bit tired but looking forword to this tour you know. There is a cool package, a lot of cool bands on this tour. I'm looking forward to play in front of overall bigger crowds, it's cool.

You've made a lot of festivals this summer, is there one that you enjoyed more particularly, and why ?

Freddy: I like all the festivals. Full forces was really cool. It's on of the bigger ones that we did. We had a good show and everything, it was amazing for us.

On the interview of the fury fest you said that you wanted to come back on this tour, you said maybe an EP. So it's done with your last released "NYHC-EP". Was it difficult to finished it on time before the tour ?

Freddy: Yeah, it was alittle kind of you know we were tired but we wanted to make it happened for this tour this year. So it's good. It's three knew songs and a redone version of pride in spanish. I think it's cool to give people a taste of what the color of the next album will be. We were pressed by time but we were still able to make good songs.

You also said that an album will be released on 2004, is this EP the beginning of this future album or ill it be something completely different ?

Freddy: MADBALL is gonna be hardcore. That's what we are, we're not a punk band or a metal band or anykind of band, we are a hardcore band. We have our own kind of hardcore that we play and that's what people should expect from Madball for the futur, past present and futur. That's New York Hardcore, that's what we do and that's what we are gonna be doing. I love all kindfs of music you know, if I should be doing something else that would be fine but when it come to Madball, it has to be Hardcore.

You choose to work with Thorp Records for this album, can you tell us about it? Is your next album also gonna be released on this label ?

Freddy: We don't know where our next album will be. We just did that one EP with Thorp because he's a new guy coming up, a new label in america coming up. Grass roots you know, starting out from the bottom. It's grass roots but it still has good people behind it for distribution and stuff like that. So this is what we wanted to do for the EP, putting out on a label like this you know up and coming label. You know, give them a shot and keep control with what's happening. But for the album I really don't know, maybe them again, who knows ?

About the cover, we re-discover with a great pleasure the crazy ball ! We really need to ask you a question. Which would you choose the Yankees or the Metz ?

Freddy: The Yankees, no Metz here. Our guitarist Mitts he like the Metz, but no Metz, Yankees all the way.

Seriously, we often saw this ball ether on t-shirts or posters? Where does it come from and why did you wait so long to put it on a cover?

Freddy: It was the right time you know. Things happen for a reason, and you know it was the right time to put the ball out like that. It has always beenour logo, it has always been on shirts. When it came time to the EP, we were gonna call it New York Hardcore Ep so we said, what else men, you know let just put the ball. It's a retuched up version of the ball. That ball just came from like these old toys in the 80s in america call Madballs, and we kind of got the idea from that but we made our own version of it.

To conclude what do you have to say to the French fans that are looking forward to the The Resistance Tour on stage?

Hoya (singing and dancing) : You gotta tell them "oulé oulé..", buy shirts and cd (joking)
Seriously, the last show that we did their, the fury fest was one of the best show.

Freddy: Yeah you know what previously I said 4 forces but the fury fest was one of the best hopw that we made.

Hoya: Because we've done festivals in france, but usually the club shows are the good shows for us. And the big festivals, we did a couple everywhere and that, it was cool crowds but it was different. But that festival, it won it all, it was like a club show for us.

Freddy: On that tour that was probably the top show. So french could be proud of that. Definatly good you know, I saw people from front to back moving. Very good show. And you can expect the same this time. You can tell them it's gonna be great, like I said there's a lot of great bands, lot of different bands. So expect a good shows, we're gonna do a couple of new songs from the EP. It's gonna be a good time. We are looking forward to go to france. France has always been a good place for us to play. We are looking for those shows with this line-up. It'll be different but it'll be good.

Interview O.S. & Manu
Translation by Tataye

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