Ektomorf Interview
During a cold night of february (14th),Tataye and Manu met Zoltán (vocals & guitar), József (drums) and Tamás (guitar) from Ektomorf.
They invited them in their tour-bus while Kreator finish to play. The band is at least pleased, as they say "to meet people like them".

About this tour, how is it going so far ? What's your feeling about it ?

Z: It's a good tour. It's good to go on the road with those bands. You know, I grow up listening to Kreator, and I think it's the same for the other guys, so it's great to be on tour with them. And also the people are so cool. Except maybe the date that we did in Italy. It was very hard for us, because there, people were really into melodic metal and you know how our music is !

Tonight also the audience wasn't really very reactive ?

Z: It was much better than Italy. But France is good for us. We played a couple days ago in Montpellier and people where crazy there. And Barcelona yesterday was freak out. It was our first time there and we played in the same place where Sepultura recorded his "Under Siege" video. It was fuckin' cool.

You have five weeks for this tour with only one day off. Isn't too difficult ?

Z: Well we have a good staff with us. Also we have good food, a great bus.
T: He had to take care about his voice you know. But for us it's not so hard.
We just have to play.
Z: Yeah for the first time we have guitar tech and drum tech so we have nothing
to do unless play. After 11 years that's the first time so it's great.

Would you tell who Ektomorf is ? And talk a little bit about your band ?

Z: Ektomorf was found in 1993 with the demo tapes. After that we made our first album in 1996 in hungarian language but it was only on tape. In 1998 we did our second album called Ektomorf, also in hungarian language which was pure trash metal, like Kreator or Sepultura. In 2000 we did our third album called Kalyi Jag with gipsy elements in it. This one was in english. That was our first step to brake from Hungrya. We played in Germany, Austria in very small clubs. In 2002 we did the I Scream Up To The Sky album. And after this we played in a festival called Summer Breath and we met with Nuclear Blast and now we are with Nuclear Blast. So we released our fifth album Destroy last year. And that was our first album that was distibuted worldwide. So we just did some touring, touring and touring again for that album. And our new album is gonna be released on the 29th of march and it's called Instinct. And I think this is the more killer album from us. You heard some new songs tonight. It's gonna be really more heavy, and also have more stuff in it, like grooves. If I want to describe our music, it would be like hardcore trash metal and punk. A few metal people think that this mix is strange, a few metal guys can not jump. But I mean it's healthy men, (big lough), exercice a little.
Yeah we are a trashcore band, everybody is comparing us with Soulfly and Sepultura. It was right for last year, but now it's different. We are Ektomorf you know. We have our own name, our own style, our own lyrics.

Distroy was released almost one year ago, what's your feeling about this album after all the touring that you've done ?

Z: Yeah we did a lot of touring for this album. Last year we were on the road with Pro Pain from New York. We did an amazing tour with them. It wasn't such a big tour. Every night we played clubs with less than 600 people. Yesterday in Barcelona for instance, there were 1500 people. But it was agreat tour, 29 days with no day off also. We were in France in Saint Nazaire and Strasbourg. But only two dates in France. So now we have Lyon and tomorrow Paris, and I'm really happy about that.

About your new album, where did you recorded it, and with whom ?

Z: We did it in Danemark in the very same studio where we did Destroy. We also had the same producer, Tue Madsen. We were really a 100% satisfied with the Destroy album. We just did the pre production last year in hungary in a very small studio. We send them to him and he loved the new songs and said he was looking forward to do the new one. And it looks like we're gonna do the next one again with him. He's a cool guy, he knows what we want. I mean, if you find somebody who knows you very well, and can make what you want, you have to work with this personn.
You've got to hear the new album, the sound is different than on Distroy. The sound was very fat on Distroy, for Instinct, the sound is more dry, more naked, more nature. We didn't used any effect this time. Everything came out from the amps directly into the microphones.
T: We recorded everything in 5 days. After that we mixed the whole thing for 14 days.
Z: There's a fuckin' rough sound. 45 minutes but really aggressive. Lot of anger in it.
T: You can really feel live energy in this album.
Z: This album is gonna be even more angry. Lot of people think that as we are an upcoming band we have to feel good and fine, but we just get more stressed and we see more how people can be fucked up in their head, especially in this business. People can treat you like piece of shit if your not the big somebody. But, keep on fighting men !

In a few words, what would you say to people that don't know Ektomorf yet, to make them discover Instinct and Destroy ?

Z: They just have to be in really heavy music. Our lyrics are about society, about our lifes, no blah blah, no make up stories. It's about what we have today. The music is like you can jump on it, headbanging, moshpit a lot. You can put your anger out by listening to it. Whatever you are looking for in this type of music, you can find it in our. You saw that at the gig tonight.
And it's honest. We talk to the people, my lyrics are for the people. I don't write to God or Satan, it's for the people. Not like some other bands can do !!! (really big lough). Some bands are talking to, I don't know, I believe in God, but I'm not religious. It's important to me, but I'm not into those religions where you loose your mind, where you have people telling you what to do with our life. I have my own life, God is there, showing me the way, but no church or bibble for me.

