Hundred Reasons interview
This interview was made the 25 th of May 2004 as the band was in European Tour. The singer Colin answer our questions.

About the CD artwork of your new album, can you explain me the meaning
of this dead butterfly?

I consider this artwork as a dark and a non dark image. It looks really nice! There is not especially a meaning to it, it’s just a stylish picture. We only wanted to have a good looking artwork!

Are you satisfied with this album?

Completely yes! We are very proud of the first record, but we wanted to do a better record because the band is going better and better. And we did, so we
are very pleased with that! We are really happy. It was great fun during the recording, it sounds better, the songs are better. It is a step up just as a second album should be. If you are stuck with a first album, you should give up! (laughts)

Would you change anything on it if you could?

No, everything sounds cool like this!

The voice is more aggressive and the songs too?

Yeah, we were a little bit angrier this time. The songs have more melodies
than on the first album too. We were quite angry on the first, but this new one sounds angrier.

Why your albums are so short?

We listen a lot of punk-rock, this probably comes from it! A 10 minutes’ song
can be great and a 30 seconds’ song too. The fact is that when you have said everything you have to say in the song, it should finish! We didn’t see the need
to put some aerials parts or percussion here and there. We’ll probably do 5 or 6 minutes’ song, perhaps on the next one. But for this one, we wanted to do great song to play and great songs to listen live or in your room. Our songs have the lengths they should be!

We first saw you last year in Vernier Sur Rock in Switzerland. I discovered in Hundred Reasons three great voices: you and the guitarist. How do you compose the melodies of the voices?

I generally bring most of the singing, the guitarists brings the guitars’ parts, etc. When we compose a song, everybody is involved and give his ideas. Everything
is done together. It’s pretty cool way of composing!

What do you think about the new rise of all those rock bands like The Vines?

The only one I really really like is The Hives, they have their own style and great songs. The Vines are completely shit, I think (he laughts). Like The Darkness, they have their proper style and they do what they always done and wanted to do.
For The Vines, I don’t know the guys personally, but I don’t understand how he can do so many bad songs and having such a big success.

About bands like Boy Set Fire …

Oh, they are cool guys, we did some show with them. I never really listened to their music, but I love their live performance. I don’t really like their last album, but they are an amazing live band. Their previous stuffs were better.

Do you have any advice to give to the young generation?

Just pick up a guitar and express your frustration through music. The world is crap now, and you can play music to get out of it!

Can you give to us the secret of British bands?

Wow, I think we just rock hard!

Thank you

Interview O.S.
Translation Tataye

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