DevilDriver Interview
This interview was made in Clisson the 24th of June 2006.
Benny and Pierre has met Jon Miller (Bass).

How is going the new tour so far ?

It’s unbelievable. We just did our first headlining tour in the US during 3 weeks, and the we came to Europe for 3 weeks for summer festivals with Trivium and 36 Crazyfists. We are doing Grasspop tomorrow, the Hellfest today, Fullforce in Germany and a couple more shows. The we will take a break and stat writing the third record. We will tour during 2 weeks with Venom in th States, then 5 days in Australia, and the we record the new album.

You only toured in England for the first record. For this new album you tour a lot more here. Is europe important for you now ?
Yeah ! We were supposed to play in Paris 2 weeks ago, but the worl cup was going on and the tickets sales for that show were pretty horrible so we cancelled. We’ve been offered to play at Download festival for 2 days ! Instead of playing in front of 400 people, we prefered to play in front on thousands people ! Nothing against Paris (laugh), it was the right business decision to make at that time.

How do your new album 6 months after the release ?
The album is doing great. In the States, it’s doing a lot better than the first did. Nowadays, we are pretty focused on the writting process of the third record. We already have 5 songs. We won’t play new songs tonight but we will play a song we never played in Europe before.

Even if you have 5 songs for the new album, do you nknow in which musical direction you’ll go ? Will it be more brutal, more melodic … ?
A little bit of both. We definitively don’t want to pull out the same record. Some bands have a formula, like Slayer. Their fans want to here Slayer ! I think we have more areas to explore, not neceseraly doing a radio song I mean. We don’t actually know. We don’t feel like in a bow, if we want to do slower or faster songs, we can.

Do names of producer already came up ?
Yes, Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson, Ross Hogarth who produced the first record … We have to sit down and have a conversation about this. Do we want a different vibe, do we want to do the record in a place we know ... Do we want to stay in California or go overseas … This third record in the most important one, we have to do serious decisions about that. Back from the european tour, my drummer and I will compose a lot. We do not have day jobs so writting will be your only occupation and first priority. We both play guitar and hav great ideas (laugh). We will forget the 2 first album and just write. We won’t think about anything and just do rock songs.

Is the writting process a hard period for you guys ?
Hum, no. Most of the time, 2 of us sit down and melt the ideas, some parts are written during rehearsal, some at home … All the four of the musicians bring ideas, we don’t have a « composer » in the band and the other playing what he composed.

Can you explain us the meaning of the title of the last album ?
Dez came up with it. Originally, there was a song called « My god has horns », which is tatooed on Dez’s neck, and it was supposed to be the title of the album. But Dez went further on the reflection process and came up with this name, The Fury of our maker’s hand ! This is more a question for Dez, he could explain you how he get that. I can’t speak for his lyrics. We compose, he writes !

You can’t say anything about his lyrics ?

Oh no no ! Dez is very receiptive, we can speak about what he wrote, tell him that he can improve this or that. He listens us a lot !

Have you suffered of what medias say at the beggining of the band, saying about Devildriver that it was the new Dez Fafara’s band and not seen as a whole entity ?
Devildriver is not a band like Soulfly is. Dez need musicians because he can’t play guitar like Max Cavalera does. He brought us a deal, we were unsigned musicians before. This was a part of the game at the beggining not be seen as a united band, but after many years, the line up did not changes a lot. We’ve always been a whole band, this is not the Dez Fafara’s new project.

Pivot's Questionnary :

What's your favorite word ? Tropical
What turns you on creativelly ? Everyday experiences, movies, animals.
What turns you on spiritualy ? The Earth, dolphins, wales
What turns you on emotionally ?
being passionated about anything, cooking, math, music …
What turns you off ? Ugly man (laughs)
What's your favorite curse word ? Shit for brains
What sound or noise do you love ? Water
What sound or noise do you hate ? Nails on a blackboard
What is your favourite place on earth ?
The falls in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, clear water, unbelievable !
And the place you hate ? Being in a bunk in the bus when there is no air conditionned, when you’re sweating !
Which persons influenced you the most during your life ? I would say Metallica, Cliff Burton, he gave me the wish to play bass. He was dead when I heard Metallica for the first time but this guy was the first one in metal music to bring basses solo !
Who were your heroes when you were a kid ? Jacques Yves Cousteau, Axl Rose, Metallica. I’m really into oceans, sharks … Jacques Yves Cousteau I would say.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt ? Psychology. I was at the Santa Barbara University learning about psychology before being musician. I still work with mentally disabled children, this is a real experience. The human brain is pretty amazing and there ies still many things to explore.
What profession other than your own would you not like to attempt ? Driveing an icea cream truck (laughs) !
If heaven exist what would you like God say to you when you arrive at the Pearly Gates ? Here is your bed, here is the bar, here is the party, here are the hot women

OK, thanks.
I have one other thing to say ! Here in France you have an amazing band : Gojira ! I fucking love them man ! I won’t be here tomorrow whent they’ll play unfortunately. I think they are the next big thing in the US, I spoke with them at the Download Festival. They just get a deal with Prosthetic in the US.

Yes, and they’ll tour in 2007 in the US too.
Cool, they really deserve it ! Few months ago, when I came in France, some journalist asked me if I know a french band, I was like « hum, sorry no ! » I would love to tour with them !

Interview Benny and Pierre
Translation Benny

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