FuryFest Interview

This interview was made the 16th of April 2005.
We ask some questions to
Ben (Organizer) .

This year the program is quiet big, with bands such as Slayer, Megadeth, Pennywise, The Melvins, Motorhead....etc. We can say that the Furyfest musn't be jalouse to the other big european festivals. Is it hard to build up such a high leveled program?
Well, it depends, it's not always easy to be placed for some big bands, we just need to get some recognition, so we have to wait years to be unavoidable to make people intereted to come. After there's also outbidding between festivals to be sure for the venue of this or this band. But we aren't 150 in Europe to play those musics so that's pretty cool...only the Slipknot matter causes us troubles.

How does it works for the finance, do you have some help, subventions.. ?
In concerning subventions and sponsoring it's quiet hard....institutions don't recognize those music styles to be part of French culture, from which there non implication in that project, so that's why the price is a bit high. In private terms, we had the chance to find investors called "Independant Media" which is a german society specialize in music press with magazines like Radikal and Velvet in France and many others in Germany, Belgium....those people are confident in us artistically, so, yes we can say that we're lucky.

Can you tell us how much you need for the Fury Fest ?
A lot but I can't tell you beacause now my allocations don't allow me it....but I certify you with my young age, I can't easily realize it. The budget is 150 times bigger than in 2002.

Would you tell us more about the structure who's working on the Furyfest ?

How much employed people, how much voluntary people?
We're are 6 employed people, we all have a specific role (technic, logistic, art, coordination, production...), it's the first time this year that I have following with some professional so that's cool, it allows me to leave some responsabilities, and let some more experienced people do their stuff. The result will be better.

Concerning the intermittent's revendications, did you have troubles during the Crisis ? Let you them an expression area for metting the public thi year?
It was 2 years ago, at that time the Furyfest didn't employ intermittents so they're was no interests for us to stop us...but this year they'll be a lot, we'll see what happen...

When you build up the first Fury Fest in 2002, did you think that it would get so much importance ?
Obviously not, it was like a dream, I never thaught that it could be happen in 4 years. Chance is a lot into it, we can say that we arrived at the good time, at the good place. All crack we get make us to open new doors to have a great evolution for the festival. Beeing passionate by those musics, I didn't calculate the risks, and that makes us progress quiet fast.

What is your best memory by now, the band that turns you proud coming playing here?
There are a lot, I'm open-minded even if my heart goes to hardcore...I would say maybe Neurosis for this year, and Sick Of It All in 2003.

What was your bigger disappointement ?
People's attitude on Slipknot show, because I knew while seeing the things happen that the futur would be quiet hard for us. When you have spent lot of time, lot of efforts to arrive to this point and all this broke up in a while, that's very hard to stomach.... that's not in relation with the band, neither to the public, it's more a selfish feeling...

The Fury Fest was first a hardcore fest, which grow up and now mixing all styles of music like metal, punk...All festivals have a particular state of mind, for you which is the Fury Fest's state of mind ?
It's the same as 4 years ago: some friends dedicate to this project… Don't think that the festival is a music factory, we're like kids who are having fun everyday and who take avantage of the Furyfest's success. We're not too serious, and if it breaks up, we'll go back to where we come from. We like mixing everything, we'd like to be considered as a gathering for people who like extreme music in a large meaning and not only specialize in hardcore, or metal or punk.

What can we say about the 2006 edition, 5 scenes, 6 days, Metallica and Green Day as headlines... How do you see the FuryFest's futur?
Last year we had a big kick ass, and so I'm very happy to be still here this year, 2006 doesn't exist, I know that a festival like the Furyfest resists with nothing, so wait and see. If the public want to see another one in 2006 we must be support this year, we'll see after that.

What would you say to make people come this year ?
As I said before, a festival as big as this one is quiet dangerous, so let people think by themselves, all the people who think that this festival is good a thing for extreme music development in France, will understand that they have to come.


Interview O.S., Benny & Philippe
Translation Manu