H2O Interview
This interview was made in Brainans the 22th of June 2005.
Tataye and O.S. have met Toby the singer.

How are you feeling about this new tour?
The new tour is awesome, we haven't been to Europe in 3 years so we didn't now what to expect cause a lot of kids could forget about us and stuff. We have nothing new out but the shows have been awesome a lot of H20 kids coming out. It's been really good. Its only been 2 weeks, nice and short but its been awesome, the shows have been great.. I didn't know what to expect, I don't know what to expect tonight, we haven't been to France in a long time, we had some good shows in France a couple of years ago.

This tour look like a family tour...
Yeah, that's the only reason why we're doing it you know, its friends.

And you're also doing some summer festivals in a few days?
Yeah I'm psyched, two shows, we're doing Furyfest in France and one in Belgium, Grasspop, I'm psyched its gonna be cool, 7 Seconds is playing, Megadeth, its gonna be crazy.

Actually 7 Seconds cancelled for Furyfest and Terror is taking their place...
That sucks. Who took their place? Terror? Oh shit cool cool that's awesome!

So you said earlier that you are writing a new record?
Yeah we're now playing songs that we wrote on this tour. Its because I live in California and the others live in New York, 2 of us live in California and its hard to get together. I had a baby a son and so we took off a year or two. The first couple of records we were always together touring and we were always writing songs together, but now we need to get each other together again, try to do that more, you know.
We're also putting together a DVD, its coming out in a couple of months. Its our home video, it came out on Epitaph years ago and out on DVD now, we're adding a bunch of stuff to it. We've been dealing with getting the rights to different videos and shit like that. So that will be out next month and we got some shows coming up, Hellfest with H20, Madball, Sick of it All and Hatebreed, its crazy, that's gonna be in New Jersey.

And in your album "Go" there was a cover of "Like a Prayer"...
... Yeah I love Madonna!

I was gonna ask you why you chose this song?
Yeah I've loved Madonna my whole life, so I just said lets fucking do it. I always listen to all kind of music not just hardcore. I've been influenced by a lot of styles of music and Madonna was one of them. I met her and I showed it to her, it was cool. She thinks I'm crazy. It's a really fun really crazy live song and people go crazy in the states. I don't even know if she's heard it yet hopefully she will.

So another cover for the next LP?
Yeah we always do that.

No something metal. We had 7 seconds, we always have covers, we'll think of one.

Will the next record sound like the older ones?
Older shit yeah, I love all of our records combined. We play a song from "Go" and a song from our first LP in our set and it all fits. So I want our next record to be the best record we ever made, to have all the energy and excitement as the first one did. So we take our time, its been 3 years you know. But Descendence they made this record 'Everything Sucks', they made it ten years into their career and I love that record. So I feel we can make our best record ever, just do or die you know. If kids waited three years, they can wait a little longer you know. But I'd like to come back to Europe in the fall, to England, Spain and all the places we didn't go to.

And do you have any contact with major labels for the next one?
No we have friends everywhere Hellcat, Epitaph, Kung Fu, Fat. I know these labels very well so I'm not worried about the label at all. I'm just worried about making the record. I already met Tim from Rancid and he said he'd produce it. We'll probably be on Independent, my friends have a small label with good distribution.

So what are your plans after this tour?
After this tour we got a couple of shows and then we're gonna get together to finish writing the songs. I have the guys coming to California to write songs and then we got this DVD coming out. So we'll see what's up.

So it's first the DVD and then the record...
... Yeah yeah!

When is the DVD out?
Well we're waiting for a couple more things like a couple of videos. There's a video from the 'Go' record and an Ice Cube song we covered that we're trying to get the rights to, its fucking politics man I got my lawyer doing it. So once we get those videos it will all be cool. We'll have on the DVD our home video, the 2 videos and our live 10th anniversary show in New York in January that was awesome. And some stuff from this tour cause we're filming some stuff.

Do you know a little bit about the European scene? Any European bands?
Back in the day I did, I knew Kickback from France and some German bands I remember Rykers and Backfire, but not lately. Is Kickback still together?

I'm not sure.

Were they a big band here?

Not so much. A little but years ago

Is there a big hardcore scene here?

Well here I don't think so. There aren't many hardcore or metal shows here, but when there is one, people come. Fear Factory and many other great bands have come here and every time there were many people. It may in the middle of nowhere but kids come. In two weeks 25 ta life are coming here.
Are they big here? 25 ta life?

Not so much.

Back in the day though?

Yeah !
Well, do you have any last words to say?

I wanna say I'm sorry we haven't been here in 3 years. I had a baby (I'm not sorry about that), we took some time off but now we're back and hopefully kids haven't forgotten about us and we will have something new out soon. So please be patient.

Interview Tataye & O.S.
Translation Kostas

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