Most Precious Blood Blind-test
This interview/Blindtest was made in Clisson (France) the 24th of june 2006.
Benny, Manu and O.S. have met Rachel (Guitar player).

Groupe : Shutdown
Chanson : How More Than Ever
Album : Few and Far Between
I'm just gonna wait for the vocals to come in before I make try and decide on this haha.
It's gotta be Shutdown or something haha. I was gonna say it was like some NYHC band but now I know the voice. (Laugh)

There was like a reunion shows with them and Indecision?

Yeah we played the Superbowl. Indecision played, they played. It was crazy. But yeah, it was good ol' Shutdown.
I used to do a radio show in New York called Crucial Chaos and I think it was 1995. They sent me a two songs demo tape or something. I heard it and I thought it was pretty good and I had them play on the show. And Justin, the other guitar player, I didn't know him yet and he came with Shutdown to when they played on the show because he used to play with Shutdown in the beginning. That's how I met him and how I got to be in Indecision. So yeah, if that hadn't happened I wouldn't have been playing.

Groupe : Sick Of It All
Chanson : Take The Night Off
Album : Death To Tyrants
Sick of It All! It's the new one? I haven't even heard it yet. Is it out? Oh It's out? I have to get it then. I can't say enough good things about Sick of It All. They've helped us out so much. They were like, when I first started going to shows in New York I remember seeing them like three times in one summer in like 1993. It was always great. And when we first got to do a tour with them I was like "AHHH SICK OF IT ALL! Oh my god!" (Laugh)
They were like my heroes when I first got into hardcore, and to be able to tour with them was just like I couldn't imagine it could happen.

Groupe : Ministry
Chanson : Rio Grande Blood
Album : Rio Grande Blood
(Laugh) That's a cool quote!
I don't know this but it reminds me a lot of Ministry.


Is it? Oh wow! Just the way they edit the quotes I know Ministry does a lot of stuff like that. I used to love Ministry. Wow that's awesome, is that new? I haven't bought CD's in so long and I'm missing out on new Ministry.
Yes! I'm three for three.(Laugh)
That was cool I got to get that.

Groupe : Heaven Shall Burn
Chanson : Downfall Of Christ (Merauder Cover)
Album : The Split Program, Vol. 2 (Split With Caliban)
Oh I know this. Oh maybe I don't. (Laugh)
I was doing so good, I don't know what this is. (Laugh)

It's a cover song…

I don't know.

The performing band is German, it's called Heaven Shall Burn, and this song is "Downfall Of Christ"…

Oh ok. Ok I see, then I don't feel so bad. Because Merauder was from Brooklyn, obviously, and when I first started to go to shows there was the scene at CBGB's, and there were shows at this place called Wetlands and Coney Island High. And then there was this place called Lamour's in Brooklyn. Merauder played more at that club and, yeah they played CB's too, but I always had this thing against Brooklyn when I first started going to shows. I hated Life of Agony, I hated Type O Negative, I hated all these bands from Brooklyn because I was like "Fuck that! Fuck Brooklyn! I only go to CB's" haha. It was stupid, but I never really listened to Merauder. I think I have one record, but I'm not as familiar with them.

So you didn't really know Sob?

I knew him in a sense that if I saw him at a show, like he had seen me around for a long time. I don't think he ever remembered exactly who I was, but he would say hello. I think Justin knew him a little bit better. I know he went to the wake and stuff, but I didn't really know him well. So yeah, I always had this weird thing against Brooklyn. But not anymore obviously haha. It was just back in 1992 1993 I just didn't like Brooklyn haha. See Justin would have known that easily.

Groupe : Napalm Death
Chanson : Scum
Album : Scum
I like this bass sound, but I don't know what it is yet. I need vocals, are the vocals gonna come in or is it instrumental? It definitely sounds like something influenced by New York if it's not something from New York haha. I have no idea.

It's Napalm Death!

Shame on me! (Laugh) So it's not New York influenced. What album is it off of?


God! I have that album but I think it's been way to long since I've listened to it. Shame on me. I think that's the one album I actually have of Napalm Death. I first got it in high school and I really liked it, but I haven't listened to it in a really long time. I apologize for not knowing my Napalm Death. I guess Shutdown, but I don't guess Napalm Death. I only have it on vinyl so that's part of the problem. I don't hear it too often.
I'm not doing too well. Haha

Groupe : Ironboundnyc
Chanson : Lies
Album :
With A Brick

This is another thing that sounds really familiar. Something from New York, right?

Yeah! It's a side project!

Is that Icepick or something? Give me another minute. Is that the thing with Sick of It All or something? What's it called Brickhouse?


Ironbound ? Haha. That's what I meant. I haven't heard this yet either. What is it, Pete and Craig? And two friends of theirs?


Well I almost got it. Haha

Groupe : La Coka Nostra
Chanson : HeadnodShit
Album : pour 2008

Give it another minute. I don't know. Haha. I know it's not Danny Diablo. Is it hardcore related? It's from New York? It's not Wu Tang Clan. It's not Biggie Smalls.

