Knuckledust Interview
This interview was made in Clisson (Hellfest) the 25th of June 2006.
Manu and O.S. have met Pierre (Singer), Rey (Drums) et Nik (Bass).

Did you enjoy the show today ?
Yes we loved it , it was fun .

How's your tour going so far ?
We only played 2 shows : 1 in Gemany (Precious Fest) and today at Hellfest .
Gotta go back to work tomorrow 7:30am .

About « Unbreakable » you have a extremely strong and loud production, is it because of the influences of Tue Madsen ?
Yes , we were shown how to be more comfortable in studio , to record . It's all new to us . We never aimed to be musicians in a band . We've to work and practice . We've learned a lot . It was good . Take a band like us in a studio , lazy band . He makes us sound good . Works on his computer and says : “listen to this” and we go : “YES!” .

And you plan to work with him again ?
We'd love that yes . He's getting better and better , and the demand is getting bigger for him . So it's really hard now to book a time and get in , a year in advance ! We have the pressure to release an album within a year , but he's fully booked so maybe not this time , but we'd love to .

You've released 2 records with him so far ?
That's right yes , and we'd want the third one with him too .

« Unbreakable » sound very urban, with an big hardcore anger in the voice as never before, it’s like it’s comes from a street of Brooklyn, New York? But it’s from London ? What you feel about that !!!
Have you ever been to Brooklyn ?

No .

Same as London . Dirty ans smelly just like London . Just a big city : scumbags , crackwhores you know , same things London's got . That comes across the lyrics of all bands . NYC hardcore influences us anyway , that explains a bit .

Which band influences you the most ?
Not one band . The whole scene : the music of NYC Hardcore , the lyrics of the “London scene” .

It’s now your fourth album released since “London Hardcore” what is for you the most change in this new album?
After “London Hardcore” we've done "Time won't Heal This" and then moved to “Universal Struggle” . The main difference is the production . It's old songs combined with new ones too . Whereas “Unbreakable” is new songs written for that album . These are the 2 main differences i see . Otherwise same guys playing the same shite !

About the cover of the CD, “Universale stuggle” has a “Kutter” Ray said us, symbolise of violence, about the “Unbreakable” cover, his title and pierre with is fist , what the symbole ? still there ??
The artwork tries to represent the struggle of the high wire underground music scene . Its evolution . Lots of bands coming and going , kids playing in bands . They can so disillusioned about how they get treated . We don't expect to get nice treatment , we don't give a fuck . But these kids get slapped hard , maybe they're a bit too naïve , but still ...
Here at Hellfest it's different : no struggle at all for kids . We could do that everyday . Life'd be easier , we wouldn't have to work . We're used to travel 15 hours to a small club and loose money . We do that a lot . We've lost a lot , that's a struggle .
Gotta fight to be heard as well as it's not commercial music . Not a lot of opportunities for bands to play their music . That's what we try to do day in day out : get people's attention to what we do . The hardest is to mix work and music . Hardcore does not pay but we keep on doing it . Hard to cross Europe for one gig and back selling scaffholding material in London . Real hard to get from high up to low down , to work , or the van breaking down on the way back home .

After ten years of music in the hardcore scene, you are now one an old band and a leader of the european hardcore, What do you think about the new rise of hardcore?
Anything that rises is good as it's gonna attract more attention to the secen in general .
We can only talk about the London scene really , and it's brilliant , like a big family .

Are there any UK bands you don't know on the bill today ?
Check out Rucktion Records : Lots of English bands from our area .
Ray's in loads of other bands . We don't know much about the rest of Europe as we go and leave so quick back to London . Don't get to see many bands as we're in and out fast . Like today : gotta be back at work tomorrow ... shame .

Hardcore's not a fashion but ... Do you think that hardcore have take a new breath with popular bands like Hatebreed, Born From Pain, Terror, 100 Demons…etc?
I've noticed that young bands like to do a more Metal sound like “Shattered Realms” or “Hatebreed” . They like to dance as well so that attracts them to that sound i guess . Don't think there's much difference than when i got into Hardcore : still small and bigger bands . Same as 10 years ago to me : different stars being high , different clothes and looks . Different trends and sub scenes in between but Hardcore's still here .

Do you have something to say at the young generation who’s discovering the hardcore scene ?
YES ! If you wanna make money , don't do Hardcore !! Do Heavy Metal ... If you want the house , the girlfriend and the money then do Heavy Metal compos like “Korn” . But we like the punishment : “No sins , no feelings” ...

Heard that you want to re release your discography ?
Yes in a couple of months : anything we've ever done , even unreleased and unknown (before “Universal Struggle”) . It's gonna be on 1 or 2 CDs with about 44 tracks . Maybe even a DVD , coming out on Rucktion Records. GSR's gonna distribute it .

What are your project for the the next months, after the tour?
Yes , at the moment we're writing for a new album . Maybe a tour next year : probably a headlining one this time (not supporting) . Gonna bring a band with us . Just talks right now but defo as headliners ... or we'd support Guiness as our sponsor !!

You did tour in January / February ?
We did yes with “Shattered Realms” . It was all good . Great guys , good crowds every night too !

Interview Manu & O.S.
Translation JP

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