Bleeding Through Interview
This interview was made in Paris the 9th of February .
Alexis has met the singer, Scott Danough.

So can you tell us about this european tour ? Are you happy to be back in Europe ?

Yeah. We're really happy to be back here. It's some place that we don't really get to go too often. We come here once a year you know. And we've toured the states so much so it's kind of a break of fresh air you know.

Tonight you're the main band of the show. How do you feel ?

Last time when we were here, it was with Sick Of It All. We played first. I think this time it's gonna be much better, because it's a headlining show for us. I think the crowed is here mainly to see us, as well as Cult Of Luna, amazing band. But this will be a much better show than last time. Because last time most of the people were here for Sick Of It All and didn't seemed to be very interested in us. So it'll be fun !

About the album "This is Love This is Murderous", what does represent for you the cover artwork ?

For me, personnely the cover art kind of symbolises how much relationship can hurt. You know, something going in a relationship can litteraly destroy who you are for a while until you get over it. And sometimes it takes a long time to get over it. So it just symbolises how bad things can go, how wrong things can go even when you love somebody.

According to you, what will change the most in the next album ?

About those new songs we wrote, it's gonna be a lot faster, a lot heavier. We have shortened the songs a little bite. It's gonna be a lot like "This is Love...". But all the parts are gonna be more extreme, more melodic.

Are you satisfied with the result ?

So far we only have 5 songs written. But yeah, I think the songs are a lot more stronger, a lot more powerfull. It's gonna be a much better Bledding Through.

In the lyrics, love and suicide are the main topics of the album, why did you focused on that ?

Honestly I think it would be better to ask our singer but I'll try to take a shot at that. I think it goes back to what you asked me earlier. Relationship, they can almost feel like they're killing you when they hurt that bad. And it's something that everybody can relate to. So speaking on those subjects it kind of drows everybody together.

Keybord is usely used in extreme music like death-metal or gothic-metal. Why did you choose to use some ?

I think it adds a different element to our music. We all come from different backgrounds but we all kind of come together as a hardcore band. Most of us come from the hardcore scene. Before I was in hardcore, I was in the metal. Marta (keyboard) has always been into gothic-rock you know stuff like that. We've all always loved punk-rock stuff. And I think that the keybord adds fresh elements to that.

Which are your main influences ?

Metal and hardcore pretty much. As far as bands, I would say that I was influenced by bands like At the Gates, Slayer, Craddle of Filth and hardcore bands like Integrity, all different kind of hardcore bands even Earth Crisis.

In France some magazines look at you as what we can call a "fashion" band. They're more interested in your look than in your music, what do you have to say to that ?

Not true. Just because we dress a certain way. I mean, everybody has his own fashion, even the youth crew hardcore kids, you know they wear camouflage and stuff. So just because we don't wear camouflage or base-ball jersay doesn't make us less interested in lyrical contempt and music.

Last year you did a tour with Sick Of It All and Most Precious Blood, how was it ?

It was a lot of fun, a lot of good times. But there were also some bad times. I mean that tour was really last minute so we had no place to stay in most nights. Like we've been driving around looking for a hotel. So it was really hard in certain points.

Do you see any difference between the european and american public ?

Yeah, there are some differences. Obviously there is a language barriere. But overall most of the people that I have encountered in Europe speak a little bit of english or enough to understand. Which was really surprising to me. I think that kids in the states dance harder at the shows and stuff. Most kids in europe are much more in traditional hardcore with bands like Agnostic Front or Sick Of It All. And bands like that over in the states are not that big.

We would like to thanks Sabrina (Roadrunner France) and Scott Danough for this interview.

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