Nowadays we see more and more hungarian bands coming in France like Superbutt and Cadaveres de Tortugas. It seems that Hungaria is very
productive with great bands.

Z: Superbutt actually, we don't really know them, but Cadaveres and Tortugas are friends.
T: Really cool guys !
Z: We toured a lot in hungary with those guys during the past. We did a tour that was called "Terrorist Tour" at that time. Today you can not called it like this. But it was great, we even did bring them in Germany.

A few years ago, we didn't know anything about the hungarian scene, now it seems that more and more bands have the chance to tour over europe.

Z: Yeah, everybody tries. Superbutt guys, tried longer than us. We just had the luck to find a great compagny and to do many festivals in germany. We did the biggest festivals last year. We did the With Full Force festival, we did Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park…. All the festivals were really a success and great for us. This year we'll play again in With Full Force. At a better slot. They used our song "Set me free" from the upcoming album "Instinct" as this year´s title track of the With Full Force Website because they really like us. So it's gonna be great this year. I really love that festival, that's my favorite one.
T: They really mix people during that festival, they have all kind of music.
Z: There are really some open minded people there. Today, metal people are really closed in one style. They have to be more open. Many bands say "Yeah we're heavy". But it's not heavy men, they just talked about some evil. Heavy music is when the music comes to your face and blow you out. Because you're talking about some evil or I don't know what thing, doesn't mean you're heavy, it's just mean you're childish. (lough) But I mean it's not for me. When I was 14 years old, I had a turned cross in my neck and 666 on my jacket but not anymore. I have more important things in my mind than thinking about satan. It's that we're just fed up with this a little. On this tour, the metal fans are too closed, they should be more open. Thank God in some country it works, Spain was awesome, France fuckin' great. In Montpellier even black metal guys were jumping. Even if they were wearing skirts. In germany it's the same, there we get to see more guys that look like you guys. So it's cool to see you tonight, finally some guys that looks like us.

You didn't got chance tonight because here in Lyon a lot of people listen to your kind of music, unfortunatly they didn't came to that show. Maybe they thought that with Kreator and Dark Tranquility it was not for them.

Z: I know what you mean. But you know, Kreator are so fuckin' cool. Mille (vovals and guitar) is really an amazing guy. Now we are friends. Ok we play in front of a very strict metal audience but we also spear our music everywhere. And that's the most important. And in the summer we'll get to play for our audience and maybe some people from this type of music will come because they saw us on that tour. But tonight was good. I got some response from the audience, they showed some respect. In Italy we didn't get any respect.
T: What about Greece !!! (big lough) Only Kreator fans ! (couldn't stop loughing)
Z: Yeah Greece was bad for us. After the first songs you can hear everybody shoutting : "Kreator, Kreator !" And I have to stand in front of 1000 people with the mic and say "Hello make some fuckin' noise ! And all the response you get is "Kreator Kreator !" So you have to play the next song, really hard. But I think we managed to touch some people.
T: A few people in the front were not the best, a few assholes showing us some "fuck you" fingers, showing us to go away and stuff like that. But in the back we saw that some of them enjoyed the show so that was ok.
Z: But it doesn't matter. Kreator is a great band. We play a different music but on the same basis. We have very heavy riffs, with the same agression they have.

But I think in this country it's the same problem for many bands.

Z: Yeah, they listen to Rhapsody men, you know (he starts singing) "Whouahhhh", this kind of metal. It's really hard to make them jump on your music. They don't find anything in this. They just want to thing with you like "Whouahhhh", but I can't, because I scream. And I will never sing. It's not for me, I can't. But for the next record, I think it's gonna bring more people to our music. I know it is heavy and that it's for everybody, even for those people. So everybody just have to be open and then we will see.

Back to the new album, is there any guest on Instinct as there was a guy from Mnemic on Destroy ?

Z: No, not that time. Mille from kreator was supposed to fly to Danemark for a featuring, but he couldn't. He had way more work than he expected for the promotion of there new album. So this time it's just the four of us.

It's easy to find Destroy in the store... but is it possible to find your oldest realeses ?

Z: In Germany it's still possible to find I scream up to the sky and Kalyi Jag, but the oldest one, no, not anymore. But the oldest tape are not that good so, maybe on ebay, but way too expensive for the sound you can have. So I don't think you can find them anymore, maybe in the futur we will be in position that we can re-released them but now we're just looking for the futur, not for the past.

We would like to thank Eric from BAD, Zobiwane from Metalsickness webzine and of course, Ektomorf for beeing so cool.

Interview Manu & Tataye
Translation Tataye

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