Lagwagon Interview
This interview was made as the band participated in the Reconstruction Tour 2003 and was in European Tour. The singer Joey answer our questions.
Joey (J), Old School (OS)
OS-About this new European tour? You were in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Uk, Netherlands, how is it?
J-It's been an interesting tour. We've played a variety of shows on this tour. Festivals and clubs. I guess the variation keeps touring exciting.

OS-Do you prefer to play in big Festival with some bands you know or in classic tour?
J-I prefer the smaller shows. They are more intimate and the energy is better. The festivals are cool because we have an opportunity to play with bands that are musically different from us.

OS-In the Reconstruction Tour, what is your relation with the others bands?
J-They are all friends. If we were not friends with them before, we are now. Everyone was cool on the Reconstruction tour. We had fun.

OS-Why did you take a so long break before recording "Blaze"?
J-We recorded a number of times before the recording of "Blaze". We were not happy with those earlier recordings. I think it is natural for a band that has been together for many years to lose their chemistry. We had a break down. We could have made a bad record or split up. Instead we were patient. I think it was worth the wait. I am proud of the new Lagwagon CD. I do not want to look back on anything I have created as a negative.

OS-About "Blaze", what for you the most change of this new album?
J-I think "Blaze" is more guitar oriented. On "let's Talk About Feelings" the songs were all arranged around a vocal melody line. With "Blaze" I paid more attention to the dynamic of the guitar and drums. This reminds me of our earlier records. Maybe "Blaze" bridges the gap between the new and old Lagwagon sound.

OS-Are you satisfied of the result? If can change one thing whish one?
J- I am satisfied with "Blaze". If I could change one thing I would replace "Tomorrow is Heartbreak" with another song I wrote that is better. You are never completely satisfied with a record.

OS- What do you think about the mean stream punk rock bands like Good Charlotte?
J- I don't have a problem with the mainstream. If I like the band It makes no difference what there status is. Good Charlotte are good guys. I don't know their music all that well.

OS-Do you think that it could bring more kids to listend to others bands like you?

J- I have seen Punk mainstream before. I don't think it has a great effect on Lagwagon. Our world stays the same and we enjoy that consistency.

OS-Are actual music productions in the way of punk rock roots?
J-I don't think so. If you look for roots they are still available in the purist form. Listen to the old records.

OS-What do you think of the Bush's politics inside and outside the USA?
J-I'm am not an advocate of any right wing American politicians. Fuck them all.

OS-Your shows in France are very scarce, why?
J-I'm not sure. We play where we are asked to play. Maybe there are not many French Lagwagon fans. I always enjoy the shows. We just played Montpellier and Toulouse. Both audiences were great.

OS-Do you know the European scene? What do you think about it?
Can you name me some bands you like?
J- I think the European scene is vast and differs in every country. There are a lot of great bands. I like "Beat steaks" from Berlin. A band called "Logh" from Sweden. There are many bands I like. Evertime we tour I get a lot of demos. I like about 5% of them. The band that supported us in France was good as well. They were called "Minimum Serious".

OS-If you've something to say at the young generation? Your last word?
J- Learn how to be a good stage diver (This is more appropriate for Germans, Italians and the Spanish).
Four basic rules:
1) 5 seconds is the time limit on stage. This is enough time to get a running start.
2)You must dive or flip. Don't just fall into the crowd. Entertain us.
3) Avoid the man in front of you. There is no reason to run the singer over or step
on the guitar players pedals. When the equipment breaks the show suffers!
4) Be nice. When you jump into the crowd land on your stomach or flip on to your back. There is no reason to kick anyone in the face.

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