Icepick Interview - Danny
After asking a few questions to Jamey Jasta about Icepick and his side projects, we thaught that it could be interesting to do the same with the other singer of the band, Danny Diablo (Ex.Skarhead, Ex.Crown Of Thornz).
Manu asked Danny a few questions the 1st of july 2006.

So first how are you Danny ?
I’m a little tired, I am at my mother’s apartment in N.Y.C visiting my family. I just walked back from Jamaica Avenue with my sister and her daughter. We went to get pizza.

We saw on the news here in France, on TV that there was no more electricity in the “Queens”... Is everything’s allright now ? That seemed to be crazy for people with the hot weather...
It is all good over here in Woodhaven Queens, I have been here for almost 2 weeks since I have been back from tour with Danny Diablo.

We also heard a crazy story which happened on the last Warped Tour but nothing very clear. Can you maybe explain a bit what happened?
We got thrown off warp tour because we of a scuffle between my bass player and a stage manager. The stage manager was in the wrong and we corrected him!!!

Well, about Icepick, do you remember the first time Jamey talked with you about making a record together ?
Jamey Jasta is one of my best friends. We always talked about it. He started managing me in 2004. We started talking about it for real around that time.

How was the response of the record from the medias and from the hardcore fans ?
People love it. Some hardcore fans love my voice, some metal fans love his voice. A lot of people love both of ours!!! We aim to please...

How did you work on the writing process of the record ? As a band, or alone....
The record was done so fast. Did my vocals in one session. Had no time or money so it was rushed. Jasta is crazy like that. He wrote all the music. I wrote the dope lyrics on my parts...

Do you consider Icepick as a side-project or as a real band? Do you also plan to tour to promote the record ? In Europe maybe ?
I consider Icepick a side project. But then again, Skarhead was a side project and that became full time!!! We will do big tours and festivals... I heard that we are already on flyers to play Europe!!! I don’t know... Jasta waits to tell me at the last second.

Is there for you a special meaning to have all the guests like Freddy Cricien, Roger Miret, Ice-T, Pete Morcey... on 1 song (“Real Recognizes Real”) ?
Real Niggas hang with real niggas!!! Real Recognizes Real my brother!!!

You’ve released 3 records under you’re own name the “Hardcore E.P”, “Street cd vol.1” & “Street cd vol.2”. Do you plan to release a fourth one ?
The Street C.D.’s are just mix tapes to me... to show the fans what I have been doing in the backgrounds... Street C.D. volume ..1 and ..2 are dope but aren’t real albums!!! Just to keep my music in the streets. My E.P is a taste of what the full length will bring. I am very proud of the E.P “Hardcore 4 Life”. I am working right now with Dante Ross (Everlast) and Tim Armstrong on the new full length record which will be called “International Hardcore Superstar”.

You invited a lot of people on your records. What’s for you the most important thing to decide to invit this or this guy ?
I will do a song with you on my street C.D’s if you’re cool with me and do hard music!!! I love doing music with different kind of artist. Always a learning experience!!! Different producers and beat makers, guitarists, bass players, drummers... You get a different outlook from each one. You learn something new when you work with different artists.

You seem to have a lot of fun on the records with all the guests for exemple. You also dedicate a song to your dog, Ajax...
You need to have fun in life. You could be gone tomorrow. Life is short!!! Enjoy it!!! Ajax is my baby. I love that fuckin dog as if he was my son. He lost his eye and I feel so bad so I dedicated a song to him. He is in all of my 3 videos and he is also on the Skarhead record “Kings At Crime” at the end of “Dogs Of War”.

Among all the artist who come from the hardcore area you seem to be one of the most open minded guy, we could already see that on your previous project with all the influences, especially the Hip Hop influences. Which links do you see between hardcore & hip-hop ?
Hardcore and Hip-Hop are the same. Into the same shit. I am from N.Y.C and there aren’t any difference really. You can go to a hip-hop club and see mad hardcore kids and go to a hardcore show and see mad hip-hop kids!!! Same Shit!

What’s for you the meaning of making hardcore music actually? Any political sense, or Social sense...?
Hardcore is a lifestyle to me!!! The music and attitude has a lot to do with it also...

Which bands do you think we should discover here in Europe? (Hip Hop & Hardcore bands...)
You guys are already up with what is good or not. La Coka Nostra and Jewish Gangsterz are the new shit out here in the U.S of A...

We heard a few time ago that you wanted to put Skarhead back. Is it something you still want to see happen ?
Hell no...

You put “Crown Of Thornz” back last year at the Superbowl Of Hardcore in New-York. How was it ? And was it just a reunion show for fun or is it something you also want to work full time ?
Hell no. Just did it cause they asked me to. Same as the year before with Skarhead. They asked me and I did it. Don’t want to live in the past. I am proud of both bands but that was then and this is now!!!

We always see you on pics with the D.M.S. crew. Can you maybe talk a bit more about it to make people really know what it is about ?
Dirty Money Syndicate is the name of the crew. We make dope music in all the fields, Rap, Hardcore, Punk and Metal!!! D.M.S. is killing it!!!

Last month, when we met Freddy (Madball), Roger (Agnostic Front), Jamey (Hatebreed), we asked them to tell us something funny they remember happen with Sob (Merauder). Can you maybe say something about him and also tell us concerning Ernie Cortez (Powerhouse/Doomsday Device)?
Sob Rest In Peace... I miss you my brother!!!
Ernie Cortez and I got into a big fight in San Francisco. 3 people got stabbed up and poor Ernie stood there and got caught by the police. I always felt bad cause he did a little time for it. I got away!!!

What will be your plans in the musical aspect for the next months?
Finishing the full-length Danny Diablo record “International hardcore Superstar” !!! Putting out another Street C.D on my lable Ill-Roc Records. Will have dope the dopest underground artist on it!!! Touring with Danny Diablo and Icepick, putting out mix-tapes on Ill-Roc Records. Check out Ill-Roc Records on myspace!!! Doing the Jewish Gangsterz project with my man Necro and Riviera Regime!!! It is gonna be off the hook. We started recording already so watch out for the fire!!! I will be producing some new bands and shit also...

To finish, Any words for the new generation ?
Keep it hardcore!!! Have fun in life and don’t do any of your loved ones wrong!!!


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