Hazen Street Interview
This interview was made in Brainans the 22th of June 2005.
Tataye and O.S. have met Toby & Freddy the singers.
So how's everything going with the band? Is it on the side now?

Freddy : Well I guess its always been considered as a side project cause we all got bands going that we've been in so long and they are considered a priority. But it was always a side project that we put a lot of effort into last year. We toured 7 months to try to promote and establish it. We're very proud of the record, it's not a hardcore record, it's an experimental fun record. It's been a great experience very cool and fun to make this record cause we've been friends for a long long time. So I think we'll probably do another record at some point and see where it goes. Our priorities are our bands Madball & H20.
Toby : Hazen Street is a fun thing
Freddy : we don't wanna take it so serious cause you know, you know fuck it. We got a New York industry show in August and some shows here and there.

So you're playing mostly in the US?

Freddy : Well yeah, we did Japan. We'll see maybe we'll come here some time, do short tour in Europe.
Toby : Every day someone asks us on the tour what's up with Hazen Street, its weird.

Because in Europe its pretty difficult to get the album...

Freddy : I'm pleasantly surprised at the response, even last time we came here people were asking about Hazen Street and now this tour, its cool that people are opened minded enough to wanna hear it cause we figured that some hardcore kids will be alienated by Hazen Street cause it's not Madball, it's not H2O, it's something different.

And you did a tour with Good Charlotte?

Toby : And P.O.D. and Story Of The Year.

And how did their fans react to your music?

Toby : Awesome! The Good Charlotte tour was one of the best responses we got I think. At Good Charlotte the kids are really young and they're excited they've never heard of that kind of music. So I thought they're very opened minded, cause I thought they'were MTV kids they don't know. They never heard of Madball or H20. so we just rocked them out. It was a good tour Good Charlotte!
Freddy : Yeah it was cool, it was bunch of little kids, all little kids. Good Charlotte was a good experience the kids were into it. They were very open minded young kids liking it, it was something different for them.

So if you do another album are we gonna get the chance to see you in Europe?

Freddy : I think so, I think at some point we'll see how it goes, maybe we'll come out for a festival next year, we can incorporate it in another tour and maybe have Hazen Streets doing a couple festivals and a couple club shows. It's very possible it could definitely happen at some point.

In Hazen Street's music there's a musical mix and sometime we get the feeling that you're closer to bands like 28 days or The Transplants. Do you feel close to those bands?

Freddy : I feel like all the bands you named are unique in their own way. I don't think Hazen Street is, but I know what you're saying it's a hybrid of different things. If you look at it that way you could fit that into some kind of muted jargon. There's a hip hop influence to it, a little punk. I know what you mean there's definitely like I said a hybrid of different styles. But also enough of a difference so everybody stands out on their own. But Hazen Street is pretty unique.
Toby : Transplant have more of a punk rock flavour, a Rancid vibe that you can hear more in The Transplants than in H20 and Hazen Street. Cause Tim Armstrong wrote all the songs and his voice is so Rancid. Freddy is singing on the Hazen Streets record so many people think it is Madball. Transplants has that Rancid punk feel, but they also have keyboards and beats and stuff. I know what you're saying though. For us it's a side projects from different members, east coast version I guess. But that Skarhead record "Kings at Crime" they had punk, ska, all kinds of music there, that record was underrated, pop songs, hardcore songs. They did that in New York....!

So you don't have any idea when you'll be working on the next record?

Freddy : No, cause right now we did a Madball record and H20 are writing a record. So we're gonna wait and see how things pan out and how the year goes and the record drops and we'll go from there. But I'm sure we'll find the time to make it happen.
Toby : never say never.

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