Cult Of Luna Interview
This interview was made in Paris the 9th of February .
Alexis has met the singer Klas Rydberg.

Can you introduce your band for those who don't already know you ?

We are called Cult Of Luna and we have been around since 1999. We have released 3 albums so far. Our new album is called "Salvation". We are 7 piece right now on stage. And for now we are on tour with Bleeding Through.

It's not easy to notify your influences as your songs are really specials. We might compare it to Isis or Neurosis but just barely. Can you talk about your influences ?

We've been influenced by many bands. Bands like Radiohead…

… maybe God Speed ?

Euh maybe the other guys, personnely I have never listened to that. But I've heard they are good so I have to check it out.

How did you meet the people from Earache, your new label ?

Well, after we released our first album we got an email from them saying that they like our stuff. And as we didn't had any record deal yet, we signed with them. That's pretty much it.

The lengh of your songs is pretty long. It makes us stay focus and in some ways loose ourselves in your music. But how is it about live performances, all the conditions are not particulary gathered to get the audience in this way. Have you ever have this kind of problem, live ?

I guess we try to create this vibe live as well as on the record. So far I think it's been pretty good. Right now on tour with Bleeding Through we have different crowds, we're not so hardcore. But I think it went pretty good. So that's cool.

"Salvation", your album, was warmly welcome here in France. And it was also positively reviewed by the press. What about other countries like Sweden for instance ?

Yeah, it's been all good.

What about in the US ?

For the US, I don't know really but I think it's going pretty good.

On "Salvation", we feel you tried to get out of the darkness of your previous albums. What do you think about it ?

We just knew we had to do something different of what we've done before. That's why "Salvation" maybe sounds a little different. But I still believe it sounds like Cult of Luna. I mean, if you think it's a way to get out of the darkness, that's your intrerpretation. And that's cool but we just tried to expend, create new stuff.

The artwork seems to be very important in Cult Of Luna. When we listen to your music we get the same feelings than when we look at your covers. Can you explain the meaning of them eventhough the last one is completely different from the others ?

For the first albums we were kind of influenced by 80s items, like science fictions movies. We tried to do some futuristic stuff. Now with Salvation we wanted it to be like totally clean, really different.

You've been on tour for quite a long time, what is your best memories ?

The audience on this is tour is good. Like I said it feels like we don't have exactly the same crowd as Bleeding Through which is much more hardcore with mosh pit and all that shit. But it works out pretty good though.

How about your planes for the futur ? Some upcoming projects ?

We don't have some new songs yet. We just recorded "Salvation" and go on tour. That's what we've been doing since "Salvation" has been released. We hadn't had time to work on new stuff.

Who do you think will win the soccer game tonight, Sweden or France ?

Oh it depends on which team we have tonight. But I have to say that Sweden will win with 2 to 1 !!! (big lough).

We would like to thanks Nathalie, VS Webzine, and Klas for this interview.

Interview Alexis
Translation Tataye

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