Well, It's not a band, it's more of a crew…

Who else then?

La Coka Nostra…

I don't know them, never heard it.

With House Of Pain members, Ill Bill…

Oh I know Ill Bill. "With the money and the drugs, with the D and the drugs. The T and the thugs, what's wrong with Bill?". (Laugh)
Oh I know, with Ill Bill and Necro and all them. See I know them, but I only know Ill Bill because our bass player plays it in the van all the time. So if you played me Ill Bill I would have known it, but this I don't know.
Justin actually played guitar with some guy. Do you know Nasa? He's some kind of rap guy from New York. I think he's friends with Ill Bill. I know Ill Bill and Necro are brothers or something. This is some guy who knows them, he actually played guitar on some track of his.

Groupe : Guns N' Roses
Chanson : Welcome to the jungle
Album : Appetite For Destruction
Guns N' Roses, Welcome to the Jungle! haha. The guy who actually recorded the first two Indecision records, this guy Ron Thal, is actually playing guitar in Guns N' Roses now. He's been over here playing the festivals and stuff. It's crazy he's in Guns N' Roses now. I think they've been having a rough time. I've heard some things about people throwing stuff at them at festivals. More just Axl, I think no one has anything against the rest of the band. But yeah, that was easy.

Groupe : Leeway
Chanson : Born To Expire
Album : Born To Expire

Give me a minute on this one. Is that Leeway or something? I was never a Leeway fan. Justin loves them. They're one of his favorite New York bands. I still got it though! (Laugh) Indecision played a couple of reunion shows with them in like 1999 or 2000. I don't think anyone was ready for them to get back together back then, but hopefully now it's going better. They were all really nice. A.J. was super-nice , but they were one of those bands I never got into. But I still got it! I recognize the voice! (Laugh)

Groupe : Black Flag
Chanson : TV party
Album : Damaged

This is Black Flag. This is one of the first punk videos I ever saw on TV. Do you have VH1 here or anything? They showed the video for this song on VH1 one day when I was like in high school. I was like "Holy shit it's a Black Flag video!" This song is awesome. It's good I didn't miss that one.

Groupe : Transplant feat Danny Diablo
Chanson : D.R.E.A.M
Album : Danny Diablo - Street cd Volt 1 & Transplant

This one's not fair though because it says was everything is in here. The intro says it's Danny Diablo. (Laugh) I haven't heard this. Oh it's a Wu Tang Clan song though, C.R.E.A.M. Oh it's not a cover, but it's a copy of it, it's not a cover. Instead of saying "Cash rules everything around me" he's saying "Drugs rule everything around me." It's a Wu Tang Clan Song. It's not really a cover, they just changed it. Trust me. Actually the singer from The Transplants, Rob, he did merchandise on the AFI tour that Indecision did in 1999. It was us, AFI, Sick of It All, and Hot Water Music. It was probably one of the best tours we did, all the bands were so good. Next thing, I see him in Transplants and I'm like "What?!" Crazy.

Groupe : Terror
Chanson : Strike You Down
Album : Always The Hard Way

I don't know. It sounds… it's not Hatebreed. The voice sounded familiar…

… from Los Angels…

Oh Terror? Sounded good though. I see you guys have all these advanced releases. Haha
We did tours with them way back, not way back, but like in 2002-2003. I always liked their sound because when they got back together like Madball wasn't really doing anything. They reminded me of Madball, I always loved Madball. So when they got together, I was like "This is awesome" because it was like Madball. I know sometimes at their shows in the US they bring sort of a bad crowd, and the shows get really violent. That sort of sucks because I'm sure they don't want anyone getting really hurt at their shows. The guys in the band are really nice. We haven't toured or played a show with them in a long time. We've known Scott for a long time since Buried Alive and… something with a D. He was in a band before that and it began with a D. Oh my God this is gonna drive me crazy. You know what I'm talking about? He was in a band before Terror and a band before Buried Alive. It was a band that began with a D and I can't remember right now.

Despair !

Thank you! This was gonna drive me crazy. (Laugh) I knew it began with a D. Haha
He's been around forever and I'm happy to see him doing well. There's a lot of band right now that are big that don't deserve it, but he definitely does because he's worked hard and really deserves it.

Groupe : Vivian Ann Romero, Ernesto j. Bautista, Rodney Alejandro
Chanson : Just Another Day (The Shield Theme)
Album : The Shield Theme

No idea. It's got some nice toms and exotic things in there. It sounds like a remix of something…

It's The Shield theme…

The Shield? I've never watched it. The guys got a really big forehead that's in it but I can't remember his name. haha
It's on FX, but I've never seen it. If you played me the theme from like 24 I would have known it.

This was fun. I got like half right? (Laugh)

Interview Benny, Manu & O.S.
Translation Vincent Fiore

Copyright Hammerock - Spiritribe 1999