Madball Interview

This interview/Blindtest was made in Marseille (France) the 29th of October 2005.
Laureline and O.S. have met the singer Freddy.

Band : Biohazard
Song : Kings Never Die
Album : Means to An End
Biohazard? This is not particulary my favourite song, but I think it's a great band. For what they were doing they were unique, they're not exactly a traditional hardcore band even if they have roots in the hardcore scene so they could be consider as a harcore band in a sense but they were very crossover in all the ways.
I always thaught they had a good style, they had a good way of mixing different genres, it's very simple but affective. I used to see them, I know the guys, they used to play a lot in New-York, in Jersey, and they always made amazing shows, it's probably one of the best band I've ever seen for this kind of music.

What your feeling about the fact they split?

I wish for them they would continue that time. They're definitley beeing an agressive type of band, representing a certain type of genre which was pretty fore for this kind of music. Unfortunatly, times change and things change and it's not the same for them as it was but I still think I've heard nothing but good things about the new record so I can't see why they couldn't go out and play...

Band : Merauder
Song : Life Is Pain
Album : Masterkiller
Merauder! Good band! That's a song I really like a lot. They're my friends also, Jorge and all the guys are my friends from back home... Good band! What can I say? I mean, they're not propbably active as they should be because of different reasons, whatever... They've definatly a potential. In term of influence it's still came across pretty original, "Masterkiller" is a killer record. I think there band has still a potential because they haven't toured all that much so, it could be so fairely new to some people.

And the new line-up seems to be good!

Yeah! Mike is a good friend of mine, Jorge also... I wish him the best, I hope they continue, to get recognize. The name "Merauder", as a band, has been around for a long long long time, but it changes line-ups, and it even changes style a little bit... But yeah, I think the band has potential.

Band : Most Precious Blood
Song : The Great red shift
Album : Our Lady of Annihilation
Earth Crisis? No!
Who's that?

Most Precious Blood.

Most Precious Blood!? Is that the new one?

No, this is "Our Lady Of Anihilation".

Oh ok! I didn't recognize at first.
Those guys toured with us a couple years back. I'll be honest. I've never be hugely into there style. Not because of something particularly, just because I've never get into right away. But that sounds pretty cool, I have to hear the new record, I haven't heard it.
I've seen them live many times because when they were touring with us I watched them live, but before that I really didn't know too much about there music, this style..., but a lot of people seem to be into them and they definatly making an influence.

And about Indecision, Rob's band?

I know a little bit of there stuff, but I'm not super familiar with it you know.

Band : Shutdown
Song : Few & Far Between
Album : Few & Far Between
That's Shutdown?!
They were a cool band because they were young guys, not much much younger than me, but they seem young, they seem very young, they seem like kids. And I think that was a cool refeshing thing, they played old-school hardcore, they seemed young and played old style.. I like Mark and all those guys, they don't play anymore but they're nice guys, played a good style, no many people do that anymore. So it was good.

And you know what the members are doing actually?

I don't.. Work i'm sure. (Laugh)

This is a good test for me, because I don't listen to heavy music a lot, I mean, I like all music, but I don't follow every single record that comes out, I don't know every heavy bands, you know what I mean? It's a learning experience for me as well... (Laugh)

Band : Vietnom
Song : Talkin' Shit
Album : Strictly The Real
What can I say, they're my friends!
They have a pretty original style too, cause it's like old-school hardcore with a little bit of hip hop flavour, they have like a hip hop approach. Their band needs to tour more as well, they're great guys, Vietnom is like family to me, I know Mike forever, those guys are my boys. They've got good shirts, a good concept, a good band, but it just needs to hopefully tour more, and then people could see them and get more experience on the road. They're definatly a fun band, it's definatly entertaining.

Band : Hatebreed
Song : Proven
Album : Perseverance
Straight Hardcore! Hatebreed!
Great band! Jamey is a good friend of mine. Before they became popular and everybody start mimicking their style, they had the roots in the hardcore scene, without a doubt, I'm sure of that because, we were one of the first band to give them their first shows. Hatebreed opened up for us many many years back and Jamey used to promote shows and we played shows for him, and asked us if his band could be on the bill, we were like "Of course, No problem!". We also made a tour with them and Earth Crisis in the late 90's, Earth Crisis, Us, Skarehead and Hatebreed. Hatebreed was still opening up for us (laugh) which is strange to say now. But I always saw the potential in that band and before they blow up, before beeing at the point they are now, befor the succes they have now (for our style of music!), I always saw a potential on that band, I used to watch them when they toured with us. I don't like everything I hear you knwo what I mean, everybody's got different taste, different opinion, but I always thaught they had a good style, not too traditional hardcore but they have parts that have hardcore elements for sure. They're a great band!

Do you think they brought more people to hardcore music?

Yes for sure!
Because like I said, they come from the hardcore scene and when they start branch out to the other scenes that contributed to the success, they came on tour with different styles of band from heavy music, metal bands, hardcore bands... and did the Ozzfest... When they're back, they played shows with bands that they helped them out like Agnostic Front or Madball. They're not talking about it, they actually do it! We've played with them, and when we came back our first tour was with Hatebreed opening for them. Jamey gives back to where he came from, that's seem in opposition to where he's now, especially hosting in "Headbanger's Ball". He definatly helps our scene out and I'm glad to see that somebody is really from ur scene... not a poser!

