Lagwagon Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 19th of January 2006.
Laureline & O.S. have met Jesse.

Last time you played in France was in Paris in 2003, so how does it feel to come back here, in france?
Oh it’s good ! we’ll have a good time I guess but we’re doing only this show in Lyon, we had something like 3 shows last time we were here.

Do you know why you play only one show ?
Hum, you know, I don’t really know ! It’s basicly a very short tour, we’re in Europe for something about 3 weeks. For example we don’t have any show in Spain which is a country we always go uselly, but don’t worry for the next tour we will probably do some more show !

And do you know why it’s in Lyon and not in Paris ?
I have no idea hahaha!

It’s maybe cos it’s close to Italy !
Yes problably because we were in Milan last night

There’s two years between “Blaze” and “Resolve”, what are for you the biggest change of the new album?
Well with this new album we did it very fast, behind “Blaze” which has slower songs that we write there’s a long time. We wrote the songs of “Resolve” in a couple of weeks so we also changed our way to write songs, faster !

And is it more easy or more difficult ?
Hu well it’s very easy because our old drummer died and the inspiration was here very fast, we did the album for him.

So how come the idea to write this album for Derrick ?
It wasn’t something that we planned, but I think everybody was thinking about it and so we did it.

How was the writing processus?
Normally Joey write the songs and we adapt them to what we like, we change a bit the melody, with this one for a lot of the songs it was more simple everyone wrote some songs, with what we all wanted to make for this album

Are you satisfied of the result ?
Hum I think so yeah !

And is there something you would like to change on it ?
Not yet, but maybe in the next time I will like to change a few thing but not for the moment ! Maybe add some songs or put some others, I don’t know !!

How was your state of mind during the recording ?

Well you know it’s a very dark album so, it was more sober I guess ...

Can you explain the cover art concept and who did it?
Basicly it’s a guy, Willie who do the cover art, so we went through Willie’s photographies, he’s got thousands of photographies and we search one which has a relation with the songs of the album, and we’ve got a pictures for each song.

How do you see your band in the future through your music and through the relation between each other?
You know it’s been a long time since we play together, we’ve toured for so many years and I totally live with my band from the sleeping to waking up and so our relationship are more and more stronger, but you know we don’t plan somethings on the future and we just gonna see what’s gonna happen !

And now Lagwagon is one of the biggest punk band, how do you feel this recognation ?

Oh it’s kind of strange !! Specially in America, but I like this recognation, I don’t wanna get a bigger one, cos we like to play our music and then come back home and leave a normal life, it’s kind of strange yeah, we’d never think we could stay so long !

Tonight is the only one show in France, and there will be a lot of people from all around the country and it’s totally full, if someone told you that could be happen in the beginning of the band, how do you think you could react?

I would call him a dirty liar ! (laugh) and then slap him ! You’re lying !! It’s bad !!!

Do you feel close to punk hardcore band like A Wilhelm Scream or Strike Anywhere?
Well I don’t know I think a lot of people who listening to hardcore don’t like our band but everyone in the band gots hardcore band to love, I mean we’re listening to a lot kinds of music. We were listening to the Scorpion last night !!

If you could turn with one hardcore band which one could it be ?
We love to tour with AWS which is a band who mixed punk rock and hardcore, they are great guys. We played on summer festivals with Sick Of It All, but we never made a tour with a hardcore band.

Just a question about “Live in A Dive”, it’s an institution for Fat Record to do it, do you feel it as a recognation from Fat Records to have made it ?
Our first reaction was just fear !! “how we will sound horrible!” or “ Everybody will hear all our mistakes” !

And the artwork, is it an idea from the band ?
Yeah ! we talked to an artist to draw what we wanted to have !!

Questionnary of PIVOT :

What is your favorite word ? FECKWIT it’s an australian cursed word that mean asshole
What is your least favorite word ? Can I say Limp Bizkit ? Yes I guess (laugh)
What is your favorite curse word ? Feckwit !!
What turns you on creatively ? Alcohol
What turns you on Spiritually ? My wife !!
What turns you on Emotionnaly ? Hey my wife !!!!!!
What turns you off? When our guitar player wants to play naked !
What is you favorite place on earth ?
huuuuuuuummmmm home cos I’m on tour right now !
What is the one you hate? You know I can’t say here cos it’s not right !! but I think it’s maybe Alburket in New Mexico.
What sound do you love? Once again : my wife !
And the one you hate? Probably HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, i don’t like that sound ! I can tell you, you don’t like it either !!
Who influenced you the most during your life ? My friend Asrea, he introduced me to punk rock, he was the first person I made a band with, the first I be drunk with !!
What profession other that your own would you like to attempt ? I’d like to be a writer !
If heaven exist, what would you like hear from God when you arrive at the pearly gate? Well, I guess you could stay here man !!

Interview Laureline & O.S.
Translation Laureline

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