Hatesphere Interview
This interview was made in Lyon the 13th of April 2005.
Manu met
Anders (Drums) and Mikael (Bass).

Hatesphere is not yet very known here in France, so, could you present the band...tell us your influences for exemple.
Mikael : Oh, we have a lot of influences!
I don't know why we're not well known here but I guess, France is a pretty hard country to get into, to play... We played here a couple of times, and everytime people gone crazy, so it's been nice for us everytime. And we hope to be known here in France but I think we're on the way.

Anders : We're on the way, because last time we played with Kreator, we played at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris, it was just awsome you know. We played in Montpellier also which was really cool, and also here in Lyon in the big room...it's just getting better and better. Tonight was really really good.

Mikael: Very very good for us, we had good response from the audience. We really like that.

You're on tour for one month with Morbid Angel, how is it going ?
Mikael: It's better than expected actually. We heard lots of rumours about them before we went on tour but they're not true. Everything's just all nice, people are nice, the crew is very cool.

Anders : And Morbid Angel is very cool. It's so far much better than what we expected because beeing on the Kreator tour with 4 bands connecting, not really with Kreator but with the other bands we connected a lot. But the guys from Kreator told about us to the guys from Morbid Angel, they toured with them in the US and they said "Oh you gonna get fucked...!".....Ok, Cool man we'll try our best!
(laugh). It's actually very good and the difference beeing on tour with Kreator and Morbid Angel is that Morbid Angel crowd is very much into death metal so for us that's a bit more difficult to play but we do our best and it works good.

Mikael: The crowd is more conservatives on this tour than on the last one but it's still nice.

Anders : Just play, the best we can..that's the main thing. Yeah, we're working on people.

Between those two tours, which do you think is the best for you?
Anders : It's difficult to say actually. I think somehow, the Kreator tour was better for us.

Mikael: Yes because it was a trash audience but this one is also good for us because we played a crossover with lots of things. But it's very good because we get the metalheads that listen to death metal and also like kind of stuff that we're doing.

And do you think that you played on the tour with Kreator on bigger places?
Mikael: Here in Lyon, it's the fact, but it's usually the same in other places. Tonight it was smaller but it doesn't matter. Yeah, it was better tonight than the last time. Also because this time we got to play 45 min instead of 30 min the last time.

Anders : We were the opening band as we were tonight but we were the opening band for 4 last time and tonight the opening band for 3 so it was better, we had a better response from the people, it was really good.

On your website, I've seen that there was 2 shows the same day. It was on the 19th of march. On in Lille and the other one in Mons in Belgium. Did you really play them both?
Mikael: Yeah! It was kind hard, we get drunk all the way to the next gig. (laugh)
It was fun to try to play in two different countries the same day.
Anders : We played a really cool gig in Lille, there was really cool people how were so much into it. We just packed our shit so fast in the van and just go away and came to Mons where it was the same.

Mikael: I thaught it wasn't be that good but it was even if it was a hardcore party, everybody seemed to be in our music. There was more people than we expected.
Anders : I had problems, some cramps in my legs because we went jogging the same day. All the guys in the band said "Hey let's go jogging!" and it's hard for me, I'm an old guy, he's an old guy and we play a good gig in Lille and at the end of the show I got cramps on my legs at the end of the show and I had some massage and massage on the way back to Lille while drinking beer. And we met a lot of people we know from other bands like Born From Pain, they just served us beer on stage, that was fucking great, it was cool.

You have recorded lots of stuff until now, and I heard that you actually prepare another full length album ? What can you say about it actually?

Mikael: Yeah! That's pretty hard to say, we're on the process

Anders : We have 5 songs.

Mikael: It's still gonna be Hatesphere and it will be the same style as we usually do but also different as we have new influences. It's hard to say. We don't even know ourselves what's gonna be on the album. We still got lot of time...We really don't have that much time (laugh). We do our best... You won't be disapointed!

Anders : When we were told we got on this tour to think about the album because we don't have time inhalf to do it as SPV wants to do it. We spend some time in rehearsal rooms, everyday we have a day off, we search things out as we do yesterday in germany...trying new stuff because ther's a lot of riffs coming out all the time. So we just trying putting things together.

Mikael: For us a day off is just a waste of time, it's just crap.I'm on tour to play for people, a day-off is just a waste of time.