Band : Trial
Song : War By Other Means
Album : Are These Our Lives
I'm waiting a little bit, I got to hear the singing. (Laugh)
Is that a newer band?



No, an old one.

Who's that?


Tria... Who?

Trial from Seattle!

Oh Trial, ok, I don't know that band.

They actually making a 3 shows reunion tour, one in Seattle, onein Budapest and one in London...

I've never got into them. I have to check it out! I can't speak much on htem because I've never... that's funny because beeing on music for years, but sometimes you pass by you what I mean. Like I said, I don't listen to a lot of heavy music, I listen to pop, rock, hip hop... But it sounds really cool!

One of them actually play with 3 Inches Of Blood, another one Himsa and Greg Bennick the singer makes documentary films...

The production souds like a older band, an older recording, but that's cool!

That's very interesting, never done that before. (Laugh)

Band : Strife
Song : Waiting
Album : Truth Through Defiance
Is that Strife?
I'm familiar with that band, familiar with name for a long time, even if I don't have all their albums. But they definatly have a band for themselves, I was able to recognize who they were, you know what I mean?

Band : Subzero
Song : Suffer, Squeal, Burn
Album : The Suffering Of Man
Is that Subzero? Yes Subzero!

Yeah that song is from the new album.

O h yes the new album! I haven't heard it yet! I know Lou and those guys for a long time too, from New-York, playing shows together ... They definatly got an interesting style, they need to get out more too! (Laugh) A lot of people are curious to see them live, they definatly get respect for beeing from New-York but they need to get to the next step, get out there and tour... that's a whole different world. They're definatly cool men!

Let's see what's next!

It's easy! (Laugh)

Oh, I hope so! Maybe not for me! (Laugh)

Band : Terror
Song : Spit My Rage
Album : One With The Underdogs
Is that Terror? Oh no!! Who's that?

Yes, that's Terror!

Oh yeah yeah!! (Laugh)
Great band! We just tour with them a few month ago, as people they're great guys. We've bounded on many occasions, bounded on few tours we did together. I think that they're like newer bands, the next generation that came after us, they're leading the pack. They've got a good style, they've got a good way of mixing the old flavour with some newer breakdown and stuff like that. They're a good live band, very energetic, a very good live band!
They also have a good name, which is very important for bands, to have a name that stands up!

When we met Nick (Terror's drummer) a few month ago, he always answerd the questions with "Madball", like "What's your favourite word?", he said "MADBALL!"... (Laugh)
What's your feeling to be such an influence for other bands?

It's good, it's flattering for us! Because we're still in the game, doing our things, and that's very flattering to Know that, you know. They were touched by our stuff, and their band is influenced by our music... that's cool!! That's not an hardcore feeling but that's flattering, for sure! Especially coming from those guys because they're a great band in our own way so definatly flattering !

Band : Ignite
Song : Call On My Brothers
Album : Family
Ignite! (Freedy starts singing)
A great band!
We've done many tours with Ignite and they're very good friends of us as well.
They're unique, they've got their own way as well, they come from California they have more melodic in the hardcore style and they're probably one of the best bands at that style. They've really good catchy songs, and a good live band. They're like family, I enjoyed watching them every night that we play.

Band : Murphy's Law
Song : Stressed Out
Album : The Party's Over
I'll tell you in a second! (Laugh)
Who's that?

Murphy's Law!

Murphy's Law??!! Whaow that sounds different!
I know Murphy's law? Is this new?

The last one!

Oh that's why!
Sorry Jimmy!! (Laugh)
I've never heard that song! But I know Murphy's Law! (Laugh)
I know Murphy's Law more than any band on that list except for Agnostic Front! When a lot of bands choose to be more aggressive, Murphy's Law choose to be more fun and you have to give them credit for that. It's one of those band even if you don't smoke Put, you feel like smoking pat, even if you didn't drink, you felt like drinking. (laugh) Like I said, I know those guys since I was a young kid, they're a great band,
Jimmy's a great entertainer, a funny guy. He's different than the other people. They all come at my barbecus and people talked about social problems and he was talking about smoking weed... That's a different approach but Jimmy is very much from the old school New6York hardcore scene, very much. Even if he's music isn't a little bit what you would expect from New-York. But it's still very much New-York Hardcore, because that's where he comes from, that's where he was born. Definatly a fun, cool band! And I'm suprise I didn't recognize the song right away! (Laugh)

Band : Figure Four
Song : State Of Mind
Album : Suffering The Loss
That one is an hard one from Canada.

Ok! That helps! (Laugh)
Don't know!

That's Figure Four!

Oh yeah Figure Four, I've heard of them!
They're from Canada? I definatly heard of them!
Pretty hard pretty aggressive shit!

I got to check them out, that sound pretty hard!

Band : Sick Of It All
Song : Let's Go
Album : Call To Arms
Sick Of It All!
One of the most important band that comes from New-York, next to Agnostic Front and bands like that. They definatly help to put New-York on the map and definatly one of the most representative of New-York Hardcore, of the New-York Hardcore imperium. They became a legendary band, definatly a band that I apreciate a lot, and definatly help to carry the touch for hardcore along with bands like Agnostic Front, and now ourselves etc, etc... If you're in hardcore and you don't know Sick of It All, you have problems (Laugh)

Well, that's it!

Ok, sorry I didn't know more! I know a lot of them right? (Laugh)

That's right, not so bad! (Laugh)

Interview Laureline & O.S.
Translation Manu

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