In Flames Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Laureline and Manu have met Peter Iwers the bass player.

You're actually in festival tour with some very big ones like the Rock Am Ring, the Rock Im Park, the Graspop, the is it going on ?
Very well, we really love doing festivals for many reasons. The first obviously is that we got to play in front of lots of people how might never seen us berfore. And also we always see so many bands we have toured with, so many's always a good party. It was like at the Rock Am Ring festival, it's very divers with so many different styles, it's not only a metal festival which is great. We get new connections and meet other people and got to play for other people, so I love it.

After that you'll be in the States for a big tour. How do explain that american people like you a lot whereas many american bands are more popular in Europe than in their own country?
I don't know. I mean heavy music seems to be getting on really well in the U.S. I think that lots of american bands are influenced by scandavian music with all the melodies and harmonies. And I guess when a few american bands became really successful they're very influences by scandavian music and became bigger over there. I don't know, that's hard to say how it comes but something like that I would say.

You were talking about bands that are influenced by scandavian music, so what do you think about bands like Unearth, Killswitch Engage, and all this american scene ?
I like some of them, I like Killswitch a lot, I think it' s a really good band. Another band I really really like is Chimaira, that's probably one of my favourite bands.

Your next album "Come Clarity" is already recorded. When will it be released ?
Hopefully in october. We haven't decided that at 100% but yeah probably.

Through Nuclear Blast again ?

With whom did you recorded it ?
It was a litlle bit different. The bass and the guitars were recorded at home at Gothenburg, by ourselves, the vocals and drums were recorded at Dug-Out Studios with Daniel Bergstrand as before and then we mix everything in sweden at Tonteknink studios.

How would you define this new album compares to " Soundtrack To The Escape " ?
There's always the red line of In Flames. You can always find the In Flames things and also some new stuff we had to it, just to make it more interesting for ourselves. But I would say that's it's a bit more a up tempo record, and more melodic in the guitars than the last one.

Will you play some songs of this new album tonight ?
No, no, it's too early. (laught) Not yet. Some old songs we'll play.

We heard that you'll also release a boxset which will contains 2 cd and 2 DVD, would you talk a bit more abut it ?
Ok, maybe, I don't know. (laught)
The DVD was shot mainly through our world tour from the first show in Gothenburg to Japan, to Australia, and in the U.S and we shot a lot of shows, a lot of stuff behind it. We did a club show in Gothenburg where we played the entire "Soundtrack To Your Escape".. there's a lot of live footage, covering our trip around the world mainly, but that's lots of stuff. It's a really really long DVD, it's gonna be like a 3 discs DVD because we haven't released one before and we wanted to make something really special with the first DVD we've done. There's not really old footage, that's basically from the last 2 years with many stuff you've never seen before, lots of goodies on it, lots of secrets and maybe in the future we'll do best-of stuff...

And when will it be released?
Pretty soon, I don't know the release date but I heard it's very soon.

We also heard about a European tour at the end of the year with In Flames as headliner support by Sepultura and Chimaira, what do you have to say about it ?
No Comment! (laught)
Nothing is officially for now. We plan for it. We want to make different European Tours and that's not confirmed who we will bring but the rumours sounds good, I'd like to do that, I don't know if that's possible yet.

If someone told you at the begining of In Flames that you would influence lots of bands how do you think you could react about it ?
I wouldn't think so at the begining of In Flames. It's a big honour to do what we do and to influence bands that are highly successful. It's not something you really consider when you start playing but yeah, that's really really great!

The swedish scene is a rich one. There's a band I like a lot which isn't known as it sould be called Clawfinger? What do you think about this band ?
I haven't heard what they've done recently but I heard the old records and I really like them. Cool guys, we played with them a couple of times.

Which bands are your favourite ?
My favourite bands are Maiden and Slayer.

We already talked about your plans but do you have something more to say....for your fans for exemple ?
It's great to be back. We haven't been able to play here for a few years now, I love France and I never saw the reasons to why we didn't came here on the last tour but nobody booked us, so it's great to be back.

So we hope to see you with Chimaira and Sepultura !
Yeah so do I!

Questionnaire of Pivot :

What is your favourite word ? Knullrufs, it's a swedish word which means to silly her cat after having sex
What is your least favourite word ? I don't know.
What turns you on creatively ? Well play music. I'm not only listening to death metal like russians music...that's really inspires me a lot.
What turns you on spiritually ? Sex
What turns you on emotionally ? Sex
What turns you off ? Sweat
What is your favourite bad word ? Fitta, i can't translate it just sitting next to the lady. (N.D.LR a woman's unmentionable part)
What sound do you love ? The bip when you got a message
What sound do you hate ? The phone rings
What is your favourite place on earth ? Home
And the one you hate ? Away
Which person influences you the most during your life ? My brother
Who were your heroes when you were a kid ?
Iron Maiden and Slayer still (laught), and Def Leppard.
What profession would you like to do when you were a kid ? Astronaute, that would be cool.
What profession would you not like to do ? I wouldn't want to be a nurse.
If Heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you will arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome !

We would like to thanks Ute & Freddie, Peter & In Flames for this interview.

Interview Laureline & Manu
Translation Kostas

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