Anders : But if you can rehearsal during days off, then it's not a waste of time. We can actually do songs, put things together. When we'll go home we'll have one and half month 'til next album should be ready. We played in Budapest and the day after we had a day-off, we went to Wienna, to a friends how have a rehearsal room there and that was very good for us.

Mikael: We made two new songs and I really like the fist of what we're doing. The songs we made there came fromp the heart, are very fast, aggressive...very very good.

Do you know when it'll be release?
Mikael: It's gonna be september or october.
Anders : Late sptember, something like that.

On your last disc " The Killing EP ", you recorded a Suicidal Tendencies cover. That seems to be a strange choice...
Mikael: Not really! All of us have a background. Henrik's the only one how doesn't really like a lot Suicidal, but all the other guys are into that music not like listening to this music all the time but we like it.

Anders : We don't do obvious things. It's like on last EP we did when we did Anthrax and Ozzy covers...we just do the thing we like. The only guy who's not into Suicidal is Henrik. But he did a good solo, very good!

Mikael: He was more on the songs and the solos on the last EP, something more heavy. But Henrik enjoy the way we did it so...

Anders : The Suicidal song is not the one we gonna do live, we have the Anthrax cover which is a perfect live song. Because we do lots of support gigs and we don't want to waste some time doing cover songs. We gonna play our own songs so if we have the time to play cover songs, we gonna do the Anthrax one because it's more aggressive and people know it.

Why did you decide to sign with SPV for the release of " The Killing EP "?
Anders : It was a pretty hard decision because we got offers from everywhere.

Mikael: We had offers from all the big metal labels. But we signed with them because we thaught they have an attitude just like ours. We just wanted to see which of them want to invader.

Anders : Just for exemple, Nucelar Blast wanted us very much and it would be an obvious choice. They release actually 5, 10 albums every month with the same kind of music so for us it's very important to be a priority on the label we're going on; SPV actually thaught to sign The Haunted but they actually want to sign us instead, which is pretty cool, and they love us, they're fans of us and they got lots of money, they want to push us on to tours like we're on now. If we were on any other label, we didn't have the money, we would have to pay ourselves. So it's an obvious choice for us.

How would you describe your music to make people discover it?
Mikael: Argh it's a hard question.

Anders : Not really.

Mikael: I think so!

Anders : It's trash, brutal trash with another kind of vocals.

Mikael: It's not only trash because it's got lot of more influences, death influences, hardcore influences, metalcore influences, trash influences. It's got a little bit of everything. It's not like we want to fit everybody, we just do the music that fits everybody in the band.

Anders : Jackob is very much into hardcore, I'm the only into trash metal, good old 80's trash metal...that's what I play.

Mikael: I'm just into good music!

Anders : Henrik is into death metal and Peter the other guitar player used to be into the swedish kind of trash.

Mikael: The very melodic stuff and he's the one how create most of our riff but he comes around to everybody's taste in the band

Anders : He wants to do it agressive, we all want to do it agressive, we like to do the fisting, you know the fisting?

Manu : Yeah !

Mikael: Do you want it ?

Manu : No thanks I'm ok like that!

Anders : But we don't want to be like Gootborg or Stockholm or anything swedish thing like that. We just want to do agressive trash/death metal

Mikael: We just want to do our own shit, like anybody else. Even that we know our music is comparable to other bands but it's not we like to copy those bands, we just want to do our own stuff and do whatever we really think is good for us, not for anybody else. We do the stuff that we like, the music that we love and love playing it.

Anders : Hatesphere is a live band, subconciencsly we actually do songs it shoul be easy playing live it should be easy listening to and people shouldn't think too much about it, we just want that fist.

In general, what are the lyrics talking about ?
Mikael : The lyrics are not that important to us actually.

Anders : It's just stories about stupid people, crazy people, killers...We don't preaching love because it doesn't suit music, not even about politics.
We're into music, we're not into politics and stuff like that. We just want to sing stuff that suit that kind of music.

You've just said that the lyrics are talking about stupid people, and we had a good exemple in last december with the the murder of Dimebag Darrel...
Anders : Yes that's an exemple.

Mikael: That would be a good choice for the lyrics

Anders : It's typicaly american,...too many weapons around the US.

Mikael: The people on the tour, the crew are very nice but sometimes, americans are just fuckin' stupid, it's incredible. You've heard about the incident of the school where a guy shoot many people...that's a typical american stuff.

Anders : All those things wouldn't have happen in the US without all those stupid weapons law. It wouldn't have happen in Europe cause we don't have that law.

