Fishbone Interview
This interview was made in Lyon at the Ninkasi Kao.
Manu and Da Chief have met the charismatic singer Angelo Moore.

So you're on tour for 21 shows in France. That's a huge tour. How is it going ?

It's been going really good. Everything has been really good men ! We have a bus ! We haven't had a bus for a long time you know. So they treated us like kings. Shows are almost sold out every nights. It's like a second coming for Fishbone. Things are getting really good here, a lot more than in the Unnited States.

You have a deal with a french label Ter A Terre. How did you meet them ?

You know, we were on tour here before. And Wolfunkind opened up for us a couple of time. Wolfunkind label was Ter A Terre. And they said that they wanted to put out a released of Fishbone in France. We thought that this sounds good, so we did it. They made a right work for us. So now we are on tour for this record and it's going really good. I like that.

Do you think there is a special link between Fishbone and France ?

It seems like it is men ! Everytime we come here there is always a good merge. I noticed that before. But now with this new line up it's even better. And that's a good thing you know. We got a whole new band !

Can you tell us more about your last album live at the Temple Bar ?

We recorded it at the Temple Bar, which is a bar in Santa Monica California. Thanks to their facilities, soundboards, protools… the club recorded the whole show. So everything was recorded the same night, and afterward we mixed it.

You released many records, you played thousand shows all over the world for 20 years. What do you think when you look back at your career ?

Well, when I look back, I think to myself "Whouah men !" I've been through a lot of things. I've experienced life doing Fishbone. I've enjoyed being part of this band, with its up and its down. Now I think it starts to come up again. It's like the phoenix rises from the ashes. So that's how I look at it. When I look at the business shit that we went on with the record company, the american music business, that's always been a little shady. But it seems like with this particular label Ter A Terre it's going pretty good you know. It's not the same kind of deal. And hopefully we're gonna get something like that in America soon.

Do you have any idea about how your next record will sound ?

I know there is gonna be some funk, some ska. There's also gonna be some rock tunes. We are still on the creative process right now. You know, after reforming the band together, we had to teach everybody the new songs which took a long time to play catch up. Then the creative process comes along. So yeah, it's gonna sound like that, funk, ska, raggae, some jazz up and there.
Tori Ruffin (guitar player) passed by: Yeah that's right. That's why I came in !
Tori and Angelo started to jam together.

Which is your favorite record in your whole discography ?

Oh, let me see there are many. Yeah, "Doctor Madd Vibe". That's my favorite one. That's my solo project ! (big lough) That's why I listen to it everyday when I'm at home. When I'm driving my car, that's what I put in. Because I'm listening to my own music all the time (big lough) ! To see where we're at in the mix. What I can bring up, what I can bring down. Because I'm gonna released an album soon and a comic book too. But about your question, I don't know men, there's so many people. James Brown, Sly Stone, Duke Ellington, John Zorn. I also like the Blind Boys Mississippi, Tokyo Paradise Ska Orchestra. I like the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains and stuff like that. Also a lot of hardcore. Many different things !

How do you make the choice of the songs you play on stage ?

We write down on a piece of paper. Norwood (bass / vocals) write down the songs on a list, we look at it and we play it, "bam" ! Here we go, just like that !

Many people describes Fishbone as the best band ever for live performance. What do you think of that ?

(big lough) Yeah ! Why not ! See, that's really good. I'm truly thanksfull for the new guys in the band. That's a fact, everybody is happy to be in Fishbone.

So can you tell us more about this new line-up ?

Yeah, there is Rocky George on the guitar. He used to play with Suicidal Tendencies. D'Andre Gibson is on the keyboard. John McKinght is on the trombone. Pastor Dre on trompets. Tori Ruffin on guitar. Norwood Fisher on the bass. And there's John Stewart in the drums. That's it. It's going really good. It's the best line-up, the new one. I ain't going back.

Which bands are you closed to ? It could be american or european ?

I don't know men. I know so many bands and people. See that would be probably a question for Norwood. Because Norwood jams with a lot of people around town. Me I try to stay inside. Here's one, Truelious Discracies. That's Norwood's band. And it's like, all the people from around Los Angeles come and jam in this band. Sometimes Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers would come around. Les Claypool is around… there's so many people, so many artists. The names are endless.

We talked about Wolfunkind, do you like their music ?

I like Wolfunkind men. I like their music, it grooves, it constantly changes. It's really interesting.

A last question, any message for your french fans ?

Stay positive and don't let what's happening in the world let you down. And of course, buy the record (big lough) !!! Come to the next show, keep hope alive !

We would like to thanks Ter à Terre and for this interview Angelo Moore.

Interview Manu & Da Chief
Translation Tataye

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