But I think also there's a problem with young people state of mind in the US. I think it's completly different than in Europe. Have you seen the Slayer "War At The Warfield" DVD? On the bonus section we can see some fans whom seem to be very strange!
Anders : Oh yeah! But that's Slayer's fans! You wouldn't expected anything like that from them because they're just into Slayer, they wouldn't kill anybody for their belief. If a guy like the guy who killed Dimebag Darrel and the guy of the crew, he was into that music but he was just a poor kind of person...a Slayer wouldn't do that, because a Slayer fan loves Tom Araya, a Slayer fan loves Dave Lombardo and so on. Where they're crazy people that's where crazy shits happen and it happen in the US lot of times. It wouldn't happen in the Europe at all, I guaranty you!

Would you present us a bit the danish scene, because we know Hatesphere, Mnemic, Lars Ulrich et King Diamond but is there some other bands you think french people must discover?
Mikael: There's Ill Disposed that I'm not into anymore.

Anders : There's Mercenary which is pretty good...

Mikael:...and also Volbeat which is a very good band from Danemark...you've already heard the singer...he was the singer og Life Of Agony, he's a very good singer...

Anders :...yeah a bit like James Hetfield, very Rock n' Roll...

Mikael:...I really like that.

Anders :... many good labels are interested by them. There's also Toolfire, It's more metalcore, they're good on stage, but I'm not really on that music, but they're nice guys. I'm not into it also but I know many people into it, it's very naive kind of metalcore, they just play what come out the hand, they don't exist for a long time but they gonna be a very good band.

Mikael: There's also Evocator which does exists for lots of years, not as good as they were in the past but they still got the respect for everything and there's still Konkhra which is dead in my opinion.

Anders : In my opinion as well, it's not good anymore. I've never liked it, but I like some of the guys in the band, but they're just not good inhalf to write music, that's the problem. There's also Exmortem which is really brutal death metal.

Mikael: Yeah I heard lots of good stuff but on the latest album, I haven't listen to the new stuff. I heard the earliest album but I didn't really like it, it's not too simple but too....transparent and obvious.

Anders : It's really fast death metal, and many people like that so fine, cool!

Mikael: There's actually lots of good bands coming out from Danemark by now, it's gonna be a trademark, like from sweden.

Anders : We played a lot in germany and people there said "hey you come from Danemark..that must be good" yeah ok, just watch us play and tell me again and they were like "you fuckin' kill", so that's nice! What it takes is just to play a lot of live shows and that's why we're a very good live band, we're a live band that's why we're gonna gain our fans from because we just enjoy playing live, we love, we just have fun on tage.

Mikael: There are so many bands out there and it's so hard to find whatever you like. I really love metal but there are so many fuckin' crappy metal bands and when I go to the cd shop I don't know what to buy. That's the way, to see a band live, to see really what you could do.

Anders : Last couple years we played with lots of good bands still beeing a support, we just played some headliner shows but if we played as headliner we would play for nobody.

What are your plans for the next month...some festivals maybe ?
Mikael: Writting new songs because we'll be on studio in a month and a half, and we'll be maybe in Wacken but it's not confirm and maybe some smaller german festivals. We played Full Force last year so I think they won't gonna take us this year.

Anders : But actually we choose all the festivals off because we have to write the album and that's the main thing because we're writting the album for SPV, our new label, and they want a good album so we gonna write a good album....so we gonna get rock stars!(laugh) So that's why we won't gonna waste that time. We have to choose sometimes. Next year we'll do all the festivals and we gonna be headliners!
Mikael: Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!

To conclude, I have some questions which needs only a one word answer.
What is your favorite word?

Anders : Pussy
Mikael: Fistting.....but Pussy is better

What is your least favorite word?
Anders : "Jantelov" It's hard to explain but in Danemark, it means "that you should never feel better than other, never think you are someone special". It's really a danish thing, typically danish.

What turns you off?
(Jacob the singer is coming in, roll over up with adhesive)
Jacob : If you ask me what turn me off....these two persons!
Anders : The thing that turns me off is, people that have small shoes, people how doesn't accept anything because they think too much about themselves. I hate that.

What is your favorite curse word?
Anders : "For Helvede"...it's kind of god damage

What sound or noise do you love?
Anders : Metal

What sound or noise do you hate?
Mikael: Jacob's voice

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Mikael: Free blowjobs for everyone!

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